Man scratches a $1M winner, but lottery ticket was a misprint

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He should be the winner of 1M.


One would think there should at least be some consolation prize to atone for such mistakes. To keep good public relations, and as a compromise

to appease the lottery customer, how about a $500 check from the lottery commission? And to give further options, why not offer a choice of

$1000 worth of scratch/on line tickets instead of the check?  Roll Eyes


If your reading this MA Lottery Commission, loosen your purse strings, and do the right thing!  Thumbs Up

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There should definitely be a consolation prize!! And heck, more than $500! Something standard like 1% of the prize they thought they won? He would get $10,000 then - not bad and will keep away lawyers who would take a bigger bite out of the pie.

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**IF** you are reading this MA Lottery Commission:  SHAME on you.  SHAME! (typed in 'scolding-mother' font)

NOW go and do the right thing.

In response to maximumfun

There's gonna be a policy change now!  Eek   Scared

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The Massachusetts Lottery is suggesting that anyone with a misprinted ticket should contact their Claims/Legal Department.

What does that mean?  Do they get an official "sorry loser" , another ticket and some money for their trouble or is it their way of removing defective tickets out of circulation?

In response to dk1421

I suggested that smaller amount, in lieu of the fact that there were over 2200 defective tickets out there. Obviously $1,000,000.00 would be

the preferred compensation for such a mistake, but something is better than nothing. Crying

In response to RJOh

Do they get an official "sorry loser"

Yup, then a quick escort and kick to the rear exit leading into the alley.  Green laugh


It was not the playing field or symbols that were misprinted, it was the payout table off to the side of the play area. It was obvious that it was misprinted (or should have been). Crap like this happens. the guy did not win and should not get rewarded. He never even took it to the lottery for verification. Google News the story and you will see a pic of the ticket. Also, Mass lottery FB page gives a better explanation.


Carry on....

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                                                        BatDupe AlertBat



                                                           CRAP MA


                                                                      No Pity!


                                        Thinking of...TurkeyThinking of...

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This is what I don't understand can my lossing ticket be a misprint too and if yes will they pay me my millions even though my ticket print says looser. Lol

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The back of tickets in jersey reads in part

"Liability for missprints or other errors is limited to refund or replacement."

I'm sure MA. has covered their azz on this also.

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In response to haymaker

It's MA... of course A-covering is job #1.  (only place better?  rhode island)

In response to Spincognito

Must have went to the wrong Mass Lottery facebook page because the one I saw was from Wikipedia. Ironic that in the article the lottery almost bragged about winning a lawsuit filed by a 94-year-old woman who wanted the cash option for her $5.4 million Megabucks ticket.

You have some classy people running the Massachusetts Lottery.

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In response to RJOh

He will speak for himself but I tihnk he means to be  in the CROWD that picks the winning combinations - lol!

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In response to rad242

Oh I get it, isn't that the old "Homer Simpon's theory of let someone else do it"?  You hang with a crowd or  pool and someone else in the crowd will pick the numbers and check the tickets.

I've always believed if you want something done, do it yourself and you can be sure it gets done.

In response to RJOh

Ditto  Yes Nod


would hate to see that done to me

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This is why I don't play scratch offs.  The scratch off industry is too easy to get out of paying up for their own foul ups.  So what it was a misprint. I say they should still have to honor that payment.  Maybe next time they will work harder not to let it get out of their control!!!!

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In response to RJOh

I was going by the theory that we become more like those that we are around (dogs look more like their owners - or maybe its the other way around... warm water cools to room temp... everything moving toward equilibrium)... hence my thought that I should be around those who win more/come close more.  ... and not participating in any pools (potentially too messy for my taste)

And my tracking my own?  Thus far its pretty easy.  8$/week spent 0$/week won = 8$/week 'invested in the education of our youth'

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In response to Cletu$2

Thank you, thank you. You should be a lawyer, good argument and I agree with you all the way.

They KNEW there where misprinted tickets out there, so what did they DO to rectify the situaltion?

Wait for some poor sap to come in and think they are a winner and say to them, Sorry Sucker.

Or take a more pro-active roll and recall the tickets. Oh, but wait, if they do that they will lose money on the other million of tickets not misprinted. 

They should have a better way of handling this situation and at least WARN the public as to what is going on.


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In response to mjwinsmith

There has been enough of such cases over the years that the public should consider itself WARNED.

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In response to mjwinsmith

I Agree!

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