$600 MILLION: Biggest Powerball jackpot ever

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$2 and a dream baby! I'm glad I got my tickets already, the lines at the store on Saturday are going to be looonnnng.

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Yep- this is all Californians doing,  to think otherwise is foolishness. Three Cheers for California.


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I say 650 on sat. They are saying it passed 600 already.

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I say $700 mil RedStang by spinning time.


ya'll excited for the 190M mega millions tonight? lol



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How about $657 million just to beat the all time annuity record? Jester

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That would mean about 150 mill tickets sold. Pretty wild.

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think am gonna be sick

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I just purchased my one ticket,  good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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I Agree!

People that dont normally play the lottery will be coming out the woodworks to play in worlds biggest lottery jackpot. I wouldnt be surprised if it reaches a little more than $700 million. And if by an act of god no one wins, expect a jackpot of at least 1.5 billions.


I want it all. All for me!!! Evil Smile

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Definitely excited for both games! First time in history both jackpots combined have been close to $800M :)

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I agree, I think it'll be at $700M or close to it by tomorrow night. I think people will be borrowing money and clearing out their checking accounts to buy as many tickets as they can. Seems it's jumping ~$100M per day, so why not $700 tomorrow night, unless everyone is broke by tomorrow. Which is possible at this rate of ticket sales. 

I don't know what will happen if it rolls over. People will lose their minds.

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You go check yourself. Mmmmmmmmmmmmkay, carry on.


102 Tickets for me heres hoping.

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The cash value right now is about .63 of the advertised amount, and each ticket contributes a hair under $0.64 to the cash value. That means that the number of tickets sold is about what the increase in the advertised jackpot is.

Considering that it's just past 3PM and they still haven't bumped it up from an even 600, MUSL must not have much confidence that the final tally will be very much above that. If it finishes at 625 that will be an increase of 275 from the last advertised jackpot of 350, so actual sales should be fairly close to 275 milion tickets.

A distribution based on pure probability suggests that the percentage of combinations that have been sold is significantly below the 80% that some are claiming. The chances of a rollover should be pretty close to 1 in 4.




'Merica!!! US Flag




White BouncesinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnersinglewinnerWhite Bounce


I need to stop with the coffee or something...


come PB players add 100 millions so we can beat mega million, and become the biggiest jackpot. I gonna win  it.

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The lottery commision said that 80% of all possible combinations has already been sold and that was a couple of hours ago.

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We need to go back to MM on 3/27/2012 when the Jackpot was $363M.

This was the drawing before the big $643M MM Jackpot.

For the $363M drawing 190,922,875 tickets were sold.

The odds are 1 out of 175,711,536.

Do we really know the interaction of duplicates and many people picking 1-2-3-4-5-  6PB?

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I know most people are crunching numbers and getting all scientific and stuff. And it's a much better way of looking at the probabilities than mine. 


But all I need to happen is for most people to have gotten really mystical about it and to have chosen their own numbers (instead of qp's) and for most of the numbers drawn tonight to be above 31. That's it. That's all I'll need to either win it myself, for a greater chance of it to be a 1 winner ticket OR to rollover. 

Most people who pick the numbers, choose birthdates. If the numbers tonight come in at 31 and under, there is going to be multiple winners and they'll be no rollover. 

Of course my theory has a big ol' flaw in it, in that most ticket sales are qp's. But a gal can dream can't she?

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I'm sitting this one out and love watching all the lotto crazy!

Hope for your win or at least someone you know lolSmiley

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See alot of peeps buying. Probably won't know the true amount until after the draw. GL

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I didn't go crazy. I went crazy the last 2 times and I think I won $7. LOL. I only bought 2 tickets this time, 1 chosen and 1 qp. If I don't win anything I won't feel like a sap over 4 bucks.

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You wont even spend $2.? That's less than what Boney will spend, and matches Jammy's efforts. 

I suppose it is safe to say that you are a loser in tonight drawing? 

The last time I refused to get even one line I had the correct bonus number selected and could have doubled me money. Lets just hope your not sacrificing $600 million in exchange for $2. Yes Nod

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could have sworn they would have bumped it up to $650M by now.

Can't believe they wouldn't have pulled in $50M between yesterday's bump and now

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Green laugh


Yeah somebody who has about a thousand posts on a lottery message board is going to sit out one of the biggest jackpots of all time.   I beleive you...

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