Mega Millions multi-state lottery to get harder to win in Oct.

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Oh great.... now it's going to be more difficult than getting struck by lightning while getting eaten by a shark.

The new changes will make it so hard you will have to get struck by lightning while getting eaten by a shark while downhill skiing naked.


At least we can buy tickets now in FL Crazy

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Not only will it be more difficult to win the grand prize but the odds on the 2nd tier prize will go up over 400%. Curious to see what they bump the payout for 2nd place.
There are many states that offer in-state lottery games with much better odds and higher jackpots than 2nd place in MM.

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I think that these changes are going to attract the average players when the jackpot gets really high. People that study lotteries or track them will probably play less until the jackpot shoots up really high. Just my two-cents.

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I Agree! I rarely play as it is so it will take an enormous jackpot for people like myself to donate.

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Given that we're seeing more frequent PB jackpots since January of 2012 when PB raised it's price per line to two dollars,  I'm guessing that MM has learned from PB's experience.

There's no doubt that large JP's drive increased sales.  MM has seen what happened with PB.  They too want more large JP's, but probably dont want to raise the price of a line to two bucks.  Could this be their way of getting more frequent large JP's without raising the cost per line?

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In response to GiveFive

I agree. That's the ONLY way.

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how greedy can they get?  i guess there is no limit to greed.  everybody should boycott this because that is terrible odds.

In response to HiFi

I,for one,will NOT fall into line like a nice little sheep and go along with being fleeced out of my money by a greedy lottery commission!I will boycot this decision and refuse to buy MM tickets.I have one ticket left for tomorrow nights jackpot and then that's it for me.

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Boycott time...


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In response to CLETU$

It's not really greed as much as it is common sense. The masses will throw down a buck or two for a chance at a HUGH jackpot and that's what they are counting on. This was evident buy the $590 million jackpot. People go crazy and impulsive when the Jackpots are high. So who is the greedy one, the players or the government? I say both. Ha..ha. I'll be quite happy with winning a million or two.

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I believe people go crazy and impulsive when jackpots are high because it rarely happens. With a game that's ALWAYS high with even worse odds, I don't think people will go lotto crazy that much, if at all.


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In response to jackpotismine

its greedy because instead of letting the megamill hit 1 every two weeks or so, so people like you and me know its possible to hit. they wanna make it harder to raise jackpot thinking that more people will play tricking us thinking ahh its a big jack pot let me throw a extra dollar on. the aticle clearly states that its made like that to raise more money. (not for us) well no one can not deny that they would not play mega millions more if somebody hits jackpot atleast 2 times a month rather than a large jackpot 1 every 2 months

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In response to smooth11484

Remember that Lotteries in general are there to benefit the government (black projects,bribes,pet projects, high salaries,etc.) first and foremost. Why do you think they stop online gambling for the most part. They are the 'mafia's' of the world. They and only they can profit from gambling. Everyone else gets shut down. Anyway, I wonder how high will it go once this is in place, $1 billion? $2 billion? Wow! That would be something.

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In response to Tatototman65

I Agree!

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In response to redhot7

RH:     Thumbs Up   ..........complain enough>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

ROFL    That always werk$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in NY and CA >>>I drink ALL D 16 OZieessss I want 2 buy N NY!!

LUV>>>>>>CALIE >>>>heard a man married his minature pony there BUT, don't think these state's will

care 2 listen 2 suggestions on Mega Million'$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Thinking big MONEY 2 big 2 listen Bat ?


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In response to Ronnie316

RN: Big Grin AngelI Agree!Big Grin Angel

Psyko will not waste money this PIG if they RAISE ODD'$$$$$$$$$^^^^^^SurrenderDupe AlertSurrender

                                                             Jester LaughJack-in-the-BoxJester Laugh

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Of Course: These changes are being implemented to benefit the PLAYERS. LOL!

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Match                                   Old odds             New odds
                                               (1 in ...)              (1 in ...)                             
All 5 of 5 and Mega             175,711,536       258,890,850  worse
All 5 of 5                                 3,904,701         18,492,204   worse
Any 4 of 5 and Mega                 689,065              739,688   worse
Any 4 of 5                                    15,313                52,835   worse
Any 3 of 5 and Mega                    13,781                10,720   better
Any 3 of 5                                         306                     766   worse
Any 2 of 5 and Mega                         844                     473   better
Any 1 of 5 and Mega                         141                       56   better
None of 5, Only Mega                         75                        21   better

Overall odds of winning                      39.89                   14.71

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In response to Ronnie316

Maybe you can buy more TICKETS to pick up the slack of them slackers that don't play beacuse of the price increaseThumbs Up

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In response to Ronnie316

i think the people that play MEGA will play more to WIN!Party

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Does the new MM 30-year annuity follow the same mechanism as PB 30-year annuity?

PB 30-year annuity
Year  % of Prize
01     1.7830%
02     1.8543%
03     1.9285%
04     2.0056%
05     2.0859%
06     2.1693%
07     2.2561%
08     2.3463%
09     2.4402%
10     2.5378%
11     2.6393%
12     2.7449%
13     2.8547%
14     2.9688%
15     3.0876%
16     3.2111%
17     3.3395%
18     3.4731%
19     3.6121%
20     3.7565%
21     3.9068%
22     4.0631%
23     4.2256%
24     4.3946%
25     4.5704%
26     4.7532%
27     4.9433%
28     5.1411%
29     5.3467%
30     5.5606%
Total: 100.0000%

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In response to Raven62

I Agree!


I will not be playing as many tickets as now when It changes.  This sucks in a big way! It will be harder to win the JP.

Why would MM risk losing people/money by making this new matrix?

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In response to redhot7

Thanks for the post redhot7.    I wonder what percentage of players wouldn't play MM or PB if they eliminated all of the prizes except the JACKPOT and MATCHING THE YELLOW BALL.  That way you could fix the matrix of balls so if you matched the yellow ball you got like $20 bucks.  I never play to match a few white balls.

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In response to bigbear29

Only time will tell if they lose either, they obviously don't think they are risking losing anything.

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In response to redhot7

Not sure if the matrix will be similar to PB but the cash value will definitely go down and be more inline with that of PB.

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