$305 MILLION: Powerball lottery jackpot in rare territory

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I'll buy my ticket for Wed, wish me luck

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PowerBall is finally in the range it was designed for, MegaMillion will just have to sat on the sideline until this run is over.

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I'm tempted to drop $60 on this one but experience informs me that its not a guarantee that I will win much with that kind of purchase so $9 is all I'm spending. Good luck players. Thumbs Up

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Now Powerball is finally getting exciting to play. I now have the urge to splurge on this game! Instead of 1 or 2 tickets I will probably buy a total of 5!





Thanks in advance for my winning jack-pot ticket!


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The temptation to spend more is haunting  me too. Thank god tho, they made POWERBALL $2.00 otherwise I'd prob spend $20-30 bucks on this game at the current jackpot prize level but that extra dollar keeps me in check and actually helps me budget to spend less.



I went crazy and spent $127 when Mega Millions got over 600 MILLION and I never spend more than $5-$10 per game EVER when it's below $300 MILLION.


With that money I'd start a part-time professional drag raging team (Full time if I land a sponsor).  Well that, and I would arrange to finance a photoshoot of my favorite UK glamour models in my house for a week. Wink

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I am buying tickets in three states!!!

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I took some time off from playing and it looks like I'm coming back to the game just in time.

I'll be looking to spend a lil more than $6 come Wednesday.

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In response to Erzulieredeyes

I dropped $35 on that MegaMillions jackpot and won absolutely nothing. I was so mad!

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I bought a $6 Powerball ticket for last night drawing, and I won $4 for a total loss of $2. My coworkers did a powerball pool for last night drawing. They bought like 50 tickets for a zero return. I was not included in the pool. They also collected the money for Wednesday drawing , and they did not ask me to participate. Good luck to them.

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In response to maringoman

No Pity!@ maringoman


well the powerball jackpot just became very very very interesting


well good luck to those playing but I think we're gonna watch it roll over once more b4 b4 it gets hit in VA


Here we go.......  White Bounce


Good luck everybody!Party


Hoping for Texas to have her first PB winner! Dance Me!

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$305M+ Hurray!

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In response to THRIFTY

You should demand to be allowed in the pool in case they win.

Then you can sue them for some kind of discrimination and have swarms of slimy, squirming, slithering lawyers descend on them and envelope them in an undulating, squirming, writhing, slithering ball of slime.

And become very rich.

Along with the lawyers.

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In response to whiteballz

 I think so.

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In response to gogidolim

I have a feeling Powerball tickets aren't going to stay $2 the entire 78 years. I'd actually bet the tickets will go up in price to $4 in 15 years. They already got people paying twice what it was last year, so the genie is out of the bottle.

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In response to whiteballz

Holly cow, in those days with $4 there will be jackpots of around 2-3 billion dollars and US dept 623 gazillion of chinese yuan.

In response to whiteballz

Our grandchildren will be pushing daisies  by then.   Dead   With global nuclear wars on the brink, this world as we know it could well be vanquished.

Perhaps by then aliens may have bought the rights to our lottery games, and those seeds of greed planted throughout the cosmos.


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In response to whiteballz

I only buy one ticket because of the cost, I'd rather buy two MM tickets, rather than one PB.

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If I win the $305M, I can't help but think about asking out my celebrity crush. You feel me?

Can you blame me?

Kim cattrall

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This will be the view from my new back porch!

Retiring in style! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

and a FlexJet Card for those vacations ...............

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In response to golfer1960

I Agree!  That will help your putter swing better "golfer''.just watch out for those sand trapps..

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In response to IPlayWeekly

You have a 50% chance of winning the lottery. You either win or you lose.


Where is this vacation home. I want to add it to my list.

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In response to THRIFTY

Do you know anyone who wins 50% of the times they play?  Where did you learn to calculate percentages?

In response to THRIFTY

Following that superior logic and line of reasoning,   Conehead   it must therefore be possible to win 100% of the time, or lose 100% of the time.

I therefore choose to win 100% of the time. Thanks for the steering me in the right direction THRIFTY!


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In response to THRIFTY

lmao, that's life... one big gamble

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In response to tvboris

Once the shock wore off I would post i won doesn't mean anyone will believe me guess i will have to put a little hint in the interview so you know it's me lol

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Jackpot is up too $320 Million annuity and $213.3 million Cash

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