$500 MILLION: Mega Millions sets all-time lottery jackpot record


I called it!!! Oh my god. Take that Powerball! MegaMillions for the win!!

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Powerball is out of the spot light for awhile. Let's go MM!


wow this is unreal

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in other news, ever state lottery CEO, will be having a party of smiles, their profits are going up this month :D 

also i bet floridia lottery staff are kicking them self's for not joining MM when they had the chance, 


man, the media will be all over this ,and if only 1 ticket wins,and they go public, god help their soul


man it just feels so unreal.


Ummm, Todd??

March 30th is a FRIDAY, not Tuesday... LOL :)

EDIT - Fixed! Thanks Todd!!

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Todd---totally understandable in the excitement---but in your story you have Tuesday March 30, 2012. Obviously it's Friday. Just a heads-up.

This is incredible.

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OMG......This is my year and I have this one.  $476mil plus wow!...I am speechless.Party

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    Gotta go to sleep, tomorrow will have to stand in a long line. Good luck everybody!

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The story is corrected for one Tuesday/Friday mix-up.

Hey, I got the story out at 1:12 am Eastern Time, before even the AP reported it.  Maybe forgive a tiny error like Tuesday instead of Friday?

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In response to Todd

No worries. We just wanted you to know.


ROLL BABY gonna be forking some serious cash out now...and i dont care what anyone says....time to get it

In response to Todd

Forgiven. This is just exciting as anything! I had a dream I had to wait in line for an hour to get a MM ticket last night maybe I will actually have too now. :p

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All that $$ and i only got 7$ of it. LOL Cheap @$#%^&%$. I think thats all i'll spend fri.


Over at the Powerball HQ they must be hating the crap out of the MegaMillions right now. So far their plans must not be going well for the last few months. This week is going to suck for them really bad.

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In response to BBLL

The Press Conference shouldn't last too long, BBLL. It probably depends on your personality and presence. Personally, I intend to flip up me kilt and give the mainstream media the old Scottish Salute.

You'll probably get your money in about 2 weeks.

Good Luck!

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!            You always crack me up "rdgrnr"

In response to rdgrnr

Just out of curiosity can you tell me who the is in the mainstream media and who is not and can you define their differences? What makes one particular news source mainstream and the other not?

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In response to gocart1

Well thank you gocart, and good morning to ya.

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In response to Halle99

I appreciated learning from your knowledgeable response, Halle99!  This past 14 months, I had been wondering the same thing as GambleToRamble was above.

I also wish that there was a website that began showing a chart of MM and PB first and second place winning tickets and if the ticket was:  multi/advance draws, random #s, chosen #s, powerplay or megaplier option added, purchased city, purchased state, and total $ cost of ticket.


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In response to VenomV12

The msm is all the major news networks outside of FOX. They include but are not limited to, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and others. They control well more than 90% of the market.

They used to report the news somewhat fairly decades and decades ago but now seem to be merely a political arm of the Left if not an outright, in-your-face cheerleading squad.

FOX NEWS, as well as Conservative Talk Radio was born out of the frustration of patriotic Americans at the lack of fairness and balance in reporting the news. They give both sides of the story, not just the side that makes the Left look good like the msm does.

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man this thing markets it self, ever news outlet got a side note about it if not full story.

lottery ceo's could not be more happy then they are now, this is their dream in sells


i like one part"

Lottery directors from participating states will confer every day this week to determine if sales merit pushing the winnings projection higher, she said by phone Wednesday."

also, i love seeing all new players,  am buying about 20-25 tickets my self for this draw, about same going out to movies/snack combo prices for me, so i don't feel its to much.

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Yes, joshuacloak, it's a good way to run your 'budget math,' -- trade one form of Entertainment for a different one this draw.

This is my lucky 500th posted thought here!  I'm additionally motivated to win the PB $500M jackpot now!


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In response to CDanaT

     CDanaT..........Good Advice



             I just read  advice about being famous and what best to do when you've money . It doesn't surprise me

        what money can do to people . Then , You wonder why , they say , take 30 days before turning in your

        ticket , to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life .

             I know one thing , I ready to win the lottery , but I'm not wanting to become famous , I rather live

        off the interest . I feel when you go out and buy a mansion , luxury cars , that's when you overspend.

           I used to watch those Tv shows where people would go out and buy nonsense stuff , "statues "

         and other crazy things . I feel it's a waste of money.  I'm a practical person , I like the basic items .

            I feel making sure your family taken care of as far as education , mental needs , shelter ( 2,200 sq ft home )

          or smaller , food , clothing ( not over the top ) , and NOT spoil them . You get the idea .

            I understand everyone is different , when it comes to there needs or wants..........

In response to HaveABall

Oh no not PB (powerball) it's MegaMillions.

Your going to buy the wrong tickets!! lol

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In response to HaveABall

Cool I am glad to share it HaveABall....anytime. 

I hear you on that one, maybe oneday we will get to see all that info.

Good Luck to all.

In response to larry3100

Like it's not already completely insane???   Crazy   Eek   Razz

In response to Nikkicute

Group HugGroup HugGroup HugGroup Hug  +  Group Hug  =   My "team" of attorney's!!! (20 in all)   Green laugh  LOL

In response to HaveABall

Congrat's on your 500th posting HaveaBall!Disney

In response to Nikkicute

Don't discourage him Nikki, he could win this $50 million PB, and make us all look like fools,   Jester Laugh  throwing our money hand over fist into this hungry

black hole of the MM beast!!!   Bandit

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