$500 MILLION: Mega Millions sets all-time lottery jackpot record


I called it!!! Oh my god. Take that Powerball! MegaMillions for the win!!

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Powerball is out of the spot light for awhile. Let's go MM!


wow this is unreal

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in other news, ever state lottery CEO, will be having a party of smiles, their profits are going up this month :D 

also i bet floridia lottery staff are kicking them self's for not joining MM when they had the chance, 


man, the media will be all over this ,and if only 1 ticket wins,and they go public, god help their soul


man it just feels so unreal.


Ummm, Todd??

March 30th is a FRIDAY, not Tuesday... LOL :)

EDIT - Fixed! Thanks Todd!!

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Todd---totally understandable in the excitement---but in your story you have Tuesday March 30, 2012. Obviously it's Friday. Just a heads-up.

This is incredible.

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OMG......This is my year and I have this one.  $476mil plus wow!...I am speechless.Party

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    Gotta go to sleep, tomorrow will have to stand in a long line. Good luck everybody!

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The story is corrected for one Tuesday/Friday mix-up.

Hey, I got the story out at 1:12 am Eastern Time, before even the AP reported it.  Maybe forgive a tiny error like Tuesday instead of Friday?

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In response to Todd

No worries. We just wanted you to know.


ROLL BABY gonna be forking some serious cash out now...and i dont care what anyone says....time to get it

In response to Todd

Forgiven. This is just exciting as anything! I had a dream I had to wait in line for an hour to get a MM ticket last night maybe I will actually have too now. :p

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All that $$ and i only got 7$ of it. LOL Cheap @$#%^&%$. I think thats all i'll spend fri.


Over at the Powerball HQ they must be hating the crap out of the MegaMillions right now. So far their plans must not be going well for the last few months. This week is going to suck for them really bad.

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In response to Brcebrce

He's going to be just like that guy.

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Thinking of... i thought somebody said it was only 180 days

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Depends on the state...

Yeah... Waiting until the last minute is a bad idea.

Take the cash and easily live off a fraction of the interest.

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In response to Simba774

Y do u hafta be such a negative Nathan??? :-(

In response to ashabug725

Because money make people do strange things even for the ones who never won the big one yet!

My state you have 180 days (6 months) to turn in the ticket and 60 days after winning to choose

lump sum or aunnity.

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In response to Nikkicute

Where did u find that info? i haven't really had a chance to search much... use my phone for internet :-/

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In response to Aust

That's alot of reflecting time, Aust. Too much reflecting time.

Don't you have 180 days from drawing date to claim? Believe that's true for most states.

You want to sign your winning ticket, place it in safe deposit box. You want your wife or significant other---if on good terms--to know where that ticket is and have key to deposit box. If not on good terms, she shouldn't even know a safe depost box exists Big Grin.

Then take some time to get your 'house' in order with tax/financial'/legal folks while working on the totally-fake, completely-fabricated story you're telling your place of work about why you're leaving after a two-week notice. (spending quality time with the family usually works) LOL

After that--and that might take a month or two--do your 'reflection' thing for maybe a week, maybe do some fishin', look around your community where your upcoming genorosity would come into play, then come back and pull that trigger, hopefully with some legal eagle claiming your windfall in the name of a trust.

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In response to Nikkicute

Heres our options in FL:

All Florida Lottery On-line games (CASH 3, PLAY 4, FANTASY 5, MEGA MONEY, FLORIDA LOTTO and POWERBALL) prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable draw date. Florida Lottery Scratch-Off game prizes must be claimed within 60 days of the official end-of-game date. POWERBALL, FLORIDA LOTTO and MEGA MONEY jackpot winners who want to receive a one-time lump-sum payment must claim their prizes within 60 days after the applicable draw date.


First time posting in this world record breaking jackpot. Half of a billion dollars, just. WOW. 

I've been following the lotto fever from you guys though, and it's been a very fun, and in some cases, very enlightening read! There is a "wealth" of information in these posts, ha ha! It's been so much fun getting excited and just watching how all of this is unfolding. Hope you don't mind me jumping into the party~? Cheers

Here's another Central Floridian wishing that MegaMillions was readily available in Florida. Unhappy I hope after seeing how well MegaMillions is doing right now, Florida will reconsider. Maybe we can all send emails together to request for Florida to bring MegaMillions? Seems like a lot of us really have to go out of our way to catch this particular dream, one that I can't do. I actually have never shelled out money to play any kind of lottery, but I may have splurged on this. /just curious lottery player-to-be

Anyway, I'm wishing everyone on Lottery Post the BEST of luck! You guys are an awesome bunch! Hurray!

In response to ashabug725

Your state lottery should have a website with information on how long you have to turn in your ticket.

The site has more information on how to fill out the claim form, addresses and phone numbers ect..

Look it up and you'll get a lot of questions anwered that pertain to your state lotto.

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In response to Nikkicute

Thanks :-D


Some smart cookie in Florida needs to start a Lotto Ride business, charge people enough

for gas and lotto tickets for himself to shuttle back and forth.


Win it first then start worrying about all the ifs ands or buts. That is my advice.Smile

Cart before the horse. 

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I put in $5 in an office pool and will separately play another $20.

Yeah, I know.  Stay away from pools you say. 

My take is that the problems associated with pools, be they lawsuits or attempts by fellow workmates to screw you, are far much more desirable and attractive than the problems I would think myself to have had I not partaken in the pool.  In truth, pools have a 50/50 chance of developing into devious selfishness… but I'll just man up and deal with it.

The way I see it, I would rather be embroiled in a protracted two year lawsuit that may eventually pay (even if just a fraction of my fair share) rather than be the unlucky fellow who stays behind at work after everyone else wins, resigns and takes off to the Caribbean islands.  I know I can deal with the heartache of loosing close workmates and friends if in the end I walk out with a few millions in my back pocket.

Point is, thou shalt not fear the pool.  Just do it right… get copies of all tickets (front and back for serial numbers).  Give yourself every opportunity to win.  Play in several pools and as many individual tickets as you can afford.

Outside of that, Good Luck to y'all.

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In response to GambleToRamble

GambleToRamble....There was a show idk if it was Lottery changed my life, but one man bought a multi-draw ticket I don't remember for how many draws but I believe it was over 7draws, and on the last draw he won a huge jackpot.....I don't rem if it was PB or MM. I hope that helps.  Good luck to all.No Pity!


Half a Billion...I have been good I do deserve the jackpot.Party

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