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Speechless! The saga continues. I have not won yet and I already can't sleep.

Jill34786's avatar - Lottery-006.jpg

I guest the MD website wasn't wrong after all!

maximumfun's avatar - Lottery-030.jpg

This is beyond mind blowing in the amount.  Although I am still holding out for the j/p to get to 700M$ by the time of the draw.  And if we happen to NOT have a winner tonight; things are really going to get wild!


Lottery officials must be dizzy and working around the clock. Hmm..wondering if I should offer a coffee delivery service or set up my hot dog stand just outside the main door. Who has time for lunch in historic moments as these!


Wow....640 million...Just wow....

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$700M+by draw time?Group Hug


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In response to Jill34786

Individual lotteries get such updates an hour in advance (minimum) with instructions to post at specific times. Of course eager beaver IT guys who wanted to get to lunch at noon on the dot posted a few minutes earlier than the official website. After you mentioned it I started scouting other websites and knew all couldn't be making the same "mistake".

maximumfun's avatar - Lottery-030.jpg

Poor PB... our local store has sold 0 powerball tickets in the last 2 days. (no shock on my end)

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In response to rad242

I guess that's how USA Mega got it posted before noon too.  Except I still haven't taken a lunch break!  Wink

Jill34786's avatar - Lottery-006.jpg
In response to rad242

I was leery myself as I didn't want to post a misleading number. Thanks for the info!


This is a lifetime event.....  This has surpassed anyone's imagination!!!!!!!!!

I will do a lot of good all over the world.

MzDuffleBaglady's avatar - Lottery-061.jpg

I joined in on the MANIA, lol

Picked 1 set of MM numbers, and bought 1 quick pick.

Good Luck tonight everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Party



My ticket still reads:  $540 Million.

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Holy Crap!!!!!...our pool at work have 100 tickets!

Please let it be!!!


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In response to Todd

Good job Todd, I salute you on your hard work!..... that's why I go to USA Mega whenever I want to know about the jackpots........


OMG $640 million.  Party

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In response to Jill34786

I think there will always be a few who want to brag and show off (for some, I think it is well intentioned).  If a person came from lesser means and maybe never had fair chances or opportunities to say "look at my accomplishment", it might be tempting. This MM drawing will certainly create a large amount of 2nd place winners also.

sirbrad's avatar - Lottery-062.jpg
In response to Jill34786

Attention and fame, many still want it. Some want even more money after a jackpot win, greed. But I was referring to reruns.

sirbrad's avatar - Lottery-062.jpg
In response to Artist77

Also because most of them are actually almost broke by that time from family and friends, so they want to get their last 15 min of fame in and a few exta bucks. LOL

Jill34786's avatar - Lottery-006.jpg
In response to sirbrad

A few bucks and not his last 15 minutes of fame is most likely what the drug addict living in a storage unit with his wife wanted. Saw the episode on TLC and I wouldn't be surprised if he was deceased by now.

loonasee2's avatar - vb567

In case you win mega millions ;

 #1.) Call Loonasee 2and offer him some....or half if you think that is best.


#1.) Sign the back of the ticket.That's the first thing you do.That way it's yours, guaranteed. Then make a photocopy, take a photo of yourself with it, and lock it in a safe.

#2.)Call a lawyerBEFORE you tell your relatives, you need to get a lawyer involved.

#3.)Think realistically about how much you won. After you take the lump sum and pay the taxes, you'll wind up with about half the jackpot.And if anyone else also had the winning numbers, you're splitting it with them too.

#4.)Shield your identity.Some states will make you pick up the jackpot in person. Others will let you form a trust.If you can, have your lawyer form a trust and stay anonymous.

#5.)Plan one good splurge.Now that you've taken care of all the boring logistics, think about one or two amazing things you're going to buy.It Get it out of your system.  Wait until you have the money in the bank before you buy it tho.

#6.)Lock the money into investments.every family member and friend will expect money from you. The more you lock into investments, the less guilty you have to feel about saying "No"

wally2164's avatar - Trek FEDSYM14.gif

Lottery officials only work 8 hour days.  Its the Lottery vendors who are running crazy to keep up with the calls and deliveries.

kyokushin187's avatar - evildead2
In response to CollegeLad09

I have heard the same thing. they already know  which numbers are played and where. but i'm not trying to start a flame war.this is just my opinion(how do you explain the jp
getting this high)

LuckyDrew's avatar - chipmunk
In response to loonasee2

I Agree!

maximumfun's avatar - Lottery-030.jpg

Hmm... I am reading online all the different lottery stories.  You know what I would find amusing?  To have one of the many 'free tickets' that have been given out (ft. wayne indiana comes to mind) be a winner (not the SOLE winner... but a winner) for the jackpot.


 I don't see 1 ticket winning. We could see who is a Brad Duke and who the Jack Whitaker's are. Instead of a pic holding why not one with it and your drivers license  The number rule , from what i've read, is STAY ANONYMOUS so I would think twice about signing it. Its gonna be  raised officially after drawing like the last big PB drawing.

HiFi's avatar - police

if 95% of combinations are already sold, i dont think i should spend too much on tickets then

Artist77's avatar - batman14
In response to loonasee2

Don't call just any attorney. Shop around and get one that does financial planning for high income clients.  Just because your cousin went to law school and temps somewhere or is looking for a job, does not make him/her qualified to handle your matter.


A 5% chance of a roll over? My mind would explode... Mega Billions...

maximumfun's avatar - Lottery-030.jpg
In response to Artist77

I concur.  A good reputable lawyer (???) should tell you that they are not able to do you justice (pardon the word play) and then direct you to whomever is the best in your area.

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