Unclaimed Idaho Lottery prizes add up to millions

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GiGi & HoLeeKau check your tickets!!!!!!


Play to Win/Check to Collect!!!


try to keep track of all the lottery games and tickets you buy

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You have 180 days to claim your prize. If you miss the deadline you lose,


Remember that the 180 days begins after the scratch off game closes and 180 days after the drawing date on the lotto tickets.

I remember calling when TX first started their lottery asking how do they know when a ticket has expired. The response I recieved was hesitant and I was told, "cash your tickets."

Once I started spending time at the TX lottery website reading, I learned about the 180 days and other things that the average lottery player is not aware of.

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It's not me.  Sad to say, I always check my tickets and check 'em twice. 

Seriously, what is wrong with Idahoans!!!!

That's just crazy.  Crazy fool business.

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I would love to see the numbers by state. We may all be surprized ith how many millions go unclaimed!


My state has made it virtually idiot proof for you to know if you have won or not. There are scanners at the stores that tell you if you won or lost on the draw tickets like MM or Powerball and if you join the lottery site online you can enter both draw and instant tickets into it for points and if the ticket is not a winner it will not let you enter it.


I don't understand how someone can spend their hard earned money in obviously an attempt to win money and then not bother to check or be more careful with their tickets. 

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Hey Venom, we have that in Idaho too.  I always scan my tickets at a store before I throw them out.  "Just in case".  And we have the web site with the thingamabobber to enter your ticket numbers. 

So there's no excuse for the careless Idahoans throwing their money away.

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I was hoping you were holding on to one of those tickets GG.....Wink

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Yeah... that woulda been cooool.  "LOOK!  LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN THE KITTY LITTER BOX!!!  The kitties were hiding it the whole time!!!"

White Bounce


Well I have to claim guilty of many uncashed tickets for instants. All of them are either free tickets or 2$ winners. Normally this happens when the seasons change and I will play a scratch off see its only a buck or 2 then stick it in my coat pocket and drive off. Weather changes coat goes in closet and the next season I find an old expired ticket.

Not a million like that lady tossed out and somehow found it in a horrid judges ruling.

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After getting used to buying and not winning for years, your enthusiasm starts to fade.

When your enthusiasm starts to fade, you stop checking your tickets instantly.

When you stop checking your tickets instantly, sometimes you forget where you hide them.

When you sometimes forget where you hide them, time flies by before you search for them.

When time flies by before you search for them, you end up with expired winner.


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I think Maringoman has provided the answer to this phenomenon.

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"And the best way to check them is to take them to a store that sells lottery tickets."

I don't agree with that part unless you self-check them at the store.

I bet the winnings stolen by clerks exceeds the unclaimed winnings.

You shouldn't give a ticket to a clerk unless you already know what you've won and have signed the ticket first.

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