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Apparent Arizona winner captured on video the moment he learned of win

Nov 30, 2012, 8:43 am

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Several store customers and clerk saw winning ticket, verified winning numbers

Apparent winner purchased ticket in Arizona but checked ticket in Maryland

Includes video report

A man, who appeared to be a construction or highway worker, walked into a Prince George's County, Maryland, Exxon Thursday afternoon and — according to witnesses — walked out a multi-multi-millionaire.

Employees and customers at Marlboro Village Exxon are still buzzing from the remarkable scene they witnessed this afternoon.

Surveillance cameras show a tall, bald man donned in a neon yellow outfit walk slowly in, in no particular rush. He digs deep into a pocket to pull out various lottery tickets. He checks to see if he won anything.

Seconds later, he starts pumping his arms. He gives the ticket, which he says he purchased in Arizona, to clerk Nagassi Ghebre, who says the winning numbers were on the Powerball ticket.

The apparent winner of one of the biggest jackpots of all time quickly turns to a customer for further verification.

If this one of the two national winners, this mystery man gets, after splitting the cash option with a winner from Missouri, nearly $200 million.

One customer said he heard the possible winner may be in the military.

According to witnesses the man did not buy the ticket in Maryland. He merely showed people what looked like a winning ticket.

According to an Arizona Lottery official, the ticket was purchased in a store near Scottsdale. The man would have to return to Arizona to turn in his winning ticket within 180 days.

VIDEO: Watch surveillance video of the man reacting to his huge win

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