$500 MILLION: Mega Millions sets all-time lottery jackpot record


I called it!!! Oh my god. Take that Powerball! MegaMillions for the win!!

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Powerball is out of the spot light for awhile. Let's go MM!


wow this is unreal

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in other news, ever state lottery CEO, will be having a party of smiles, their profits are going up this month :D 

also i bet floridia lottery staff are kicking them self's for not joining MM when they had the chance, 


man, the media will be all over this ,and if only 1 ticket wins,and they go public, god help their soul


man it just feels so unreal.


Ummm, Todd??

March 30th is a FRIDAY, not Tuesday... LOL :)

EDIT - Fixed! Thanks Todd!!

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Todd---totally understandable in the excitement---but in your story you have Tuesday March 30, 2012. Obviously it's Friday. Just a heads-up.

This is incredible.

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OMG......This is my year and I have this one.  $476mil plus wow!...I am speechless.Party

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    Gotta go to sleep, tomorrow will have to stand in a long line. Good luck everybody!

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The story is corrected for one Tuesday/Friday mix-up.

Hey, I got the story out at 1:12 am Eastern Time, before even the AP reported it.  Maybe forgive a tiny error like Tuesday instead of Friday?

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In response to Todd

No worries. We just wanted you to know.


ROLL BABY gonna be forking some serious cash out now...and i dont care what anyone says....time to get it

In response to Todd

Forgiven. This is just exciting as anything! I had a dream I had to wait in line for an hour to get a MM ticket last night maybe I will actually have too now. :p

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All that $$ and i only got 7$ of it. LOL Cheap @$#%^&%$. I think thats all i'll spend fri.


Over at the Powerball HQ they must be hating the crap out of the MegaMillions right now. So far their plans must not be going well for the last few months. This week is going to suck for them really bad.

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In response to dpoly1

I know what an IP address is,dpoly.It was the rest of the post that threw me.It doesn't really matter,though.Thanks for the effort.

In response to NightStalker

Greed is good NIghtStalker! Embrace it! Love it! In fact greed may be the one thing that can save us!  Gorden Gekko  Cool

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In response to dpoly1

I can't get my IP addy to change.  I unplug the router for hours, it's a new IP address then whammo it's back to the original one.  I don't pay for a static IP address. What gives?

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anyone for a rare Alfa?

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In response to BuyLow

Changing your IP is a manual setting somewhere in your router if you have that capability built into your router.

They are issued by your Internet provider and change according their policy.

In response to Cletu$2

Hey I thought you had me blocked Cletu$, if that's the case you shouldn't be seeing any of my posts. Did you decide to "unblock" me

out of curiosity that my posts would be to good to miss???  Green laugh  LOL   Lovies


Wouldn't hold it against you.  No Nod

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I think the people at MUSL just screwed themselves. lol


Bad thing about big lotteries is an already rich person can purchase every single combination of tickets and make money, the only reason they probably dont do it is because someone else might win too and have to share lol

In response to mcginnin56

To borrow a Frasier quote from Cheers:  "Nothing says loving like something from Stuttgart."

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I think my heart stopped for a few when i seen that it was $500,000,000!Eek

In response to Guru101

The people at MUSL represent both Powerball and Mega Millions, so they really probably don't care as much as you think.  No Nod

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In response to BuyLow

For people with broadband internet (which is most of us these days), unplugging your router will not assign a new IP address, because the IP address is assigned to your cable modem (or whatever type of modem you have) for a certain duration of time.  In technical terms it is called a "lease".  It could last for weeks — there is no way for you to determine. 

If you were to unplug your modem, when you plug it back in the modem asks your ISP for an IP address, and if the lease has not expired, you'll get the same IP back again.

So that's why you get the same IP even if you reboot the modem.

However, getting a new IP address does not "hide" you.  ALL Internet ISPs are required by law to keep a record of IP addresses and who they were assigned to for a length of time — I think it's several months or maybe a year.  So if somebody has your IP address for some reason, a month later if there was a court order for your ISP to identify who had that IP address at the exact time you were online, they could figure it out very easily.

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In response to MomoneyMoProbs

If I were rich, I wouldn't purchase that many tickets ..............

Programmed swing trading would offer a much better ROI!

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Ok I went crazy and bought 4 tickets in DC (with megaplay). No long lines there yet. I really hope since the jackpot is so big, that a lot of people share 10 or more.

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Oh praise be to Todd Vader ................

The purveyor of IP truth & knowledge ..............  Thumbs Up

When I still worked, I was able to Program Cisco Routers and Switches ............

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