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Teammates fool Diamondbacks player with lottery prank

Aug 19, 2013, 6:37 am

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Each Sunday when he is in town, Diamondbacks mental skills coach Peter Crone sits with pitcher Wade Miley and the two scratch off some lottery tickets.

Earlier this year, Crone was talking with Diamondbacks reliever J.J. Putz, and the pair discussed what it would be like if they could pull a prank on Miley by convincing him that he actually won.

"Peter and I were talking one day and decided, 'Hmmm, that might be kind of funny,'" Putz said.

Fellow reliever Will Harris picked up a fake lottery ticket from Spencer's and they mixed it in with the real ones last Sunday.

"I thought I won $10,000," Miley said.

As he jumped around high-fiving his teammates in the trainer's room, Crone brought him back down to earth.

"You know there's a lot of people in here right now for no reason," Crone told him.

It was then Miley realized he had been pranked. To make matters worse, the team sent the video to MLB Network's Intentional Talk, and it aired this past week.

"They set me up," Miley said. "The whole world knows now."

So Miley did what any normal person does when they've been pranked — he turned it around on someone else.

Miley picked up lottery tickets on the way home that night and had his brother, Aaron, scratch them off.

"He was just as excited as I was," Miley said of his brother when he thought he won $10,000.

"It could have been better with my brother," said Miley, who could not keep a straight face for very long. "I just lost it."

VIDEO: Watch the prank

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