Record Powerball jackpot won by 1 ticket

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Truly astonishing! Congrats to the lucky winner or winners. They're rich forever!!

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Wow! Only one? Congrats to whomever won. Enjoy!


Congrats to my fellow Floridian!!!

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I would take the annuity. Judging from the payout table, it's good enough for me.

Year     %       Prize B4 Taxes
01     1.78%     10,528,674
02     1.85%     10,949,821
03     1.93%     11,387,814
04     2.01%     11,843,326
05     2.09%     12,317,059
06     2.17%     12,809,742
07     2.26%     13,322,132
08     2.35%     13,855,017
09     2.44%     14,409,217
10     2.54%     14,985,586
11     2.64%     15,585,010
12     2.74%     16,208,410
13     2.85%     16,856,746
14     2.97%     17,531,016
15     3.09%     18,232,257
16     3.21%     18,961,547
17     3.34%     19,720,009
18     3.47%     20,508,809
19     3.61%     21,329,162
20     3.76%     22,182,328
21     3.91%     23,069,621
22     4.06%     23,992,406
23     4.23%     24,952,102
24     4.39%     25,950,187
25     4.57%     26,988,194
26     4.75%     28,067,722
27     4.94%     29,190,431
28     5.14%     30,358,048
29     5.35%     31,572,370
30     5.56%     32,835,265
     100.00%   590,500,029


Lucky. Mosty likely it's a old head ???? welp lucky them. Mail For You

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So close to a billion dollar jackpot...
Congrats to the winner(s).


White BouncesinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnerWhite Bounce




PS - Congrats to the winner!

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Probably sold at a Publix in central or south Florida...

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congrats to the 35 2nd prize winners, and double  shout out to the Ca. players on their $2+ mill wins


I broke even with $4 bucks I matched the PB yay iam going to layoff Big Game Jackpots & play state for a few weeks.

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Birthday numbers - 1

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Congrats to the Winners spend Wisely Party

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UPDATE: winning ticket was sold at Publix supermarket in Zephyrhills. The store is located 7838 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills,  FL  33541-4302

Since it's a supermarket, I bet it's a self service machine.

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In response to alienware32

It's so sad when people don't understand probability and statistics, and are so stubborn about it.


What you're suggesting to do is absolutely impossible. They don't know WHO bought the ticket. They only know where it's bought. So how can they stop

people from winning "multiples of the same prize level"? How is it physically possible? \


The reason people don't match 4/6 in the same drawing is because the chances of that are very small, that's all. If you spend 4 bucks, buy 2 lines and none

of the numbers are the same, you automatically forced yourself into a situation where you can't win the 4/6 prize 2 times that drawing. The lottery offcials

did nothing.

In response to Jill34786

No doubt as a financial consultant you are very skilled at over complicating simple things. (and getting paid to do so) In my example I was talking about buying and holding land. NOT developing it.

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Can't wait to see the new winners,Hurray!

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not yet, soon enough, soon enough

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Congrats to the winner.

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It seems that the interest for this particular PB record jackpot was much lower than MM record jackpot a year ago, at least in the state of CA.

There are 769,585 winning tickets from PB and 3,009,642 winning tickets from MM in the state. The odds of winning anything with PB is actually better so if given the same enthusiasm, the number of winning tickets from PB should be higher.

I think the $2 ticket price discourages people to buy more tickets if at all.

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^^^I didn't buy any tickets. I'm still boycotting...


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In response to Tatototman65

Your boycott must not be working, I read MM will be changing its format later this year to be more competitive with PB. 

I thought MM was doing fine but the powers that  be must think having more losers per dollar spent will make them more competitive.

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In response to alienware32

It is rigged to make sure that any one single person does not win multiples of the same prize level from the same drawing.

There was a case a few years ago when an individual bought 5 lines with the same 5 white balls but different mega balls. All 5 balls match but he missed the red ball. He collected 5 millions I think.

I remember that the news was posted in the lottery post archive.


I've already seen Facebooks and Instagrams of the *lottery winner*...Hmmmm... I doubt it's real though. Poke

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Sadly, Florida winners are not allowed to remain anonymous. I hope that rule is amended soon.

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The big Powerball winner was a Quick Pick ... talk about the right place at the right time!

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In response to duckman

Wow, that's a very lucky QP especially if he or she only bought ONE ticket.

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In response to redhot7

The latest Florida Lottery press release said it was a Quick Pick but it didn't say if it was just one on the ticket. If it was ONE ticket, that should become the poster child for the saying "it only takes one ticket to win".

In response to duckman

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