$212 MILLION: Powerball lottery jackpot surges

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Holy cow,its starting to grow from a small storm into that big hurricane that we all want .I wonder how high it will grow ..Best of luck to all my L.P friends this wednesday..

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I'll buy my one line like I do in every PB drawing


I'm very upset that I didn't take this behemoth down last evening. Let It All Out


I will be redeemed however, when I hit it this Wednesday.               Stretch

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In response to mcginnin56

hearsetrax's avatar - needcaffeine  go soak your head McMuttley ....... 

I'm disapointed toobut you'll not hear me whine about it .........

time will spin a most curious thread soon enough and heres to hoping we break the 400 million mark Cheers

In response to hearsetrax

I completely agree with your assessment, but it's a bit early in the morning for me, so I asked my loving wife to do it for me! Cheers


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I really don't care about the jackpot magnitude, but I would like it to keep rolling over until the 2012 Olympics are over. 6 more rollovers should have it on the cusps of record levels. That won't cause me to spend more than I would if it were just at $40 million, but it will cause me to delight in watching the hypocritical, sanctimonious Bible and Quran thumpers standing in line to buy a ticket and praying to God they have winning ticket!

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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Powerball is Rollin'


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starting to look good, soon i may have to risk my money over for a ticket.

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McGinnin you really out to be an artist with all those great images you find.  I bet you'd make a great photographer. Seriously.

In response to OldSchoolPa

time will spin a most curious thread soon enough and heres to hoping we break the 400 million mark Cheers

This jackpot level is starting to get interesting for infidels and heathens like me.Red Devil

I have been sitting it out patiently, not caring much about the game, but its time to update those charts.  I only need one line anyway, and I like the prospects of the improved odds in the lone ball area.

There will be increased activity in pools at work, with two days to prep and collect money.  And of course with the addition of my sole dollar, i predict that if nobody wins the jackpot, the new pot will be   301 MILLION!!!



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I think after I win this Jackpot, I'm going shopping.

I'll take one of those:

ford taurus

I need one of these:

vacation  vacationsvacation 2

It would be so nice to have one of these too:

pretty woman


Am I the only one who wants to win the jackpot to "finally" get major league women? I'm tired of going on blind dates with actual blind people!

In response to Artist77

Thank you Artist! Years ago I actually did a lot of photography on my own. Mainly just for myself, friends and family.

Never pursued it professionally, but I'm always intrigued by all the good subject material that's out there, just waiting to caught by some good



Maybe once I hit the PB this Wednesday, I'll consider it more seriously. It was always a lot of fun! 


In response to golfer1960

Your not the only one golfer! My dear wife is indeed beautiful, but I must admit I enjoy the prospect of some day finding a "major league"

woman as well. Fortunately my wife is very understanding of my needs, and may actually assist me in finding this dream woman in the future!   Love


I'm thinking of women along these lines. Hard to find these types on the blind dates or at the singles clubs.  Roll Eyes


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In response to mcginnin56

Mcginnin you are funny! Your wife will assist you in finding some major league women! LOL LOL!

The woman in the photo looks like a younger Angelina Jolie but I'm not sure. Very good!

But in order for me to attract nice looking women, I will need some plastic surgery. So I'll use my money to improve my looks a bit:


ugly face  To denzel

Yeah, that kind of rich!!!

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In response to psykomo


thank U 4 UR fucophotos/CURSOgirl??


they R cumming down now??????????!!

LOST her mound of POLOMAR??????????


Psyko lose'ssss on EARTH<<<<<<again


no they hit "HER" nd center PENERATE

DIS WAS D>TESTnd testee's of MANo!o

they said they were land'd between ah

"ROCK" & ah HARD "SPOT "!!!!!!!!!?????

how many BILLION'$$$$ do that CO$T

poor people 2 land on MARS 2 "FEED"

ALL D>>>>>starving's EARTH PEOPLE!


they planned 10 year's 4 dis <<< CRAP!

NOW they can't put people 2 >> WORK!

Partyget in LINE 4 space JOB'$$$$$$



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In response to gocart1

I Agree!DanceGOCART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BEST of LUCK "EVERYDAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW many MILLION's>>>>>>>>>>>WOULD make you>>>>>>>>HAPPY>>>>>"JACKPOT" 2 "YOU"!!!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$LOTTERY POST will>>>>>>>HELP YOU>>>"JACKPOT"$$$$$$!!!!



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sneaky chrysler C300 with bentley grill,

In response to savagegoose

LOL   My sentiments exactly savage!  You captured the essence of what most members here are trying to aspire to, but fall flat every time.   Thud

In response to golfer1960

Thanks golfer! That's my cat Patchy, unwinding after one of her more "stressful" days.  Crying

In response to psykomo

Perhaps it is time to build a spaceship to send to "Earth" Psykomo. Think of all the amazing discoveries we could make, the things we could learn!  Idea


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I like the Porsche of Hilton Head ad at the top of the page ...............

so appropriate considering the size of the PB Jackpot!  Dance

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In response to psykomo


OMG it's painful to try to read your posts.   Maybe you should work as a cryptographer.

In response to GambleToRamble

psykomo believes pain is a good learning tool. In many ways I agree, you to work extra hard to decode-de-messssssaggggeeeeee  Toooooo





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In response to LottoGuyBC


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I want to move to NYC if I win.

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In response to Grovel

I hope that you don't like making your own food and drink choices ........... and don't even try to use that baby formula .................... "step away from the formula now" ...........

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In response to Grovel

Hey Grovel, I don't blame you, and you'll be able to afford it too! With $212M you'll be able to buy one of Donald Trumps apartments in Trump Towers.

NYC is beautiful and you'll never run out of things to do and people to see! Beautiful people at that!


Times square

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Powerball Dreamin'

Grey Violet 2011 Bentley Continental Supersorts - Pittsburgh PA - SCBCU7ZA8BC066953 (3)

In Grey Violet ....................

The nice people at Bentley Pittsburgh let me sit in any car that was in the showroom ............. very nice people considering that they knew that I couldn't afford the cars! And a 59 year old guy can get in and out of one without hurting himself ........

If you sit inside one of these, you know that they are not ordinary automobiles ..............

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