Washington man wins lottery twice in 24 hours

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Double WTGGG!!! That's a GREAT story!!


Sounds like he got that others guys winning Red Hot 5s ticket....... Sad

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3rd times a treat, buy one of those $20 scratchers next!

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Talk about luck!  Congrats to this man.   After reading this story I'm going to buy the bowling alley tonight.

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In my humble opinion:

Good Luck makes the rounds and comes to everybody at a time of it's own choosing or happenstance.

Everybody goes through periods of Good Luck.

Your Good Luck may manifest itself in winning a jackpot if you are fortunate enough to be holding a lottery ticket when it comes around.

Or if you don't have a lottery ticket in hand, it may prevent you from being run over by a garbage truck.

It's the reason I'm in on every draw no matter the jackpot size cuz I don't know when it's coming my way.

But when it does I'll be there, ticket in hand.

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Congratulations to Cary Collings Banana


First Gloria and now this guy. It seems as though its a winning streak for the middle age and over. Its coming full circle for the Elderly. Congrats on your winnings Cary.

Well Said Ridge..

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good lord now thats what im talking about thats just awesome how luck works . congrats to this lucky men .

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He scratched it off at the traffic lights and realized it was worth $55,555.

Don't scratch and drive. Not only is it messy, but it could be real messy if you cause an accident and blow all your winnings on lawsuits and medical bills.


I wish I could win just once in a 24 hour period.

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News story photo


now this guy got to be supper pissed off now ahhahahahahah

In response to Jon D

If you have an itch to scratch you will scratch anywhere even though its against the Law. His itch won him serious scratch.

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Some guys have all the luck.  How about spreading the luck around?  He was at the right place and at the right time twice.  Congratulations!  Banana

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In response to noise-gate

Why are you so hung up on the age of the winners.  Does it really matter if you are 18, 32, 61 or 85?  And when did 61 become elderly??? 


Congratulations to the double winner that is really awesome!!

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And to think I was in line right after this guy. Smh. Congrats Mr Collings!!!

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In response to Ronnie316

Hey Ron!! How ya doing? Yea I read about that man mistaking that he won! I wish I had the luck that old man had!!! MAN-O-MAN what a win!! I hope my luck will hit me tonight for POWERBALL. Take care!!!! Good Luck Everyone tonight!!!!


Honestly I'd rather win 10,000,000 once in my life and that's it than win 10,000 fifty times or even 100 times in a week. But that's just me.

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Cool story, congrats Gary!

In response to Bran77

Did he take cuts ahead of you?

In response to rock_nc

Awesome, yeah 2 winners in a day is red hot luck. Bring home a jackpot winner tonight.

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Nah I was checking out while he was at the machine where he won the 200,000. I bought the exact same ticket. All about timing!!


Win #1 This guy was at the right place at the right time.

Win #2 This guy was at the right place at the right time.

Wow!!! CongratsThumbs Up

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Cary knows they come in threes. I'll bet Cary can't wait for his third win soon! I'm still waiting for my first big win. Smiley

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This guy hit on the pick 3,   5 times in 4 months.  That's not bad at all.  I wonder how much he played.

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In response to Nikkicute

I Agree!

In response to noise-gate

What is wrong with people like you. I am sure they do not get their tickets on credit. Why not start a petition barring whatever age

you consider the middle aged.US Flag

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Some people have all the luck indeed!! Congrats!!


He is extremely lucky for winning huge amount of price. I wonder how did he do that winning in the lottery twice within 24 hours. I hope to beat that for winning thrice within 24 hours I think using my lottery system it will become possible.

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