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In response to Todd

" drawings will continue to move forward with the utmost integrity."


Green laughGreen laughROFL

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something to meditate about :"Pick 3 programming code that prevented the numbers eight and nine from being drawn in certain positions"  so i get from this is that there is definetly a mathematical algorythm behind this.absolutly nothing is random in the computer drawings  !maybe code is something like- IF 8 is drawn 5 times with 6 then draw 7 5 times with 5 and so on...

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They only looked into it when lottery players complained... So how come they couldn't tell something was wrong?

Worse yet, in how many other states is the same thing happening, because the players have not complained?

Worse still, in how many states has this happened and the players complained, but the lottery officials didn't or wouldn't

listen to them?  Something to think about...

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If they must use computerized drawings, I would think they would do a series of test drawings immediately prior to each actual drawing. This would be quick and easy with a computer, just have it do 10,000 draws and print out a statistical analysis of numbers drawn percentages, positions/numbers percentages, combination percentages, etc. The more pre-draw trials the better as the more draws the more equal all number sets should be...

In response to Igamble

I hope they don't mess up my PA Mid day computer bread and butter.

Sweet as honey.


Are we supposed to take their word for it?. It will happen again.


Why didnt anyone from LP take advantage of the mistake

Instead of a 10x10x10 for a straight.. it wouldve been
10x 9X 9 for a straight.  810 numbers for a $900 online win... all day everyday

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"The Arizona Lottery assures our players that the issue has been remedied, and the Pick 3 drawings will continue to move forward with the utmost integrity."

That's absolute nonsense.

How can you assure anybody of anything when you don't even know when your fake computer drawing is malfunctioning?

What the bloody hell is so wrong with real ball drawings?

Is it just too hard to program wins for your buddies that way or what?

Your silly excuse that it's too expensive is bullsh*t and you know it.

You're a bunch of thieving crooks just like everybody else in government.

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I guess you can't believe lotteries when they say they constantly check and test their equipment to make sure their drawings are fair.  Sounds like they wait until someone complains and then check.


I noticed it to a while back I thought I was going crazy myself. I do play online and I was looking at all of the past patterns.

In Arizona the keys are usually the 1st and 3rd positions only never in the 2nd. I thought this was odd.

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In response to RJOh

That's right RJOh, they're our state lotteries but they're about as responsive to us as anybody else in government is, which is not at all.

The players want real ball drawings and they simply refuse because we'd be able to see what's going on too easy.

And they're all just political hacks with plush, cushy jobs who got their positions because of who they know and they couldn't care less what we think.

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Utmost integrity?.......LOL yeah, and maybe things will start to fall ....UP !

In response to luckyshoes

People are mistaken when they think that "Random" means that anything can happen.

Maybe that is why they don't notice some problems.

Even with so called "random" there are some limits.

Perhaps even the so called "Math Experts" don't understand random statistics any better than "Joe Blow", it is for sure that the state lottery people are not  "Lottery Experts", remember the "No Doubles" pick 3 thing on Tennessee?

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If youre smart youd play key digit straight strategy usng digit 9.

In response to cash4ninja

I dont think Im smart, because I dont play pick 3.

In response to Ronnie316

I agree

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In response to cash4ninja

These types of situations make lottery experts who say looking for patterns in lottery drawings is a waste of time look foolish.  Players who play the same combinations multiple times in the same drawings and win must know or suspect something and it would foolish of them to share with others who aren't willing to spend time looking for such flaws.

In response to cash4ninja

Finally, someone agrees with me. Green laugh

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In response to RJOh

it would foolish of them to share with others who aren't willing to spend time looking for such flaws.

Which is why you shouldn't trust anybody who sell any lottery system. If they really have a system that works, why would they want to share it with you?

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In response to Jon D

They're keeping the money where they want it in 2013..all players might not have won in the problem time
frame. How many do you think will win on the day their replacement drawing is conducted? How many qp's
are going to be from a losing pool? They stand to keep more money doing the way they're doing it.
To be sincere and make things right, they should give the players the 8's and 9's they played plus a quick pick on top of it.
Wouldn't that be a first? An organization that wants to redeem themselves AND show the people they are willing to make
things right in ways that do not just favor their own agenda. $$$$$$

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In response to RJOh

I Agree! People that say the lottery is completely random and that past results have no bearing on future draws are just ignorant of the real world situation. All lottery drawings are a man made approximatoin of random, not true random like the ideal theoretical. It has been confirmed time and time again to fall short, either due to incompetence or intentional manipulation. While I myself am not a system believer, if people want to go and look for anomalies in lottery drawings, go for it.


I agree.  Sort of like the McDonalds monopily game scandal a few years ago. To gain peoples trust in the game again they decided tongive people free entries in the following edition of the game without having to purchase a meal

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This is why it's hard to play computerized gamesMad.  All of Oklahoma games(except Mega & Power) are CGBang Head.

In response to rdgrnr

I've written a few times on LP before that I don't like computers either. All I'm saying is that they shouldn't do pre tests with balls or computers, that's all.

Legions of people like me? Like If I protest, they'll listen to me?

Ok, lol

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In response to onlymoney

I agree onlymoney.  NC is the worst and have even more pre-tests but always manage to come up with an excessive amount of repeats and mimicks computer glitiches with numbers never being drawn with ball draws. We are talking about out of the blue don't play save your money stuff.   I thought I would never say it but I wish NC were computerized at least you will stand a better chance of hitting the numbers that are running.

In response to redhot7

I agree.

In response to Tenaj

I agree, can't tell which is worse. lol

Just like an LP member wrote a few months ago, it's like starting your car five times a day just to make sure the starter is still working. lol

I guarantee you I'd win more often if they just left the dang machines alone.

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In response to redhot7

All the flaws discovered aren't permanent but usually only last a couple of months so even when they are discovered a player only has a short time to take advantage of them.  Most players wouldn't want to constantly change their playing strategies as new flaws are discovered and corrected.

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