$320 MILLION: Powerball lottery jackpot goes through the roof


Well, here we go again! Playin' the same numbers again!  Can we get a non-quick pick to win this time?

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Someone other than Californians will win this PB jackpot go round. I hope its someone who frequents this forum and who we know..more or less.
That is my wish to you guys & gals. Now go out there and Win. !!Party

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a lump sum payout of $198.3 million, that ends up being about $99.4 million after goverment confiscation.

$198.3 million x 39.6 (federal income tax) x 10.8 (state income tax) x 3.8 (obamacare tax) + $8.56 million (deduction for state tax) equals about $99.4 million.

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"Salute" for good luck or if you like wine "Cin Cin".

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In response to whiteballz

Well, on the bright side it'll probably at least be an even 100M before the drawing.

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In response to DC81

If you win the jackpot, 25% will be withheld by the lottery office before you even receive the check. The rest of the taxes will be due April 2014. If you need help doing your 2014 taxes after winning Powerball, call me. I'll be happy to help.

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In response to noise-gate

A Californian might win this jackpot. No one is stopping Californians from driving to Oregon or Arizona to get Powerball tickets.

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Go baby go

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Oh shup up with the government confiscation crap. You will walk away with $100+ million for spending a couple bucks. Can't your kind ever stop whining? Jesus Christ. The people like you are usually the ones sucking off the government teat. Almost every single time. 

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notice how top 4 record jackpots  have more then 1 winner


out of top top 10"number 9th without a winner atm"  6 of them have  2 or more winners


if this baby rolls, going by mega chart shows it going to 500m range

1 rollover away form a other godly monster.  now we 320m i think we start seeing media reports slowly come in


it it rolls,  they will ofc market it 400m whatever,  we know once they market it anything 400m . it  sends lotto fever into everyone and they go right to 500/600 range

we have at lest 3rd largest jackpot in history if it rolls past this one

i think with only 2,  5-0 winners this last draw, its just matter of luck of numbers fallin 

as we sure won't past 50% of all number combo's sold, 


Wednesday, November 28, 2012
05 · 16 · 22 · 23 · 29    + 06$587.5 Million
Saturday, November 24, 201222 · 32 · 37 · 44 · 50    + 34$325 Million


and 2 person who said 99m atfer all taxes, wrong ,  try 119m atfer full 39.6 full rate, 

also   don't u dare put obamacare tax in here,  that don't apply here,  bro, that's for freaking   tax on investment income.

why the tax is bad, applying it 2 something as a lottery win is madness in accounting error.

 govt can have there 70m + in taxes, if your getting 119m

u ,your kids, your future grind kids,and the great grind kids can live  off of this thing

100m invested into near anything decent and safe will see a nice return

u can even  spend 19m   buy everyone u love a nice little home/car.whatever

invest the rest at like 4% or anything return rates, and i don't know how the hell u can blow that. wait i do................

just ask Andrew “Jack” Whittaker . that man found out how to waste 315 million jackpot 

here the sad part, he was rich before the win, mwhahahaha

how in hell he did it is sure amazing to read. look him up in lottery post search, 



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Hopefully it will hit 1 billion from one ticket and one winner (no office poll). A real world record!

Now that would be BIG news not just in America but all over the world.

In response to whiteballz

A lot of people refer to the "Obamacare tax", but the correct name is the Net Investment Income Tax. Lottery winnings are not, and never have been, viewed by the IRS as investment income. The tax applies to the lesser of net investment income or adjusted gross income beyond a threshold.

Everything I've seen indicates that the name is accurate, and it's only investment income that will matter. If anyone has seen a legitimate source reporting that the tax will apply to lottery (or other gambling) winnings I'd be happy to look at it, but if lottery winnings are treated as investment income it may open the door for claiming some lottery winnings at the capital gains rate. I can promise that the IRS would rather tax a jackpot at 39.6% than 20% plus 3.8%.

That means that unless the IRS starts treating lottery winnings as investment income nobody is going to pay the tax on lottery winnings unless their lottery winnings plus everything else that contributes to their AGI is less than their investment income. That means that somebody with an AGI of more than $125 to 250k (depending on filing status) including a reported win of $1000 and investment income of more than $1000 will pay an extra $38. If they won $10k and had more than $10k from investment income they'd pay $380. If they won $100 million and had investment income of $100k they'd pay $3,800.

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Woo Hoo let the frenzy begin...

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In response to noise-gate

That' nice of you noise-gate I know it must be frustrating not to be able to participate in this powerball frenzy.

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In response to johnjohnson

I think I'da turned 'em in.

Don't need them bad vibes, win or lose.

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i went for 2 tickets, double my usual, and my US buddy; whom i go halves with, also bought 2. for a total of 4 tickets... Good luck all. hope an LPer gets at least 2nd prize.

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In response to savagegoose

Actually bought a single ticket with power play!! Was feeling lucky today... No pp for my others... Ha

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In response to rdgrnr

but i wouldnt trust the staff over there because theyre not the most honest ppl in my opinion ive seen alot of shady stuff go on in that store.

but i know what you mean I Agree!

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There are video cameras all over the place. I'm sure the lottery officials know the exact time and place the winning ticket was purchased so it would be a matter of reviewing the surveillance footage to see who bought the ticket.


If they aren't bumping the jackpot value, I think sales weren't as brisk this time around

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In response to Toronto

Partywe will know soon Smiley

In response to Toronto

Lines are long but now long everywhere.

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Have a offer if i win the big one. I will pay 50k if you can tell me where every dollar of the taxes i paid went to.

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Jackpot tonight is actually $338.3 million (announced on the drawing broadcast).

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Hope it rolls coz I didn't hit a thing... Numbers here and there, but not enough on one line :(

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In response to RedStang

Right now?

Probably the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They just got $250 million and a bunch of F-16 Fighters and M-1 A-1 Abrams Tanks. Our best military technology.

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In response to Todd

Power Ball results for 3/23/13

17-29-31-52-53  PB 31

Congrats to all the winners!



31 for the regular and bonus, 2 #s above 31...maybe this will roll!

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In response to Todd

338m holy cow,  if by some chance this thing pulls off a rollover

we could be in a race to see if it reach's  587m or more.

ofc they  going to lowball amount of it,   and update it thro out week.....................

this was spot on how record started, it also had 4 days to sell going form 325m to 587

Wednesday, November 28, 201205 · 16 · 22 · 23 · 29    + 06$587.5 Million
Saturday, November 24, 201222 · 32 · 37 · 44 · 50    + 34$325 Million

this could very well be a repeat of history. come on monster jackpot........ roll baby roll


in other news anyone win a darn thing however small?

my tickets let me down like always.

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