Judge rules man has no right to ex-girlfriend's lottery winnings


BOO-HOO!  for poor Howard Browning.     Crying

Here's a news flash..........get a job, and start buying your own lotto tickets.   No No    Poke


I wonder?  If he bought the winning ticket and she sued him, would the judge rule the same way?

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In response to MississippiMudd

I must concur. Simply put IF he were a stay at home Dad raising her children/their kids, the courts would still side with the lady. Reason women are to appear helpless and need all the govt help possible to reach the status of men. By the way..I do NOT adhere to that statement...its an observation I have seen with living 50 years on this earth and watching as Justice is swiftly blinded by gender. She graciously "evicted" him after she most likely had the monies in hand...What a back handed thing to do.

I'm sure there is MORE To both sides of this story...but the judge ruled...and someone is left the fool.

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In response to MississippiMudd

Probably not.  That is why I don't condone folks "living together" for long periods of time.  Someone always gets the short end of the stick.  If he had married her, she would have had to split..regardless.


Scared OMG! I'm so sick and tired of hearing about all these people who want to sue others for lottery winnings that DO NOT BELONG TO THEMScared


Sign your tickets, I don't care if you buy them with your brother, your mother or the local church pastor. I sign all my tickets, even the ones I give as gifts. 

I may give a ticket as a gift, but I am <snip> sure not stupid enough to let you walk away with millions and I get nothing in the event the ticket turns out to be a winner. 

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Theres something to be said for that little piece of paper...the marriage license.

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In response to Cletu$2

I argee with that!!!!! Shacking Up never pays off-----

In response to VenomV12

Smart idea...never thought to sign the ticket even if it was a gift because they can't claim it without you!

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In response to VenomV12

Ahh Jeeeze.

I'd tell ya to keep it.


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In response to VenomV12

OMG, a gift is a gift is a gift.  If you don't want to give a lottery ticket as a gift, completely and totally, then just don't do it!

In the case in the original article, it is hard to really know from the facts given whether the two ever agreed to share or not.  The burden of proof was on him, and he couldn't prove it.  If two or more people want to make such an agreement, shacking up or not, the solution is simple - just get it in writing and have it notarized!


What a loser.  Here's a tip, dude: grow up, get a job and pay your own way... just like the rest of us.

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It is a bad idea to begin or continue living with someone, or maintaining a relationship, when one does not enjoy the other person's company; because it sends unhelpful messages and feelings towards them.  It is unhelpful to both people and others around them.


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There's a few wimmins out there livin' in houses I bought that if I'da had my druthers I'da lived with 'em instead of marryin' 'em.

Cuz like ol' Merle Haggard said:


My hat don't hang on the same nail too long

My ears can't stand to hear the same ol' song

And I don't leave the highway long enough

To bog down in the mud

Cuz I got Ramblin' Fever in my blood


I caught this Ramblin' Fever long ago

When I first heard a lonesome whistle blow

And if someone said I ever gave a dam

They dam sure told you wrong

Cuz I've had Ramblin' Fever all along


Sometimes I like to bed down on a sofa

And let some pretty lady rub my back

Spend the early mornin' drinkin' coffee

Talkin' about when I'll be coming back


But I don't let no woman tie me down

And I'll never get too old to get around

I wanna die along the hi-way and rot away

Like some old hi-line pole

And rest this Ramblin' Fever in my soul

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"had been trying to get Browning to leave her Geneva farmhouse for some time and eventually evicted him, Sessums said. She later sold the house."

It is hard as hell to get someone to leave your home or move out!  Especially when they are unemployed, have been unemployed, and really don't intend on working.  I feel her pain.  I gave a person a place to stay temporarily while they look for a place due to water damage at their previous home.  Well weeks turned into months till finally in a heated argument they tell me " you can't put me out because I have been residing here for 3 months, so the law won't make me leave.  I know if I had hit a jackpot while he was around he would have sued me also.

In response to VenomV12

If you gave me a ticket with your name signed on the back and it won a major jackpot, I would most likely

let you watch me soak the ticket in lighter fluid and set the ticket on fire.

As far as I'm concerned you are either giving me a gift or not.

Bottom line, it would be better if you just stuck to giving greeting cards and gift cards.


Crazy  Thumbs Up

In response to PERDUE

I'll have to remember that lighter fluid trick, next time I find a big winning ticket with my Indian giver friend's autograph on the back.   Mad

In response to pamelab

You are too nice.

Had that been me, they would still be wondering where all of their stuff is.

I would have had all of the utilities temporarily turned off and stayed with a friend or in a hotel until they left.

Try living in a place with no electricity, no water, no gas, and everytime you look up all your stuff has been shipped off to goodwill.

Yes, I will give your stuff away and could care less about you being mad.

I will ramble through all your stuff and pawn anything of value.

I will invite friends over and tell them to allow the kids to trash all of your stuff.

I will adopt a cat and let it use everything you own as a litter box.

The way I see it, if you are bold enough to tell me I can't put you out, I'm bold enough to be your host from the deepest pit of hades.


And if none of the above works, I will saturate everything you own in........




Then I will drunk as a skunk and throw your naked azz out in the yard for the police to arrest you for public intoxication and for being naked in public.

Yes I am psychotic enough to do all of this and more and never spend a minute in jail.  ROFL

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In response to MississippiMudd

If it happened in new york state the judge would have giving her half the money and half if his testacials also .Argue

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In response to PERDUE

I swear you're one of my ex-wives.

Alabama May, is that you?

In response to rdgrnr


just off my meds and a little hungry.......

Green laugh  Big Grin  Blue Angel


I will give the shirt off my back if necessary, but I draw the line when folks start smelling their drawers.

Cross me when everything in the universe is lined up just right, and you'll give your heart to GOD cause your azz will belong to me.

Ungratefulness & ingratitude is uncalled for and should not be tolerated.

Bad enough we gotta deal with greed everytime we turn around.


I suspect that Mr. Browning was screwed over.

I also suspect that Mr. Browning represented himself in court. Couldn't afford a lawyer.

I believe him when he said they agreed that if either ever won they would share the winnings.

I suspect that promise was made during the salad days of the relationship when they were in LUV......

Keep in mind these two have been living together for 16 years.

How ironic Ms. Poirier couldn't get Mr. Browning out of her farmhouse for some time, yet she managed to evict him after winning her million dollars.

I wonder how long she sat on that ticket before cashing it in. I bet she started trying to get rid of Browning when she realized she won a million bucks.

When did she win the million dollars? Recently or in 2007?



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Ugh, sign a gift? Seriously? Then it's not a gift, is it? lol

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In response to Todd

LOL  Good for her, I love this judge, he really knows how to handle a case!

In response to rdgrnr

It's pretty funny to see yet another "family values" Republican who doesn't believe in staying married to the one person.   Shades of Newtie the loser, Mr. "Free Love."

Personally, I would never dream of divorcing my wife.   If I won the lottery, it would a privledge to share everything with that gorgeous woman. 

Of course, like the President of the United States, we're stable people.   We just don't talk about family.   We live it.

That said, I can see why some people need to dump their spouses.

I'm sure though that all your wives couldn't wait to get free.

Good for them. 

I hope one of them wins the lottery, although from the sounds of it, they're already winners.

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In response to faber98

I Agree!, excellent thoughts and ultimate advice, faber98.  Consequently, I think I'm going to cease giving the annual "December stocking stuffer" of lottery tickets and gift cash or small trinket instead. 

That way, if my cash-gifted friend/relative/acquaintance chooses to use some or all of the cash I gave them to buy lottery ticket(s), and one or all of those tickets win lottery $$s, then they won't be required to tell me.  Nor will I conjecture that any sudden wealth I hear of OR see coming from their direction was related to my small, prior cash gift.  I will, thus, be able to sleep without painful or uncomfortable thought in regards to that person for the remainder of my days.


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In response to Prob988

Hey! The schmuckster is back for more abuse!

How ya been, schmuck?

Let's see now, what area did you need abuse in this time?

Oh! Your exciting life being with the same woman for your whole life!  Well, I can explain that one pretty easy, schmuck. It's all pretty academic. See, I can tell by listening to you that you're just a whining, hand-wringing, boring, liberal schmuck and that tells me pretty much why you've been with one woman all your life. And the reason for that is because like most liberal asswipe men, you tend to look like Allen Colmes. LOL, sorry schmuckster but you know it's the truth. And if you've seen him lately, you know he's not aging very well so best not to go out sniffin' around if you know what I mean, schmuckster. Stay where you're at. Copy? You Allen Colmes types ain't really in very high demand right now if you catch my drift, schmuckster.

Now, what else was there?

Oh yes! You said you and the little woman were stable people. Well that's good news schmuckster cuz I got a few stalls in the barn that need mucking out if you two wanna make a few bucks. Have your old lady wear her maid's outfit, I get a kick out of that. Oh, and remember to tell her to leave her hair down and I'll show her that "Ride 'em Cowboy" thing I was tellin her about. While you're mucking out the stalls.

Now is there anything else I can help you with?

Let me know cuz you know I'm here for you, schmuckie.

We all are.

In response to VenomV12

Then you should not give tickets as gifts. When you give someone a gift, it is theirs, not yours.  You're buying it for them. Maybe you should warn others, because your kind of thinking can cause violence!

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In response to faber98

I Agree! I think the main culprit pushing lottery tickets as gifts I are the lotteries themselves! I admit I am a self-interested a large extent, most people are that way.  I can be happy for someone winning if it was their money and decision to buy winning lottery ticket. However, I would be a bit miffed if, of the hundreds of tickets I have purchased in my lifetime, the one I decided to give away as a gift was THE big jackpot winner.  The person that says otherwise should sell all possessions and report to the nearest place to become a monk, priest or nun. I mean, unless the person is already loaded like Obama, NJEA union boss Giordano, name your career Congressperson, knowing you just gave away a winning ticket would make for awkward relationship if winner did not in some way 'financially thank you' for the gift.

But a far better way of hitting the lottery is to become a union boss, congress person, or president of the US. Forget the systems....just learn how to tell people what they want to hear! I dislike politicians as much as I hate lottery pools, so here's to hoping my numbers roll for either Powerball or Mega Millions (hey, I am not choosy...$20 mil is just as good as $190 mil, although the latter would be better and the best of the two).

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