Maryland Mega Millions winner already in pool dispute

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Never ever play in a LOTTERY POOL!

If you want to play in a pool, purchase one after you win!

She had the option to be anonymous!

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Just like the story of the women who wanted her husbands lottery money only to find out he did

not win, I will treat this story the same. Until she turns in the ticket with the winning numbers I

won't believe a word of this, they never should have printed this story in the first place!!


I always play in a small pool and I am the pool caption. I buy the tickets and scan and email it to the group. That way there is a timestamp and everyone knows the ticket numbers. I can buy as much as I want on my own ...No issues there..

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Oh boy, here come's another dispute over who gets the wealth. If that lady, won, she should get stripped of her money because she's acting GREEDY like a mother (watch your mouth)

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In response to dpoly1

I organized pools. Too often the pool organizer is blamed.

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It seems that a lot of legal disputes involve the sole winner of the prize claim they purchased the winning ticket for them self when they were the designated person to buy the tickets for the pool.

What are the odds of that?

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Better than average I would say.   Yes Nod

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Elaborate April Fool's Joke perhaps...

In response to Mil$Winner!

On a much larger scale than normal. That would be the ultimate April Fool's Joke.  LOL

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In response to dpoly1

I Agree!  I say NO to the Lottery Pool @ work

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I think she has to share it .its a mcdonald happy $1 meal for christ sake. If she doesn't they should put her in deep frier well done extra crispy to even mcdonald clown is crying now for this crap that could have been  good publicity.That's my best opinion.thank you all

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Man F that shiz. She didn't win anything. She just messing with our heads saying she has the ticket when in reality she doesn't.

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According to the MD Lottery, the winning ticket in Maryland was a single Quick Pick - not a $5 ticket.  So I'm not sure how much of this story is true.  We'll just have to keep following it.  Sometimes these things have turned out to be false in the past.

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In response to Todd

Yeah, absolutely. This story is really bogus, imo. We'll just have to keep following but I'm pretty sure that she does not have anything. She seemed so uncerain saying the numbers look familiar. Well, that just doesn't cut it. Sometimes the media overexaggerates things.


(excuse my spelling, tired to proof-read)

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Reached at his Fairfax, Va., home, Desai, the McDonald's owner, declined to comment except to say, "It's all bulls--t, if you ask me. It's speculation."




That sums it up!


haha exactly! what is this world coming up to..if she was sent to go and buy the pool tickets does not matter if she bought one for herself but the pool ticket was the most important thing and thats what people know about. If she did not want to be part she shouldnt have participated with the group. All of this dispute would not have emerged. Really this is pure greedy and i hope it is an april fools joke.

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This is suppose to be about the lottery, what her personal life have to do with this, especially her having kids at least she's working these dirt poor  jobs that out there now at she wasn't  on assistance . I bet there something said about that .Did I read wrong I thought she was the manager or owner of that McDonald  and that pays a little more than the average worker.Yes Nod

In response to VenomV12



but the whole story does no add upp.... how comes the pool asked her to buy extra tickets late and never told her to bring back the tickets where they normally keep them?

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In response to mnsweeps

Yeah My husband does this as well, He plays the numbers one week and the next co worker do it the next week. Scan copies and give each one the copy of the tickets, I will never go on anyone's word smh!!


This is one person I hope loses it all.You can almost tell she will squander it .It hasnt been a week and she is already claiming it without consulting lawyers or financial advisors.Sad to say but she will be in the news for all the wrong reasons.


Lol also Maryland is one of the few states that let you claim withou giving your name out.Sounds like she is stupid and full of drama.

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Louise, it is about the lottery however she put her business out there when she chose to go public therefore allowing ALL her business to be discussed. It is alarming too me that ANY WOMAN will have seven(7) kids & not be married, however I did also state that aleast she was/is working. I also said that if her "fiance" did buy the ticket that he needs to marry her especially if he is the father her children.

From what I read she was not the manager.....

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In response to bigboy90000

Agreed, she could have claimed anonymously and not said a word, which is another reason it sounds fishy.

If I had won in Maryland, no one would know or even suspect it until they realized I took a six month vacation. Dance


I don't play pool at the office, but aren't pools supposed to be signed into a document to make them a legal bidden contract? My question is  if I play 10 bucks wouldn't some coworkers claim that I was part of a pool?


Do not, not, not, not play lottery pools and if you do, please make copies, send out emails. Hell, even take a picture of the pool tickets in the store. The only ones who are going to win in this case is the lawyers! If she cannot prove it was a personal ticket her best out is to settle. She's going be angry and hurt if she is telling truth, but she doesn't have proof. My winning ticket is going to be just that, mine.

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In response to Kafeero

Yeah that part confuses me too especially when she was given $5 to buy "on her way home".  It was a last minute purchase doomed to disaster since they were never brought back to the safe.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if once this lady finds her "missing" winning ticket we find out it's not the winning ticket at all?  I can't believe she's claiming to have won when she doesn't even know herself.

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This won't happen when I win .............

The only argument will be my wife telling me I can't go shopping ! LOL



Either this woman is a complete and total idiot, given that you can claim anonimously in MD or it is a hoax


One theory coud be that she purchased the $5 ticket for the pool and picked up a $1 QP for herself at the same time, this would be more in line with the official word from the MD State Lottery Officials

If this is the case she could easily show the $5 pool ticket along with the $1 QP ticket to prove that she is in fact the owner of the winning ticket

Would the office pool still be able to lay claim to the winning ticket if she produced both and the $5 and $1 tickets? I would assume this would give her a lot more of a legal leg to stand on. If she cannot produce 2 tickets I think she is in for a long legal battle which will end with her splitting the winnings with her co-workers.


Bottom line, pretty pathetic that a once in a lifetime "gift" is turning into a 3 ring media circus fueled by greed...interested to see how this all shakes out

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