Retired Illinois couple share $656M lottery jackpot

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Congrats to them!!!

Sounds like they have their stuff in order. I feel badly they couldn't choose to be anonymous. Yet, I wish they could have said something along those lines at the press conference.

I hope they don't become the poster-children for why all states should allow anonymity! I always worry about what has to happen for all states to wake up to the dangers of not allowing people to claim large jackpots anonymously. It should be an option - especially for large jackpots!


These sound like a couple of real nice people.  Hopefully they don't get too many townspeople and relatives begging for money.  They seem like down to earth people.....

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Congrats to the winners!

Hurray for the "old"!



That's cute, they really think they are going to be able to stay in that little town and everything is just going to go on being the same. We all know better. They will have moved out within two to six months.


Congrats to the winners. Unhappy Good thing that an old couple not some young 20 yr won it.

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Quick PickagainThud

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Congratulations to Merle and Pat!Enjoy your millions.



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"After taxes on a lump-sum payment of $218.6 million, the Butlers will take home $158 million"


Actually the lump-sum cash payment is $158 million and the take home after 25% federal and 5% state taxes are witheld is just a tad over $110 million.

This couple may have enjoyed living in this small town but all that will soon change Unhappy

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They're not old, they are experienced!  With modern medicine doing it's thing, they can live to be at least 100.

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I agree 100%


Look at how long Royalty thrives!

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Congrats to Mr & Mrs. Butler.....Hurray!

In response to Todd

 By today's standards, this is a young couple. Why should they let all the gloom and doom naysayers influence their staying in Red Bud?

They should park their ass's right where they are now. This will piss off all the pro anonymous people. They'll get over it!  LOL

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Good for them but sad for me. Come on Powerball!

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In response to THRIFTY

Much easier SAID, than done.  Eek

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I'd say it's pretty EASY to do...  once you purchase that winning ticket, all you need to do is sit there and watch the numbers.  Just not many are capable of accomplishing it.  No actual hard work necessary!  See Ya!

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I stand corrected LottoNick56. Since you put it that way.....what's the big deal?  LOL    I'll start winning this evening with Powerball, Mega Millions+,

and Hot Lotto!  (Already got my number in).   Banana

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Happy for them. Jealous but happy! Cangrats!

In response to Littleoldlady

They are old, but in 2012 "old" doesn't mean life is over anymore. Funny, I joked about it being some old people before these folks claimed their share.


Congrats to the lucky couple. Dance

Retiring at 62 is not easy these days (unless you are union), so I'd say these folks have planned well in the past. And I agree that the small town will close ranks where these folks are concerned. Everyone knows everyone's business in a small town, but they are the quickest to be closed mouthed to folks who aren't one of them.


Congrats to them!  Too bad they live in a state that REQUIRES a press conference (the #1 thing winners should avoid like the plague).

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In response to mcginnin56

Thanks mcginnin but I only had the Powerball ($4.00). Mad

I hope you faired better.

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If I was them, I would invest in technologies that can extend life by ten or more years.

One thing that irriates me about winners are the ones like 70+ years old.

I see all these older winners winning big jackpots and I think to myself is that how I am going to look if I keep playing the lottery?

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The article reads:  "Butler describes managing the money as a full-time job right now, and laughs: "I'm not looking for sympathy," adding, "There could possibly be a vacation.""

Yes, I think there WILL be a vacation this year, and I think it could even be a "first class, all-the-way-around vacation for this couple and a few of their favorite people!"


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In response to MississippiMudd

Kudos, MississippiMudd, I'll do some investigating on the Federal IRS website, searching under this 120% or so, to see if I find any recent modifications.

Hiding Behind Computer

In response to HaveABall

Actually it was basketball's Wizards Rookie Chris Singleton who dropped $10,000 on MM QP's. Wink

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PartyCongrats Mr. and Mrs. Butler. 

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if it was easy money, we'd all be doing it.

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Congrats to the Butler's!!  I'm sure they will continue to live in Red Bud, but they will probably have a couple other "vacation" homes to escape to for some peace and quiet.  I'd head out on at least a month long vacation to avoid some attention for a while.

I know a nice little place in central Ohio you can stay if you want to just be anonymous for a few weeks.  Big Grin  Just throwing it out there in case they read this thread.

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