8 lottery scam suspects arrested in Jamaica


DO NOT pass go! DO NOT collect $200!


Darn, and I thought Montego Bay would be a nice restful, peaceful place to vacation. I've heard all about the Nigerian scammers. Guess this won't end

until every country on earth, is getting their fair share of scamming action.


Here a scam, there a scam...everywhere a scam...scam...scam.  At least spam is better than a scam.   Spam

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and this from the quality control expert who makes the stuffSpam

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Eight people ... did not pay their krysha.

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It's an old handed down family recipe hearse. YUM, YUM! Thanks for the compliment.  Spam

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They (Jamaican officials) are afraid this will hurt their rep... Hmm...

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This could potentially hurt marijuana exports! No reptuable drug dealer would want to do business with a country known for SCAMMING!

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This article reads:  "Police Commissioner Owen Ellington has said that other scam suspects arrested earlier this year have since been released on bail, frustrating investigators."

Why aren't they reporting securing assets that amount closer to a few hundred-millions total?  I hope they track down the financial accounts (whatever country) that the big monies are being held in and are able to confiscate them [instead of big screen TVs & small change stuff] and publicize that they are returning them to a few of the people who REPORTED and PROVED being scammed.  Lastly, will these eight, evil, criminals ALSO be released once they reveal names of additional scammers who have been their neighbors within the subdivision, etc. or whatever?


looks like jamaica has found a new revenue source

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LOL......Green laugh I don't know why I thought of Pass the Dutchie by Mucical Youth....

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"he said some parents are even colluding with young suspects, which police officials say can be as little as14 years old"


These scum are useing their kids to commit the crimes, thats why the parents have the bank accts. cars and houses.

cause they know if the kids get caught the law will go easier on them.

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