$425 MILLION: Largest Powerball lottery jackpot in history

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Mary mother of Jesus!


This has been an insane year for lottery jackpots. first the 656 million one in march and now this one..


Sweet Jesus...


Too bad I live 400 miles away from the nearest state.

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The people running the Powerball might let it roll one more time to get bragging rights over Mega Millions and to make the $656 MM forgettable.

I'm sure by Wednesday this Jackpot will be well over 500 million, it would have been over that amount if POWERBALL increased their jackpots like Mega Millions and did not hold back their secret stash.

Anyway, game is on. Will be buying $10 for this game maybe a little more.

OHIO needs a PB win!!

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In response to C0w Pi3

You can say that again!!

I'm happy for PowerBall, now it's their turn for the really really big prizeSmile

This just might get bigger than MegaMillions!!

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I am buying my tickets early so I don't have to wait for others in line.  Good luck to me!-weshar75

US Flag

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Well, I will surrender and play one ticket.

In response to weshar75

Ditto. I'll be out before church in the morning to pick some up. May still pick up more later in the week. Got to hit the lucky spots around here.

Party Time!  Woot!!

PartyHyperPartyBananaPartyDancePartyWhite BouncePartyBananaPartyDancePartyWhite BouncePartyHyperPartyBananaPartyDancePartyWhite BouncePartyBananaPartyDancePartyWhite Bounce


Christmas 2012 and New Years 2013 will be Fabulous for Somebody or Somebodies




In response to Libra0926

Happy Sunday....:Lurking

BTW...I have been a Member since June 2002 but recently had to change my password..I am still Libra 0926  Lurking

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In response to CAL-LottoPlayer

This service is very reliable, and provides scanned images of your actual tickets.

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I've said it hundreds of times, so why not once more? 

What difference does it make if you win $40 million or $425 million?   I suppose it would be great to keep a few million and start a charity with the rest, but I will never understand the buying frenzy that starts every time the jackpot gets to these astronomical levels.   Only 1 person in the entire State of Florida got the 5 white balls, winning a million with a $2 ticket.  That should tell you something about the odds of hitting all 5 numbers and the PB. 

However, somebody's going to win the jackpot, so I wish everyone here a lot of luck!  Smiley


I'll get my usual one set of numbers for $2. I've always been baffled at why people spend "real" amounts of $$$, like $20 on 10 sets of numbers, when that's only covering 10 of more than 175 million combinations of numbers. Tonight on my one set, I got 2 of 6 numbers, and 2 others were 1 digit off. I know someone who spent $10 on 5 sets, and got only 1 number on 1 of the 5 sets. Plus I've been in past work lottery pools with anywhere from 50 - 100 sets of numbers, and typically that resulted in 3 or 4 lines being powerball or powerball plus 1 number, but they were always a far less payout than total money invested.

On the other hand, since there's no law that I know of, of how many times you can win the lottery, or how many tickets you can buy, here's my dream plan of being the first lottery winning billionaire. After winning this Wednesday, with the one time cash payout after taxes being almost 200 million, that would buy almost 100 million sets of different numbers, covering more than 50% of the possible combinations of numbers. In not long from now, with how often since 2012 with the changes that the powerball jackpot goes high, there's bound to be a cash payout soon (after taxes) of 250 million or higher. By winning that, it would increase my winnings from about 200 million into 250 million or more. Repeat that process a handful of times, and I'm a billionaire. Of course, I may the lose the 1 : 2 bet and leave myself with next to no money left, but those are <snip> good odds. Even better, nobody wins this Wednesday and the jackpot increases to a win of 350 million (or more) in one time cash payout. Then I'd have enough money to play every combination of numbers and be guaranteed to win the jackpot. The one issue there being not knowing if I'd be the sole winner, or have to split it 50/50 with one other person, or only get 33% with two other people, etc. I'd still do it though even if I were 1 of 3 winners. In that scenario, if the cash payout was 400 million, I'd wind up 50 million ahead if I were the only winner, or at "only" 133 million if I were 1 of 3 winners. Plus, since there's so much press and hounding of large lottery winners, I might as well go all out and be known as the biggest lottery winner who keeps betting all his money to keep winning more lotteries.

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In response to golfer1960

I wish Todd would run an article about how many jackpots have been won with self picks vs quick picks. The last time I read something on that subject it was approx 50-50.

Do you have evidence of your article?

Was that a Gail Howard article?

I wish Todd would...

I wish todd also would change the emoticon of the leprechaun.

He has a three leaf clover, similar to what you have posted.  A three leaf clover is not lucky.

Its a four leaf clover that is lucky.  I once found a four leaf clover.  It took me about an hour of searching in the grass to find it.  But if you seek you will find.  I am not sure what happened to it.  I should have saved it.

So I wish Todd would change the clover of the leprechaun to a four leaf clover, instead of a three leaf clover.

Also most enlightened people would know that a horshoe is suppose to be turned up so that it can catch the luck.

Your horseshoe is pointed down. So that would lead me to believe that as a golfer, you have spent too much time in the Sun Smiley which also lead me to believe that your brain is FrÏÊÐ, and that you dont really want any other golfers to win.  Least of all any golfer that live in AZ.

In response to LottoBoner

Wow a bit harsh on golfer, no. What?        Bash

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In response to mcginnin56

Sometimes the truth is unpleasant.

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my speech..... Yahooooooooooooooooooooo

and I like to recognize Todd of USAMEGA.COM FOR awesome time of 83 post's in 9 years of great info.

and I am outta here $$$$$$$$$$$ yahoooooooooooooooooooooo

need to get one percent out burn it in the next six months fun.... Spend like I am a KING

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In response to LottoBoner

Badges?Who said anything about badges?

In response to RJOh


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Powerball still hasn't increased it's jackpot any???

In response to Erzulieredeyes

Mega Millions posted the increases, but does Powerball? Or do they just wait until the drawing? When I've watched the live drawing, that's when they say the amount which is higher than the advertised jackpot.

In response to mcginnin56

I am sorry if I was harsh on golfer.

I just overracted to his conclusion regarding the efficacy of smart picks versus dumb picks as garbage.

In my opinion his opinion is rather extreme in terms of the word "garbage".

What did Benjamin Franklin say?  One mans garbage is another mans gold.  Was that BF?

I dunno.

Good luck to you Mcginnin this Wed!Lep

I still think a clearly visible four leaf clover would do good for the Irish especially!

In response to Erzulieredeyes

Patience Erzulieredeyes..........patience.

Tomorrow sometime, we may have an announcement from Powerball for a raised jackpot!    Yes Nod

In response to mcginnin56

At the gas station today a guy was asking "do you sell Powerball here"??

I think it will be raised tonight or over night......

In response to LottoBoner

I'm sure there were no serious ill intentions meant.

BF did say "Dumpster diving is Divine". (Just after his invention of the dumpster).

Good luck to you as well LottoBoner!  Big Grin Santa


Good luck to all..... And to all good luck.......

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In response to Frank12449

They post their increases and LP will be all over it when they do. I am predicting that the first of two increases between now and draw time will be at or around noon tomorrow.


I bought some "Donald classics" today.......

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