Maryland Lottery officials inundated with Mega Millions rumors

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OMG, the media frenzy/gossip continues! When will it end lol. Crying

No seriously though, the winner should come forward or better yet, wait 3 weeks. I'm just glad that ridiculous Mc. Donalds story is over.

I just feel bad that those pool of people actually thought they won. That lady is wrong with messing with people's emotions. Anyways, now that the focus is off her, they should just relax and be patient for a winner.

The media/internet won't give it a break but I guess that's how it is when someone is a lucky winner of an historical jackpot. That's a lot of pressure.

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its a 70 yo lawyer type from new york.

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I read that in Maryland you can claim anonymously, so we should never know who the winner is right?, unless they are an idiot

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"Everyone says they know who the winner is"  Like that info would do them any personal good by passing it on. Hit With Stick

Facebook and Twitter users doctored fake winning tickets and posted them online.  It's all fun-and-games until someone's home address is tweeted. BS

an employee of a McDonald's ...  ... is probably going to get kicked out of that pool, real soon now. It'd be quite funny if they won soon afterwards. LOL

One winner who did go public, Elwood "Bunky" Bartlett, formerly of Dundalk, walked away with $32.6 million after he split a Mega Millions jackpot in 2007. He now says the winners should avoid taking the lump sum and remain anonymous.

"formerly" of Dundalk ...

Someone around here had a tagline about winners either a) remaining anonymous or b) wishing they had. Yes Nod


Maybe the "alleged winner" skipped town until the heat dies down from the story. She can wait a month or so and slip back into town and claim the ticket anonimously

Given the publicity she has received, I am sure that she has received multiple offers for legal representation. She might be keeping quiet while her legal team strategizes her approach to claiming the winnings.

If in fact she holds the winning ticket, I am not sure what on earth pocessed her to speak with The Post

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In response to cartman2478

I don't think she is telling the truth, How could you not know if you have the winning ticket or not. smh!!

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"I just feel bad that those pool of people actually thought they won. That lady is wrong with messing with people's emotions" I Agree! New York...


Whoever won this is probably counting the days until the wire transfer can be completed and they can disappear out of the country. 

The Illinois and Kansas winners must be loving all the crap that is going on in Maryland. No one is even talking about them right now. 

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       That will buy them time, but theres still a lot of noise about a small IL. town being put on the map,

i have to wonder if the kansas one will make an even better story,

last i checked it has not been narrowed down to one county yet.

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In response to dallascowboyfan

What if she is not lying but instead is trying to find one of her "relatives" to cash in the ticket so she won't have to share.  Jester Laugh

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Just saw the 656 update. Whoever it is gets a 5 mill doll bonus. Basically a lotto itself.


Perhaps she can have a relative claim the money using an irrevocable trust granting all the winnings to her less the $5MM fee to the grantor for services rendered? Wink


It was a rich white racist republican investment banker from rhode island just passing through baltimore and decided to buy a singe mm qp along with this perrier.


PS  it was the first time he's ever played any lottery game. ever.


PPS in reality, he just forclosed on 15 homes in the area, but didn't want to let on that is why he was in the area.


 Americans give anyone fame these days, so people will do anything to get their name out there. She might get a Reality show. God, I wish I knew someone in Red Bud and was visiting them at that exact time.No Pity!

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