Jury awards jailed illegal alien $750,000 lottery ticket

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WTG to the lucky winner!!

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Shame on Cervantes.....No No Glad to see Jose Antonio get his winnings.....Thumbs Up


Justice for Cua-Toc! Cervantes needs to be paying back for the remainder of his life for this despicable act. If he tries appealing, he is an idiot!   Crazy


I REMEMBER this story!!!!

Way to go for the rightful winner

See how greed can destroy people's lives. Cervantes and his wife would have remained married if they hadn't stolen the ticketNo No.

Lesson to all, buy your own tickets! Sign 'em and place them in a reasonably safe place.

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Give him his money and then kick him out of the country.He can then re-enter legally if he so desires.

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Give him the money and send him back to Guatemala!

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Is here illegally, and sitting in jail for drunk driving . Deport him.

Investigate Cervantes to see how many illegals work from him, deport them all

slap big fine on Cervantes for each occurrence.

Use part of the lottery money to pay the tax payers back for police, courts, jails.

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This is the kind of stuff that happens and will continue to happen as long as people are allowed to profit by breaking our laws.

There should be no rewards or benefit of any kind for people who are here illegally.

Criminal activity is only encouraged when you reward it.

I believe any ticket buyer from anywhere in the world should be eligible to win prizes as long as they're here legally. 

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In response to rdgrnr

I don't get it. They put up a billion dollar fence to stop illegals, but they can play the lotto, win and pay taxes. Most of my spanish co-workers can't even sit on a jury. I agree, the win should be voided and the loophole fixed.

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!  Wise words from the Oracle.


You people are such hypocrites. You hate illegal aliens until they are building your houses for cheap, doing your landscaping and housework for cheap etc etc. 

He paid his money for the ticket and he won fair and square, deal with it, and now he has probably paid more taxes than you all have in your lives making him a better citizen than most of you for the country. BTW all you need is to invest $500,000 in this country and you get residency, so he is good. 

Also, we can go to Canada or Europe and play the lottery when we are there and win and we get to keep the money too even if you are just visiting. Changing laws can work both ways buddy.

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In response to VenomV12

I Agree!.....He won it, he deserves it.

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 You ask me, Neither of them should get the money. HE IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN, HOW IN HELL IS HE ALLOWED TO WIN THE LOTTERY ?!!!! And his boss is a <snip> too. #1 for hiring an illegal in the first place and #2 for pulling that stunt he pulled.

What should be done:

1-kick his illegal arse back to his country

2-strip his boss of any licenses he carries

3-donate the money to a worthwile charity.

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In response to Bigheadnick

Bigheadnick, Good answers all.

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