Toddler picks out winning NY lottery ticket


Who needs Lottery Wheels, Deflate 4 or Inspector 3? Just bring in a kid and let them do all hard work for you.    Hippy

Congrat's to the lucky winners.   Party

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I guess I should start taking my 13 & 14 year with me when I buy tickets....LOL...

Congrats to all the winners....... Hurray!

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 The toddlers are the exact ones that are in tune to their "feelings" and intuition and they are usually ALWAYS correct!!!

Since they have not been "socialized" yet!

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I am thinking of renting a toddler for my next trip to purchase a lottery ticket!  Disney

In response to dpoly1

Great minds think alike! Lol.


She wants to start a business. She should LEAD THE KID!

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Congrats to the lucky winners.

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Rent a Toddler LLC Cheers

$200M+ Jackpots are great for businessJester Laugh

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For all of you ready to bring a toddler with you to buy lottery tickets, are you prepared to blame the toddler when you don't win? Smile Lurking

In response to Todd

Wow, your a negative thinker! Kids always win.   Hyper  If not........back to the rental agency they go.    Razz

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In response to mcginnin56

Get one with red hair, singing ...

Ticket is gonna win ..
Buy a line or two for
There'll be fun ...

When you check your numbers
Have your lawyer claim it as a trust,
if you must,
while you lay in the sun!.

In response to time*treat

Mine is a brunette that already knows how to do some stand-up comedy. She promised to make me laugh if the tickets are duds.    Hippy

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In response to Todd

Green laughNice shot Todd .......

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I didn't know $35,000 a year classifies someone as living on easy street in NYC!  I thought that amount would barely cover the rent of a 2 bedroom apartment.  I am super amazed she will start a grocery store biz with it.

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I take mine with me to the store and let them press the selector on the machine....rotten monsters have won more than I have when it comes to scratchoffs

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LOL that's funny!

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In response to OldSchoolPa

You're right. $35K a year is not much in NYC. They should try to buy a brownstone and with no rent due they can look for better jobs or slowly save for a business. Thats my humble opinion anyways. I wish them success.

Nice story though

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In response to mcginnin56

I draw cartoons. I'm just going to make up my own toddler.

In response to Hermanus104

That should work just fine. Added benefits: no changing of diapers, feeding, crying or sleep required.      Crying       Bed

Best idea I've heard of yet Hermanus, and all that's required are some pencils, crayons and paper. Simply brilliant!

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In response to Hermanus104

Many years ago, there was a rumor that some people were finding their winning pick 3 numbers from looking closely at Ziggy cartoons. Others soon found that the newspaper they bought out of the street kiosk was often missing the section of page with that panel. Roll Eyes


I don't want my 3 year old even knowing about lottery tickets. i usually buy them when i don't have her with me.  Then one day i bought gas, an ice cream for her and the jackpot was up in the 80 million dollar range.  i bought some quick pics.   When she asked me what they were i said they're cards for people.  The very next time i went to the gas station, i didn't even go inside (I just pumped gasoline), when i got back in the car she said, "you didn't get any cards"? i fell out laughing.   Whose fooling whom.  LOL


bUT I REALLY don't want her to know about lotteries.  Her lottery is College, etc.

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In response to corius$1918!

too funny

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