$102 million lottery winners - 17 years later

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What a nice story!


Nice story, and 17 years later they have something to show for it!  Banana


For some reason i think this was one of the smart moves for getting the annuity..

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Skeptical you think so ??......

honestly I've been flip-flopping over which would bring less grief and most enjoyment

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From the OP:

"A lot of people wanted money," she said. "We had one situation where they threatened to kidnap our grandson and our dog. I mean it was like okay people give me a break, this is ridiculous."

There was another surprise for the couple, when they discovered the only thing they had in common with rich people was their bank accounts. Shirley said she found the rich to be kind of annoying. She said, "A lot of them are just, they take everything for granted. They don't say thank-you they don't clean up after themselves. It just irritates me."

  • Speaks volumes. One book even suggested Kidnap & Ransom insurance for jackpot winners.
  • The rich see lottery winners as not having done anything to earn their wealth, nor having a birthright to it (inheriting it)
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And those who INHERITED their wealth should be viewed the same way then...

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lovely.  just lovely!  they won together, have stayed together, have not squandered all their money, and are loving their life recognizing that they have been blessed.  lovely.

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It takes a special kind of lowlife to threaten to kidnap a man's dog. Angry

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I Agree!    Green laugh

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Nice story indeed....

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I Agree!


lol why send alarm clocks to lottery winners

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What a lovely couple.

What a lucky couple.

What a lucky,lovely couple.

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A perfect reason why all states should allow you to remain anonymous.  Threats of violence and kidnapping.


Glad everything worked out for them and that they have been able to stay together.

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