Florida to reveal winner of $590.5 million Powerball lottery

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According to the statement read at the press conference, 84 y.o. Mackenzie was standing in line when the person in front of her was kind enough to let her go ahead. Mackenzie then purchased a SINGLE, QUICK-PICK ticket, which turned out to be the largest, single jackpot won in this state.

I feel sorry for every senior citizen hoping to be let skip ahead in future lottery lines, LOL!!!


Congratulations to the Winner. Live long & Prosper.

* Nino- there is no way of knowing whether the person in front of the winner was going to purchase a QP.
Luck favors the prepared.

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In response to noise-gate

I wish her a long and healthy life or least whats left of it

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Invest & Spend without making new friends, also hope you have a good lawyer!

Big congrats to you!   


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so 2 lawyer double team it

and she bolts right atfer the claim

"she won't be at media press"

she must of already been packed,and has left the building 

by time media try to find her, she be Long gone?

so long big winner

be intresting to watch to see how fast the media will get to her.

 "We hope that everyone will give us an opportunity to maintain our privacy for our family’s benefit."

this odd lady is out of her mind to think this

u just won biggest amount 1 ticket ever won,and U THINK u have the opportunity to maintain the privacy u had before

your out of your mind lady.  "we hope".  that says it all, she "hopes"  hope don't do jack, ask obama about hes hope

, it takes action not words fool.

and she just given away her privacy by going public,  she didn't want to use ever loophole to bypass public records

no instand, she: hopesNo Nod for privacy

i don't care if florida demanda name, it could of been bypassed via all kinds of tricks/legal middle etc

i won't feel sorry for this lady when ever begger on earth shows up /plus media looking for news story comes nocking

she won't have her privacy to media gets there pound of flesh

also biggest CASH jackpot winner  is also one of oddest of all time?

also the moral of the story, is never let a odd person cut u off


Prior to the drawing, Mackenzie agreed to split any proceeds with her son,
will this kid is mega rich thanks to hes mom

now that is parent taking care of her kid, massive respect

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In response to Nino224

I remember reading a similar story about a winner in England a few years ago.  This guy allowed a lady to go ahead of him and she bought the winner which was also a record amount at the time.  Since she was a drinking buddy of his, he'd hope she would get in touch and maybe get him something but no such luck.  She and her family moved out of town and probably never dropped by his pub again.

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In response to noise-gate

Only that person knows. Regardless of their views on fate, I'm sure it's something they're going to wrestle with for many years to come.

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The moral of this story is never let anyone regardless of their age cut in front of you!!!  Congratulations to the winner and condolences to the one that let her go ahead of her.

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Congratulation to the winnersThumbs Up

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         They were there 2 hours and lottery officials didn't call the media ????

          There must been a plan to slip out of there that quick . No offense ,

           84 year old can't run that fast .

           Always said .........Have a plan and 1/2 packed ........

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In response to RJOh

that's cold...that's cold...No Nod

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In response to RJOh

Then again there was a story where someone rudely cut in line and bought a bunch of losing tickets before the jackpot winning ticket was bought.

....As Finkelstein Reader tried explaining she wanted 120 tickets, a line formed behind her.

People began to yell and one impatient man skipped to another line and purchased a bunch of tickets.

Finally, Finkelstein Reader was able to get her second batch — after the man who'd cut in front of her got his.

The winner was in the second batch

"We wouldn't have won if it wasn't for that," said Finkelstein Reader....

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Congratulations Mackenzie Partyspend wisely

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CONGRATS TO THE WINNER!!  May she have a peaceful time and enjoy her new found wealth! Party

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