Store owner tried to scam woman out of lottery winnings


Good for her, and they should send this idiot to prison for 10 years or deport him if he was not born here...after he spends some time in prison and ownership of the store should be turned over to her as punishment for his dishonesty, at least his share of the store. 

They need to make it mandatory in all states like in Illinois that the machine clearly shows how much the ticket is worth when it is scanned, visible to the customer. 

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Maybe, I just don't understand whats going on in the world. I know the economy is struggling but,
have things gotten so bad in this country that 10,000 dollars is worth a 20 year prison sentence?

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Lucky woman.  She was smart enough to sign the ticket at least.   I too would be incredibly suspicious if I saw the name on the back of a ticket being scratched out.

I'm taking more advantage now of those self-serve ticket reading machines.  More should too.

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Glad she got her money, enjoy your trip.

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In response to VenomV12

tea just shoot him in public and close the store and be done with it 

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In response to LottoAce

Someone so at ease with telling a customer that a $10,000 ticket is worth $3 sounds very practiced to me.  My guess is that few of these pathetic crooks are caught their first time.  Their past "successes" surely make them feel like they'll continue getting away with it.

In response to Todd

If someone is that smooth and slick, makes you wonder if anyone should be trusted to check your numbers. Just use the scanner, or better yet

your computer to retrieve the lottery website. Type


The photo's of this human garbage, should be posted everywhere, to further discourage and humiliate the other would be scammers.  Conehead

In response to hearsetrax

 Mrs. Kwok should be allowed that pleasure.  Bash


Scammer with the Scanner is in jail and the true winner is one step closer to a much deserved Disney vacation.


I love Happy Endings!

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Good for her ,she got 10,000 for a dollar,and he got twenty years for three dollars.I love it when goofballs get caught,because if he did it once ,it will happen again.(not for a while now)lol

Have fun on your vacation,...........................................and to the store owner don't have fun on your vacation in the slammer.

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Congras Ms. Kwok I am so glad you signed your ticket enjoy your vacationHurray!....... Shame on you Alhindi.....No NoThumbs DownNo Nod

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Sadly, this is the lesson that has been taught to us by bussness owners all across the United States : It's o.k. to try and screw someone out of money that is rightfully theirs.  Big corporations do it on a daily basis.  Greed is the new supply and demand mantra for business.  Lying and cheating is the new code of ethics.  Overcharge the bejeezus out of your customer is the new mission statement.  We must all stop and give thanks to our government for setting the standard of business philosophy in the 21st century.

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In response to mcginnin56

These stories keep popping up.

Store owners and clerks that lie to and steal from  their customers seem to be more and more common place.

Also problematic scanners are being reported.

Seems the only person or thing you can trust to check your winnings is yourself.

I don't understand why people don't ask for print outs when they go to check their numbers.

This allows you to keep a record of the winning numbers with you which you can check over and over again if you don't believe you actually won.


I always check my own tickets on the web. Louisiana changed its lottery terminals so there is a small display where the customer can see it, that will show how much a ticket it after it's scanned. However, many retailers don't have it in an obvious place and some don't have it out at all.

I'm glad this thief got caught, hope he goes down for a long time.

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In response to Stack47

Good points, Stack.

I didn't even consider all the smaller prizes he was probably stealing for years that don't have to be officially claimed.

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Good for her ! I wonder if the thiefs sorry he did it or sorry he got caught.

Just takes a few seconds to sign your name on the back.  Nice to know that if someone alters your ticket they can be charged .  Chair


nice to hear she got her money


Props to the LA lottery commission. I'm glad the REAL winner got her winnings. I, too, wonder how many under $600 winnings this POS stole from people. There will never be a way to tell. I always know how much winnings I'll get back when I hand the ticket to the clerk. I haven't had one try and cheat me unless you count the POS that tried to keep my freebie PB ticket a couple months ago.

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In response to Piaceri

I had a clerk keep a free entry ticket for another drawing on me in Harlan, Kentucky last year.

Dirty bastage.


Well! can she also get the fee he would be paid for selling her the ticket. If not she should be able to get that money also he surely shouldn't get it! Good job Lottery Officals.Now ! let's put that Scammer in jail.Red DevilSurrender

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In response to Todd

He probably had only been knocking off smaller prizes that didn't require the kind of security checks that cashing in tickets at the lottery office required.

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Clearly some folks shouldn't be playing the lottery.Don't get me wrong,a$swhippins o' plenty should be handed to the 'camel cowboy' who did it but stuff like this gets old.

People really need to understand what they're playing.

In response to rdgrnr

I'm inclined to agree with you Ridge.

This makes me wanna pull out my stupid stick and smack her a couple of times for not checking her tickets herself.


This is another Willis Willis story only with a wonderful ending.

Now the store owner is kicking himself for losing his licenses to sell lottery tickets in all four of his stores and possible prison time and the loss of everything he worked to build all because of a misguided sense of greed.

Now he's spending more than ten thousand dollars to clear his self-induced nightmare.

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And his name wasn't Patel,either.


Bad man...very bad man!!!


In response to Piaceri

POS...whats that point of sale?Jester

When i hand over my tickets i am just waiting for somebody to pull a fast one...

I will start cussing and yelling...and I will knock over the gum.  I dont especially like it when i hand over the winning ticket and they rip it up in front of me vigorously like i dont have any emotional attachment to that ticket....that ticket was a work of art!!

I do NOT like to feel disrespected at the lottery terminal after all the KUCFing hard work i put in!!!

Some of these guys need a real lesson in customer service!!

@ cletus...i think his first name was alhinda...but his full name probably was alhinda mohammed vishnu patel!!!

one time somebody stole my ticket...and i was sitting at the computer waiting to see if there was Big winner at that store...I was really prepared to go Apesh*t!!

and yes i agree...being a business man with poor judgement...he will get a slap on the wrist...

i mean if he has four stores...than he already has some sort of connections..

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In response to LottoBoner

LottoB ,

          You're Presumming he will get OFF !! Having 4 stores has no Variable on the out come of the Case against him . It could have been any race that pulled this SCAM on the lady .

In response to CajunWin4

ok...i agree...its not about race..its about age and maturity...

all the guys who bust my balls are young...the old world indians are more honest...because they came directly from the old country...they understand how difficult it can be.  But these young whippersnappers,  the are too americanized...always trying to pull a fast one and be "wiseguys"...

there is no way he is doing 20 years...its not like a breaking and entering...the woman was at fault being dumb....and not knowing how to use a computer...or for not going to the store with the guy who cooks the fried rice as her back....those guys know kung fu, they dont f--k around.

That guy get three years tops...and maybe deported.

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In response to LottoBoner

LottoB ,

           Know you got it !!! Not all People are Honest it does not matter about Race .. Just use you're gut feeling . You do not know Louisiana to well .. Yes, Its her fault to for not checking here on Ticket/Tickets online from her phone , computer or even public library has free internet use ..

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