Woman who let Powerball winner go ahead of her has no regrets

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it's good to know she has no regrets. Even if she didn't let the woman cut in front of her, I doubt she would have won. QPs generated a millisecond apart will be completely different.


Meh, she wouldn't of won anyway. Different numbers, different amount of lines.

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In response to whiteballz

You got it bro, I said the same in the other thread.

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Well, depending on how it really happened, if she let an 84 year old cut in front of her out of respect, then she should be rewarded.  The woman won an awful lot of money and, even if she gives millions to her family members and friends, will certainly have enough left to write another check.  The story is a little confusing.  Did the winner actually cut in front of Mrs. Crandell or did she step away for a second?  I've been in Publix many times when the customer service people are very busy selling tickets and trying to handle their other duties.  They go from register to register.  Publix is a very large supermarket chain and each store usually has a separate area for the Lottery.  Often customers go the the Customer Service Center to conduct other business and then want lottery tickets.  If there's a line to buy lottery tickets, they usually do not get back in line. 

In any case, since the winner acknowledged the young woman, she is probably planning to give her a "thank you" reward.   I hope so.  Otherwise, I don't know why she would even mention her.

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In response to haymaker

I haven't had the chance to read your comment in the other thread. I got the idea from what Todd wrote explaining how QPs are generated.

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In response to justxploring

I Agree!  the acknowledgement pretty much says so.

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In response to JoshUK

Are you sure?  I called the Lottery a long time ago (we've had this discussion before) and was told each machine generates its own sets of numbers.  Yes, if she bought several tickets and #5 won, I'd agree.  But she said she only bought 1 this time.  Again, why mention it at all?  It only stirs up debates like this and might create problems for her.  If I won such a huge amound and truly believed it was because a nice person let me go first, then I would reward her.

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In response to whiteballz

I think that was the one where Todd said they are "seeded" so I picked up something from that as well.

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Even if she had gotten the QP numbers instead there's no guarantee she would have won anyway.


you know she going to give her some of the money

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I think that even though the lady  Mindy C may not have won , She did the right thing and taught her daughter not to make a scene like some would have done . The lady that won should certainly reward her with a substantial amount to show she appreciated being allowed to go first . No one will ever know if that ticket would have went to the other lady or not .  Just my thought on it .

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What a class act Ms. CrandellThumbs Up

In response to Blackie

People who cut in line don't give rewards. The good Samaritan gets nothing.

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No good deed goes unnoticed Blue Angel

Eternity is a very long time

What you do today will effect your destiny in the everlasting Kingdom of God forever.

The good you do today will add to your eternal reward and the evil you do today will diminish it.

What you do for Christ will last and what you do for yourself will pass.

The treasure you lay up in Heaven is forever and the treasure you lay up on earth is but for a moment.

every deed and every act is either good or evil.

We will give an account for every deed, every act and every word before the Throne of God.

our lives are continuously being weighed in the balance.

No good deed goes unnoticed or inspiring word forgotten, both are recorded in the book of remembrance.

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In response to JWBlue

There's an outside chance that the rightful person in line could get the same ticket at the same instantaneous moment and be the rightful winner. They were cheated plain and simple.


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In response to RJOh

lol  nahhhh If I win, I will make a donation and have a tree planted in his name : "Anonymous"

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This idea that the lady who was cut off in line wouldn't have won because new QP's are generated every millisecond is absurd and laughable. If she HAD NOT been cut off she very well might have gotten that exact ticket. The bottom line is no one will never know for sure, which is what should make this so agonzing for this poor woman. 

You can rationalize it all you want, and pretend to be magnanimous in the safety of this forum, but if that were you and you WEREN'T teed off, YOU WOULDN'T BE HUMAN!!

Mackenzie was brazen and rude enough for a 10 year old girl AND the Publix clerk to both say something about her cutting in line. That should tell you something about how this went down. Mackenzie took advantage of the fact that Crandell got momentarily distracted by her child, which for some bizarre reason entitled her to skip. Being 84 doesn't give you the right to ignore common courtesy. Crandell's only mistake was not telling her to get back and wait her turn. 

The only decent thing to do here is for her to write the Crandells a nice fat check. I wouldn't hold my breath, though.

In response to Nino224

I Agree!  I think she should have invited her to split the ticket at the lottery office.

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In response to Ronnie316

I Think no matter who bought that next Quick pick it was gonna be the WINNER

sometimes it don't pay YOU to be NICE! Bang Head

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       Moral of this story ...........don't let anyone go ahead of you ........

       I'll be surprised if that older lady  donate any money to the younger lady .......

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In response to brees2012

In NY, it's the opposite. The winner let another player cut in front of him. He won 319 millions. So, it could cut either way.

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In response to redhot7

Green laugh

In response to brees2012

She is greedy, stingy, and rude. She will not share a dime.

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In response to helpmewin

are you trying to say nice guys finish last, hmw?

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In response to whiteballz

you catch on quick you should change your name to white lightningThumbs Up

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In response to Ronnie316

How often have you remembered who was in line with you when you brought a lottery ticket that won a jackpot?  You would just has to take their word that they were the ones.

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well i expect if she does give her some money we will be sure to hear about it because of all the comotion this has caused sure the ole lady winner will want to clear her name for the Good standing.

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In response to helpmewin

I think this will all go away soon and the little old lady does not need to clear her name. She did nothing illegal and there is nothing to bear on her standing in any situation. If you pay off everyone who creates a commotion or whines when you win a major jackpot, you will be writing a lot of "nuisance" settlement checks and once you pay off one, 10 more will be lined up.

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I truly hope that Mackenzie rewards Crandell for her kindness, selflessness, and polite manners not often found in today's society!  Especially in FL - where people are notoriously rude. 

Whether quickpicks are sold at a millisecond rate or not, if the woman was buying her ticket at the exact moment Crandell would have bought a ticket - chances are at least good that she could have purchased the winning ticket at that same moment the Publix clerk pushed the QP button - not Mackenzie. 

From the statement by the FL Lottery - it's not clear whether Mackenzie really is being sincere or being a smart ass by her remark "another woman was kind enough to allow me to cut in front of her in line and purchase the winning ticket".  To me, it sounds facetious. Who says something like this?  A crotchety old lady who is gloating - sounds taunting and RUDE.   

As others have commented - Crandell deserves SOMETHING

This woman is 84 years old - and clearly does not have the 50 years that Crandell could have to enjoy a better life for her and for her family. 

One woman said she would give 10% - which is about $28 million (based on her choice to receive the lump sum payout - minus taxes - which is $278 million)

Even 1 million dollars would change Crandell's life drastically and give her and her family financial security

Mackenzie - please - DO THE RIGHT THING!!!



I live in FL also - and I knew with this jackpot that the winner would be in FL and the winning ticket would be sold at Publix - I traveled to 3 counties and bought tickets at many different Publix stores - and was still buying on Saturday afternoon - likely near the same time Mackenzie bought her winning ticket!  I couldn't believe I didn't have the winning ticket this time - I was sure that day was my day to win!  I only wish it was me...  =]  I will keep trying - because I know that winning the Powerball is my destiny!  Hence my screen name:  pballwinnertobe =]=]=]

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