$500 MILLION: Mega Millions sets all-time lottery jackpot record


I called it!!! Oh my god. Take that Powerball! MegaMillions for the win!!

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Powerball is out of the spot light for awhile. Let's go MM!


wow this is unreal

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in other news, ever state lottery CEO, will be having a party of smiles, their profits are going up this month :D 

also i bet floridia lottery staff are kicking them self's for not joining MM when they had the chance, 


man, the media will be all over this ,and if only 1 ticket wins,and they go public, god help their soul


man it just feels so unreal.


Ummm, Todd??

March 30th is a FRIDAY, not Tuesday... LOL :)

EDIT - Fixed! Thanks Todd!!

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Todd---totally understandable in the excitement---but in your story you have Tuesday March 30, 2012. Obviously it's Friday. Just a heads-up.

This is incredible.

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OMG......This is my year and I have this one.  $476mil plus wow!...I am speechless.Party

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    Gotta go to sleep, tomorrow will have to stand in a long line. Good luck everybody!

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The story is corrected for one Tuesday/Friday mix-up.

Hey, I got the story out at 1:12 am Eastern Time, before even the AP reported it.  Maybe forgive a tiny error like Tuesday instead of Friday?

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In response to Todd

No worries. We just wanted you to know.


ROLL BABY gonna be forking some serious cash out now...and i dont care what anyone says....time to get it

In response to Todd

Forgiven. This is just exciting as anything! I had a dream I had to wait in line for an hour to get a MM ticket last night maybe I will actually have too now. :p

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All that $$ and i only got 7$ of it. LOL Cheap @$#%^&%$. I think thats all i'll spend fri.


Over at the Powerball HQ they must be hating the crap out of the MegaMillions right now. So far their plans must not be going well for the last few months. This week is going to suck for them really bad.

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In response to rad242

Me like that plan. Yes Nod

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Who's buying extra fortune cookies? BananaBanana

In response to time*treat

I actually bought Chinese yesterday, but threw away the cookies by accident. Probably a bad omen?  Roll Eyes

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In response to mcginnin56

No prob, I don't need a transplant at this point, but I would love to help my friend ...............

I do need more money for therapy ............ but I don't cry when someone else wins ................ I play for the dreams and fun .................

speaking of dreams .......... I saw this car in the showroom after my last Dr. visit ...... nice people at Bentley Pittsburgh!

In response to dpoly1

I would never have guessed. You exude such an upbeat and postive vibe. Maintain it and as you know it will attract the right things into your life. Who knows one of those things may be the JACKPOT!

In response to dpoly1

These Bentley's just get better and better looking DP! I love that "Shamrock" green convertible.


Or as I used to call them when I was a hot shot car salesman, a "Ragtop".    Cheers

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In response to ashabug725

That kind of wreckless spending is why some lottery winners go broke No No


So, when one of us here on LotteryPost wins, how do we let the gang (the rest of you) know it was a LotteryPost member without compromising our intentions of staying anonymous? Can our location and/or IP address, or any other info we may be providing, be tracked by anyone here?

I know some have said they would just disappear, but it sure would be nice to let everyone here know.  A little "keep the faith" attaboy!

And how do we make a nice contribution to Todd for all his great work here on LotteryPost, while keeping on the down-low?


P.S. Although I have only posted recently, I have been a LotteryPost reader for many, many years.  So I would like to contribute to the cause after I win.

P.P.S. And what's with the Todd Vader or Darth Todd?  Looks more like Boba Fett to me.  Is he really evil and not the magnanimous leader I think he is?

In response to GambleToRamble

I will not do a press conference of course but lottery officials do take note of your remarks in response to the huge win and leak them to the press. I will send my thanks to HRH Todd and the LP Royal Family. Beyond that, I will not speak of my win on the site. Those who remember this post will be able to make the connection.

In response to GambleToRamble

The "Darth" thing is just a little friendly ribbin' Gamble.  If one of us here win, let Todd be the go between and leave it to his good judgement as to

how he would protect our identity.   Wink


I like how all these people are so concerned about others finding who they are if they win.

First, nobody here will actually win it.

Second, even if someone did. Why wouldn't you post it on here?

Your name will be released. And if people really want to track you down and beg for money.. They will. Do people not understand how easy it is to find others personal information? Home address and phone numbers. Cell phone or home phone. Finding relatives etc.. Anybody who is a cop understands this.

Anybody who is worried about posting on Lottery Post after they win is stupid. You don't just win half a billion dollars and nobody knows who you are.

Plain and simple.


Regarding IP addresses:  If you purchased a new computer, would that not change your IP address?  Anyone know about that?



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In response to rad242

rad242, what does HRH mean ?


The person that wins will be donald trump or some other celebrity that does not need it. Or some joe that will blow it in a coupe of years then be on welfare (prob some one inmy family!)    Good luck to everyone playing this week.    :)

In response to haymaker

HRH = His Royal Highness

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