Illinois Lottery to add Powerball online ticket sales


This is the wave of the future. Change is difficult as first, but with pioneering states such as Illinois, change will take place.  Type

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In response to mcginnin56

I Agree!

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Welcome to the 21st Century Thud

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This will disappoint those folks who like standing in line when trick sales are good asking silly questions of ticket buyers such as "Have you ever won anything buying so many tickets or have you just wasted your money?"  They'll have find other ways to stick their noses into other people business.

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Mr. Lang has it right. Just making it more convenient for the customer. 1 down 49 to go!

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In response to RJOh

Who or what is "...trick sales are good asking silly questions..."?

Who exactly is doing the asking, which I inderstand is being posed to the store customers?

Who is the "they"  in the "they will find other ways to stick their noses into other people business"


Please explain further. Thanks!

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just hope it doesnt get hacked


I don't understand why this is necessary. What is so difficult about walking into your local fuel stop and buying a ticket or two? All this online crap will only cost the lottery more to operate, maintain, and have addtional security costs.


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Good news for Illinois for a change.

It beats having everybody talking about them being the most corrupt state in the nation all the time.

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Yeah,it'll take their minds off of Illinois being broke ;~)

Illinois needs all the good news it can get.

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Yep Thumbs Up

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I read that Illinois is using the online lottery as a test pilot to someday start online poker.

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This isn't all for the players, not even close.

Illinois is in hock for about $1.8 billion and scrambling to bring in money however it can.

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