Britain's youngest lottery winner still broke, but expecting twins


So happy to see the young woman turned her life around and is happy with herself and found someone to share that happiness with her.

I wish nothing but the best for her and her budding family.

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I Agree! PERDUE, this young lady has been through a lot. It's nice to read that she has turn her life around.

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"Now 25, the former shop assistant, originally from C0ckermouth and currently living in Workington, Cumbria, could not be happier."

Im glad this girl is happy now. Hmmm never heard of that city before  Big Smile


I had a totally different picture in mind as I read through the story of what she might look like after that world wind lifestyle. BOY WAS I WRONG!

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I saw her story on TV last summer, one of those documentaries on how the lottery can ruin lives.  That girl has been through so much.  I hope this means a better turn in her future.

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I hope her life is now all that she could have ever hoped it could be.  Some lessons are hard to learn.  Sounds like she has at least tried to learn them well.

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'Trax, I'm not exactly sure what you meant with this emoticon but, I believe I have a clue...and will take a reasonable stab at it. First of all, I can see she's been through a lot just as everyone else does. However, I can also see where although she was lucky enough to win all that money, she was still just too young and immature to realize what it REALLY MEANT, FUTURE-WISE, IN THE BIG PICTURE FOR HER LIFE. This, to me, is just a classic case of someone coming into tons of money, and, just isn't ready for it...BY FAR. Also, she probably didn't have any positive influences, like friends or relatives, to help her manage and MAINTAIN her wealth for times just like RIGHT NOW as she's expecting twins.

No one here can convince Lucky that her and her husband's life wouldn't be 1000% better with atleast 1/4th of that money for the new family. I mean, I do understand where she's been in life and have some sympathy for her but, I'm seeing this as a very good lesson for her to look back on and for lots of others to see as what not to do...even people here at LP. 

I personally know a guy here who won around $90,000 (approx.) on Cash 5 about ten years ago. Prior to this, he never really had or dealt with "real" money before.  Well, he went and claimed his money and began to buy lots of jewelry, clothing, and vehicles. Now, he did purchase his mom a vehicle and did some things for his family. But, all of his money was blown on "several" cars for himself, buying all his friends expensive gifts, buying his "NEW GIRLFRIENDS" gifts, furnishing all those girls' houses/apartments with furniture, "making it rain" at all the clubs, etc. etc. 

Right now, and to this very moment, he's pretty much homeless...with absolutey nothing to show for that money AT ALL. They took  the cars back and he had to sell a couple. The thought of buying a house or some land never even crossed his mind. He never thought about getting old and needing a little something to fall back on. From what I can see, people that don't know what to do with real money seem to win it without effort. Those who have a plan for it have to sit back and watch those people win it and blow it.

I see this as a STRONG MESSAGE for those of us who are waiting to possibly experience such a windfall, and, to have a plan in place both mentally and financially. It's a once in a lifetime deal, you only get one shot at it, and it's the difference between having a good life and thinking how good you could've had it. Take note.


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Just hope I'm as lucky and get a chance to make a similar mistake(with that amount of money).  At my age I won't have to worry about turning my life around. Wink


before reading this i thought a bad life was going to await her but im glad to see it wasnt the case. best of luck to her now

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The council lottery is next.

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So what if she pissed a lot of money away?You're only young once and may never get the chance to have that kind of fun again.I'm pretty sure if she does get the opportunity to have that kind of money again she'll be a little wiser with it.I know if I had access to that amount of money at her age I would have pissed it away,too.When I was young I didn't think that I'd get old and really didn't care what people said or thought,it was all about having fun.I lived to have fun and with that amount of cash I'd  have lots of fun.Now that I'm older and wiser,I'd be more conservative with it and plan on it lasting the rest of my life.I'd still have my toys,but the toys would be different than the toys I'd have bought when I was younger and there'd be less of them.I think she will do just fine.

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The pic on the bottom is smoking hot.

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Yeah the chic in the pic is a JACKPOT all by hersself!

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