Maryland family claims $26M Mega Millions lottery jackpot

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Congrats to the winners! Wow retired at 48 even before hitting the jackpot. I'm 48, where did I go wrong???



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You choose to live in New Hampshire.  LOL

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Congrats to the lucky couple, I hope they enjoy a nice retirement.

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Way to go!

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Lol! Gotta take the good with the bad though. It could be much worse, I could live in one of a few other neighboring states which will remain nameless.

Green laugh

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I sure wished that anonymous law would of passed in michigan...............worthless lawmakers!

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"I am still in denial," said the grandmother-of-two who chose to remain anonymous. 


Very wise move!

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Congratulation to the winner....Thumbs Up

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retired from a life of public service.


Congrats to the lucky couple.

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Really (except for here as well). It would be nice to find out you won and have no worries about claiming ASAP.


Congrats to the winners, I'm sure being able to collect so soon made the win all that much sweeter.

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I Agree! That's why I love living in Kansas you can stay Anonymous

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"48 year old retiree" lol.  must have already had lots of money if she was retired at 48.

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