Woman arrested for trying to fake jackpot winning lottery ticket


Good, she is an idiot.


There is a never ending supply of greedy morons.  Hippy


Moral of this story: If your going to act like a moron, at least wear a pink swine cap so we can spot you coming.  Poke

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Know matter what.....You can't fix  "gormless"

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I've worked in banking for 10 years and have seen it all...this doesn't surprise me...just surprised this is the first time it has happened.

In response to beachygirl2011

This may not be the "first time" this has happened. We are just hearing about this recent isolated story courtesy of Todd.

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Stupid,stupid stupid!

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LOL....No she didn't!!!!!Bash

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In response to mcginnin56

It's not the first time it has happened, scammers use to claim that the terminal clock was off and flip over too soon.  PowerBall cut-off or flip the clock an hour before the drawing and I think MM has started doing it too in Ohio although all the local games can be played up to 15 mins. before the drawings.  I always play MM and PB an hour before the drawing to be safe.

In response to RJOh

Its funny both powerball and megamillions draw at 11 pm (i believe so anyway) New York the

Cutoff time for MM is 10:45  PM...

Cutoff time for PB  is 9:30   PM

I find this discrepancy heinously strange....

i would imaging the 9:30 P.M cutoff time would cause countless million in lost sales during frenzied jackpots....Thud

In response to LottoBoner

Must be different depending on the state. My NH lottery website says you have until 9:50 PM to play PB. Just visted the NY lottery website

where it indicated you have only to 9:00 PM.

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Cook county $CAMMER$ may not BD >>>>>>>BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They R..........................................." THE MOST "       US Flag


In response to psykomo

If Shakespeare were alive today he would be writing "To scam or not to scam....that is the question"  Cussing Face

We need to be more grateful for our precious resource of scammers for the following reasons:   Leaving


1. Keeps our law enforcement people gainfully employed.  Patriot

2. Sets a good example for the rest of us, of what things we shouldn't be doing in our spare time.  No No

3. Provides us with free entertainment in the form of these great media stories.  Lurking

In response to mcginnin56

You may be right McG...i just remember i was talking to my friend about LP and numbers i knew %100 were gonna come out...and he got all we hopped in my car and drove up to the local BP...and ran inside and the guy was like, "times over"...and i was like" You are fu-king kidding me right?"   And he was like "no'...

and then the wise ass clerk was like in his indian accent..."you should make a chart and put it on your wall"...i just looked at him and didn't say nothing...(its a good idea though, i have a lot of lottery crap on my walls...winning tickets too)

" I said cmon its f-cking saturday night"...It could have been 9.  Thats fifty bucks that could have been spent and a potential millon dollar disaster for me.  Thats when i decided to never play powerball until, it proves it can get a jackpot like the MEGA Millions...which is tonite btw.

NYL  doesn't know its a--  from its elbow...Seems like a total marketing disaster to me. Thud

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Truly a krotchwaffle....can't believe someone thought they could pull that off.She should be publicly flogged  lol

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would of been more funny if there was no winner that draw and she still tried to use a fake ticket

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In response to HaveABall

Whoa, sounds like he's got it pretty good.

I wonder if he gets salon privileges for that fancy hairdo?

I'd hate to see him lose that.

That would be cruel and unusual punishment though, I think.

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In response to rdgrnr

She'll probably do his hair..Green laugh

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In response to sully16

LOL good one Sully. Green laugh

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I hope she hasn't or ever will reproduce.

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In response to dallascowboyfan


I hope she knows how to do that Justin Bieber thing he's got goin' there.


What. An. Idiot.  I guess little miss crap-for-brains forgot about the time stamps that are electronically recorded when a ticket is sold, or the accompanying verification numbers down at the bottom of the ticket.  Normally, I'd feel sorry for someone who was so desperate that they'd resort to something like this, but this was just plain greed on her part.  Toss her ass in the clink; she deserves it!

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I have a book, "America's Dumbest Criminals."

One of the stories was about a woman in Oregon who altered her lottery ticket to match the $20 prize.

The sad thing was that she did not realize that her ticket was a $5,000 winner.

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In response to Hermanus104

Sad? Thats hilarious!

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In response to Cletu$2

That's what I thought, LOL.

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In response to rdgrnr

Great minds think alike~;)

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In response to Cletu$2

Sad for her.

Hilarious for us.

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In response to Hermanus104

How can ANYBODY be that stupid?

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In response to Cletu$2

Oh I think stupid is pretty indiscriminate as to whom it selects - it will take pretty much anybody and it was obviously this woman's turn.


What makes this story even funnier is that I also live in Elgin. I don't know her though. Maybe she was bored? Nothing exciting ever happens in this town.

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