Illinois Lottery adds new feature to numbers games

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This is a good and wonderful idea . I will try it out but in the back of my mind i think the first fireball l see is a hole in my wallect. They adding so much to cash3 and cash4 l bet it won't be long before we get big mac fries to go with it. Lol

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I think it is a rip off.  They are trying to generate more money off the P3 and P4 to pay for some of their other loser games.   If the "fireball" was a good deal, they wouldn't have 10 numbered balls and 10 un numbered balls.  They would have a tier type payoff instead. 

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Hmmm...I wonder if this Fireball bet is actually a good deal or not.(better or worse than base 48-50% payout) The lottery never likes to show people what the total payout of a game is, or the side bets.

Odds and prize table from IL lottery site:

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Agreed, Littleoldlady.

Consdidering this:

The Fireball ball is drawn from a pool of numbered and unnumbered balls (10 numbered balls 0–9 and 10 unnumbered balls for Pick 3; 10 numbered balls 0–9 and 20 unnumbered balls for Pick 4).  If an unnumbered ball is drawn for Fireball, there is no additional opportunity to win prizes in that draw.  When a numbered Fireball ball is selected it does not guarantee a cash prize will result — you still have to match one of the number combinations on your ticket using the Fireball number as a replacement for any one number on your ticket.

we can break it down into Northstar telling the Pcik 3 Pplayers thanks you for playing and the Pick 4 players we really want to thank you for playing. 10 numbered balls and 20 unnumbered balls.......unless they offered a side bet of number or unnumbered fireball this shouldn't be allowed.

This was supposed to start Auguest 25th but was postponed until September 1st to 'enhance' the game.

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I'm not so sure it's a ripoff, because the Fireball number can be used in any position, and it is possible that it could help you win multiple times.  It might be a useful add-on especially if you play straights.  I'd be interested to see a mathematician dissect the odds when playing the Fireball option in different wagering scenarios.


we need this in pa always off by one maybe i'll hit more often

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Thumbs Up

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This is the biggest rip off. If I was y'all guys I stick to my same games you always been playing. Don't change your pattern because as soon you change your pattern that's when your numbers start to hit. Keep playing your same numbers. All they trying to do is make more money out of everyone. I'm just playing real about it. They are full of BS and they think they have all the sense. Play wisely

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The Best Idea Ever Illinois Lottery Fireball sounds amazingParty

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Seems like it makes the 50/50 chance of winning now 25/75.

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Have you enlisted the services of a mathematician?

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I think I like it.  It's like a wild card. Wish I can play it.

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Scam. They carefully word it to make it seem like a deal.

You pay $1 for a 50 cent ($250) wager with Fireball. That brings average return of 37.5 cents.

Or pay $1 for a 1 dollar wager ($500) without Fireball and get an average return of 50 cents.

My first figure omits additional $$$, but one of your numbers will only match the Fireball 5% of the time, so the "bonus winnings" are rare if ever.

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In response to Ronnie316

No. I asked my drinking buddy.

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