Kansas Mega Millions winner claims jackpot anonymously

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Smart move. It is too many crazy people out here ready to take advantage of you and turn your life upside down.

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Congratulations to the Kansas winner!   May they find peace and happiness knowing that they can retire comfortably now.

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"It proves real people really win."

Are you kidding me? Aren't we all real people playing the lottery?

They should let all lottery players to claim anonymously.

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I dont expect to see these folks on LCML either,

i think ppl. are getting smarter about this stuff,


at the same time i not worried about running out of idiots to entertain us.

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Yes Thrifty it should, but once a state starts out w/ public disclosure, its going to be difficult to change that.


ps my ditto comment was at the 1st 2 posters.

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What a great story........... with a wealthy "anonymous" ending.......... Wouldn't it be nice to go down the street with a grin on your face everyday for many years to come knowing that you have a little 100 million dollar secret  ????

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anonymous is lame.  we should atleast see who won to proove that its real.  on a side note, if you live in a small town where the winning ticket was purchased and you lived there for many years an suddenly your house is up for sale, the townspeople will know who the winner was.


If you want to retire with millions and have a quiet life.. Earn it. If you win out of pure luk it should be known publicly. If you can't handle the attention maybe don't play. Stick to your local smaller jackpot games.


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In response to CDanaT

Yea, i normally have a smile for ppl. i meet up w/ so no one would suspect.....

ohh wait, at work ppl. would say...whats w/ you ? then i would have to.... oh ...nevermind i won't be there. LOL

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look this is the town where the ticket was won.,_Kansas   looks like the old west, thats how small this town is.  i think it would be tough to really remain anonymous.

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In response to HiFi

Thats where the ticket was purchased, didnt say the winner lived there correct ??.....Could have been someone passing through

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In response to haymaker

The world's biggest lottery jackpot is won in two states where you can claim it anonymously and in one  state that you can't.

Mega Millions is doing such a great job.

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In response to HiFi

        Is there evidence that letting the winner remain anon. has cost the lottery players ?

anon. could have the oppisite effect, if PA. was anon. maybe they would'nt  be trying to "sell" their operation.

guessing you're in PA.  if it changed to anon. would you quit playing ?

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In response to PlayTwoWin

How about not playing the lottery since players are not treated fairly?

Can we say that Kansas lottery officials kept the money for themselves. Where is the real winner? I do not see any. Have you seen any?

The should have shown at least a picture of the winning ticket. I do not see any integrity in Kansas lottery.

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In response to Nikkicute

And the 3 stooges as well, but I don't think it is necessary to name them. Clue: You are one of them.




I have heard the same thing now from noobs like you two for 7 years on here. You will wake up one day, maybe. Keep on dreaming for now though and attempt to ignore your bitter reality. There is always "next time".

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In response to sirbrad

I appreciate your positive point is proven.....Thank you...and I do wish you a jackpot win in your near future.. best of luck...oops.. oh shoot that is a hypocritical post  and a bash isn't it ?....won't happen again with you

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In response to CDanaT

Yeah because everyone eventually wins a jackpot right? Especially those who remain positive, and pray and dream about it every second of every day, right? Wrong. Since you study government history so much maybe you should study lottery history a little bit. Most who won never believed they would win, many forgot they even played, many are crackpots, convicts, etc. So the lottery plays no favorites. If anything it favors those idiots mostly. But it is fun to live in fantasy land. But you have to go back home eventually.

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In response to sirbrad

Classic Psychological Projection!!

A defense mechanism people subconsiously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings

or emotions. Psychological Projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions

onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with unwanted feelings.


Example: A man who has cheated on his wife accuses his wife  of cheating on him.

The theory of Psychological Projection was developed by Sigmuned Freud. During hes

sessions with patients, Freud noticed that they would sometimes accuse others of having the

same feelings they themselves were demonstrating. By engaging in this behavior, the patient

was better able to deal with the emotions he or she was experiencing.


You were the one who was so let down by the lottery, I can see it in your writings, it

is so clear to me now. I can't relate to anything your talking about because it's not that deep

for me as it obviously is for you. I have no clue why you continue to frequent this forum if you

hate the lotto so much. You contribute nothing to the threads except to tell others they are not

going to win and have no hope. Why are you even here? Perhaps you should start your own anti lotto

forum and rant away there because those kind of posts are not needed here.


Please...Get Help!!!

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In response to Nikkicute

Boom.  Faber's been outed.  Well done, Nikki.  Thumbs Up

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In response to Todd

thanks for the update Todd....Thumbs Up

In response to Nikkicute


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@Mideabrat and mcginnin56 Thank youBig Smile

I really wish those two would get happy and stop being so grumpy.

They just need a win that's all, a big win will change their tune!!

In response to Nikkicute

Party=  No more grumpy!!!


The winner is not Ronald McDonald's mistress. Shocking, right?

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In response to mcginnin56

Three people who worked I the public education system won...

One was a school teacher. Whoo hoo! 


CONGRATULATIONS to them! Looks like they will manage the money well, based on the info released by the MD Lottery. :)

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In response to Simba774

Knock me over with a feather!!!

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In response to TheGameGrl

The story I read didn't make it clear WHO was holding the press conference. Glad you had it all figured out though...

Anyone can hire a lawyer. They're not exactly a limited commodity... Who knows WHY the woman did anything she did. Her confusion/lie probably spun out of control. Heh heh heh. Poor thing. I hope she can find another job; it's a rough job market.

In response to Simba774

In her mind Simba, I'm sure that she thinks she still is, and will continue to wear her pink swine hat, for all who will still care to give her the

desperate attention that she so craves. Perhaps she even thinks that these other "real" winners found her "misplaced" ticket at her old gig

at Mac's.   Roll Eyes

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In response to rad242

Got my ticket yesterday for PB and YES!!!!! lol

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