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Ireland Lottery doesn't have enough cash to pay €94m mystery winner

Jun 30, 2013, 9:14 am

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Euro Millions

The mystery winner of the €94m Euromillions jackpot is not expected to claim their prize until next week because the Ireland National Lottery does not have enough money in the bank to pay them.

As of close of business Thursday, the lucky holder of the winning ticket in Tuesday's Euromillions draw had not turned up at the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin.

That's unsurprising given that lottery officials said they won't have the money in the bank until next week, when all participating countries transfer their respective portions of the jackpot to the National Lottery's account.

The prize — half of the total €188m Euromillions jackpot shared with a winner in Belgium — is the second-largest lottery jackpot ever won in Ireland after former cleaner and mother-of-six Dolores McNamara picked all the winning numbers for a €115m jackpot in the Euromillions draw in 2005.

The new winner is losing out on a potential €3,450 a day in interest, based on a 2pc rate. But the winner can rest assured that once the money is banked, it will earn them €1.26m a year in interest alone — after tax.

But speculation as to the identity of the winner grew yesterday as rumours abounded that the ticket holder lives in Beaumont, or maybe Blanchardstown, in north Dublin.

If they do, they were keeping a low profile, as local councillors, publicans and business owners said they have heard nothing to back up the claims.

While National Lottery officials are still refusing to divulge where the winning ticket was bought, they did confirm that it was purchased somewhere in the greater Dublin area.

The winner rang the lottery office on Wednesday to confirm they have the golden ticket and it's understood that they were told to take a few days to let the life-changing news sink in.

"We're advising the winner to sign it and keep it in a safe place," a Lottery spokeswoman said.

And when the winner does eventually claim the prize, they will be given the standard "Winner Advice" booklet and DVD, which includes advice on security, dealing with charities, etc.

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