Lottery winner recounts harassment after claiming prize


Yet another story about how people have expectations off someone else winning the lottery.  Just because a freind or relative happens to win does not entitle you to one red cent!!!!  If they want to help you out that's one thing, but they don't HAVE to help you out.


Henshaw is one the few who genuinely appreciates and respects his windfall. From what he's done so far, he will do well, live long and prosper.

It sucks that his life long passion of teaching had to be compromised because of his leaching "friends"  Group Hug

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Glad to know that this winner has his head on straight and is doing well!

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It just shows how your money changes other people.People that you think are friends turn into greedy a%&holes and expect YOU to pay off THEIR debts.Another reason to remain anonymous when you collect your winnings.

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This made me sad. All those people he thought were friends.... 

Hmm. You know, maybe some of them were joking and because he was in a pissy mood from other people really wanting money, he couldn't see the difference between the real jerks and the ones joking. Yeah, I'm trying to put a positive spin on it. It's such a shame.

Again, another good reason to go anonymous if you can.

I do admire him for having only an allowance and not overspending.

Also, I think the key here is that he can now volunteer and help others without worrying about needing to get paid. He could help out with adult literacy, the Boys & Girls Club (don't they need homework helpers?), tutor low-income kids, and more. There is so much out there he can do with his teacher's degree. But he needs to make sure his "fame" is not known. Definite repercussions if he's helping drug-users learn to read and they realize he has money. And no, I'm not "profiling" as it happened to a friend of my sibling. His death affected hundreds of people.


He signed his own ticket


He leveraged the expertise of industry experts to invest his money


He made NO his favorite word


He is pacing himself as he digests the reality of being rich!


TAKE NOTES PEOPLE. I'm tired reading sob stories of peope getting screwed royally after a win

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I have a very good story also.I got to leave the harrasment and bullying from other team members,job from you know where because I stopped playing the Tennessee Lottery.and now I'm dept free myself......What a joy that you can recieve when you  give up the devil and have something wonderful in return...What a good life. US Flag

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Congrats on your win, I hope you find some peace.

In response to TnTicketlosers

Congrat's on becoming debt free TTL! The devil needs a good kickin' now and again.   Yes Nod     Red Devil

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Yet another story about the Greed of Envy

"boo hoo hoo, you have yours, what about mine"Crying


Eschew childish behavior and vote for ConservativesUS Flag

Stop The Regime in 2012  Patriot

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im CONFUSED, how come most jackpot winners are people who are "low on money" like it always the same story "i put my last 1 dollar on it and i won millions"

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Congrats to the winner.....

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In response to smooth11484

Could it be the economy?Lots of people are spending their last dollar on lottery tickets these days.

I'm broke.Maybe I'll win the MegaMillions tonight!!

In response to Cletu$2

I can arrange to be broke - lol!

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In response to winwi5

Hey winwi5 - if you know that most of your friends will change and act up, why do you keep them as friends?

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In response to winwi5

Maybe after your aunt won it was your cousin who changed.They say that lottery money changes other people more than it changes the winners.

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In response to maximumfun

I guess some people just tolerate each other or put little things aside until they become bigger things, ie winning money makes the winner have something the 'friend'

doesn', that makes them unequal and threatening. It's a common human condition. Some people are okay until you rise above them in one way or another.

Usually it's the one winning that still thinks everything is okay and it's not.

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Well, JoeBigLotto, one could scream, "Please, madam, take me and save me from my loneliness now!"


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In response to dr65

hmm... yes i do have several people who would fall into that catagory.  thanks for clearing up my confusion!


Wow! I just finished sifting through all the interesting posts about the topic! Seems everyone is in disbelief  of how all his friends, family, and co-workers changed the second they found out he was now LOADED. Prior to receiving this information, none of them wanted or needed anything whatsoever from this guy. Think about that for just a moment...a person comes into some money, and, immediately everyone around them feels that person either "OWES", or, is "Obligated" to now "FIX ALL THEIR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS".

Now, check this out: Most of them probably don't play the lottery and/or despise gambling altogether. Yet and still, they want some of that GAMBLING MONEY to get them out of debt. What?DisapproveConfusedNo Nod. Oh, yeah...Lucky has seen this happen in his circle of friends!! Now, how hipocritical is that??? Money does, in fact, CHANGE THE WAY PEOPLE THINK. As dr65 mentioned, the winner usually feels everything is just fine as they're simply able to now fix their financial issues and enjoy life better. It's the "have not's" which then label the friend as an "ATM" at this point...which is totally wrong. 

 Unless you plan on assumming all their morgages, car notes, and medical you better nip it in the bud immediately with a plan of "limited funds". Otherwise, you're gonna lose them as friends anyway because, "You've got ALL THAT MONEY and won't even help me out????" 

No cameras, no publicity, no pictures, NO NOTHING...and get it in writing. Hell, if people get curious  about your wealth, you can tell 'em you scratched off maybe $10-$20K and this will also cover how you got into such a nice new home. You simply put down a nice chunk on it. There are sooooooo many ways to keep suspicions down if you're creative. I'll stop here...


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It not my friends that I would worry about since I don't consider everyone I know a friend.  It those scam artists who regularly call and ask for me by my first name or nick name and then ask can they depend on me again this year as in the past to support their charity(usually them since they are professional fund raisers). 

I hate to be rude to them if I really knew them at one time but I usually tell them to get lost.

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In response to Cletu$2

That's true, Cletu$.

Cyndi Lauper knew it too.


I said: I'm sorry baby, I'm leaving you tonight

I found someone new, he's waitin' in the car outside

Ah honey how could you do it

We swore each other everlasting love

I said yeah I know but when we did

There was one thing we weren't thinking of 

And that's money, money changes everything

I said money, money changes everything

We think we know what we're doin,' we don't know a thing

It's all in the past now - money changes everything

They shake your hand and they smile and they buy you a drink

They say: We'll be your friends we'll stick with you till the end

Ah but everybody's only looking out for themselves.

And you say well who can you trust?

I'll tell you it's just nobody else as the money, money changes everything

I said money, money changes everything

We think we know what we're doin' we don't pull the strings.

It's all in the past now - money changes everything.

Money, money changes everything.

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In response to HaveABall

ok you right a little am lonely because all have won is lots of little lotto like cash3 and cash4 have made over $15,000 this year alone but my biglotto is coming like an asteriod and guess what i will be moving to las vegas penthouse on vegas strip and i will have seven beautifull female nannies from all seven continent over the age of 21 taking care of me and all my loneliness and i will feel like a baby all over just to be pampered 24/7 and i dont want to see you thru my door peep hole begging for money .l will send my small puppy after you. lol


i hope hes ready for more harassment after doing this interview

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In response to Lucky Loser

LL, it may take a little bit more than 10-20k to get into a nice house.  Perhaps telling curious friends/neighbors that you inherited a sizable portfolio from and aunt/uncle might be more appropriate. Smiley

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In response to Jill34786

I agree.  If you even hint at having won any money in a lottery, they will eventually figure out you won more that you said. Or say you are a writer and you get royalties. If anyone asks more, say it is a private contractual matter and you cannot breach the terms of your contract.

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In response to Artist77

Yes, you could say you won a lawsuit and as part of the settlement the judge said,

"you could not discuss it with anyone"

you hear this all the time with regard to legal settlements.

? answered, end of of disscussion, on to next subject.

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In response to RJOh

Just a matter of screening the calls.  LOL

In response to Jill34786

If it takes more than $20K to get into a nice home, then you must be around $400-$500K. While nice, it's very impractical to me and I'd never own that much home even if I could with lottery monies. I was talkin' more around $200-$250K which is a very comfortable and practical home in my opinion. Also, this kind of home doesn't really shout "Hey, this person hit the jackpot, y'all..!!!!" 

The portfolio deal sounds good also but, I'd still want to establish a sense of the funds being allocated for business somehow. Otherwise, they'll just think you have all this money lying around waiting to be dispersed at their disposal.


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