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Delaware couple plans to pay Powerball winnings forward

Jun 18, 2012, 6:41 am

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A married couple from Wilmington, Delaware, managed to make their dreams come true when they won $1 million with Powerball, courtesy of the Delaware Lottery.

"I normally play when Powerball reaches a certain amount, somewhere around $60 or $80 million," said the man, 59, claiming the prize on June 12. "In this case, I just happened to be at a store and picked up a Quick Pick ticket."

Indeed, it was a well-timed purchase on June 9 at Wilmington's Shore Stop located on Centerville Road, for that evening's drawing. The man had managed to match all five numbers for a cool $1 million prize.

"I had been out to dinner with a relative from across the country," said his wife. "We arrived home shortly after the numbers had been drawn and my husband said, 'I just won a million dollars!'"

The husband laughed heartily. "She shouted, 'SHOW ME!'" he joked.

Showing both her and the relative the winning ticket, thoughts turned to how best to spend the newfound winnings.

"My wife said we should pay it forward," noted the husband. "And I think some form of charitable contribution is how that will go. We also want to help some people in terms of education, that sort of thing."

"Delaware Lottery players give back to the community in many ways already because revenue generated from Lottery tickets sales contributes to the funding of many State-provided services in Delaware," said Vernon Kirk, Director of the Delaware Lottery. "It's always nice to hear when our players decide to take an extra step and share or donate a portion of their winnings."

The couple notes that they will certainly play again, but requested anonymity in their winnings, with just one small matter to take care of—informing their family.

"Because it's so recent, we still need to tell our families," said the woman, with a big smile. "My one relative was able to share in the moment and it was wonderful, but then we had to put him on a plane and tell him to be quiet for a week or two."

Thanks to Kendall for the tip.

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