Ruling by Justice Dept. opens a door on online gambling


So if i am understanding this right this is basically only going to allow you to buy tickets online to your own state lottery unless all states agree together to allow cross boarder purchases?

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Yep..I think it is about time that US lotteries start having online play.  It makes sense.  Now if they will just clarify the banking part..I will be ready to go..

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The quicker, the better.


being able to buy just lottery tickets on line is hardly a significant breakthrough. what was it difficult to go out and buy them in the normal fashion. does anybody care if the pools are higher  because of this. i don't think so. you should have to make an effort to play the lottery with cash only. people will get into too much trouble if allowed to buy them with a credit card. the credit card issuers aren't going to like it at all when the defaults start to pile up. there will be snafus galore when someone claims they bought a winning ticket on line and didn't print it, or didn't buy it before drawing closed or some other type of mistake on their part or the sellers computer malfunction. it is working the way it is, why change it. if you're too lazy to go out and buy one you shouldn't be allowed to win it.

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In response to faber98

You act like folks are going to go crazy buying lottery tickets online.  That is just plain silly.  Lottery tickets are sold online in other countries and this one should let folks buy them online also.  If your weekly play is just 5-10.00 I am sure most intelligent folks can manage that.  Credit card companies have tightened their qualifications so a lot of folks won't be eligible to get one anyway.  Besides if I don't stop by the bank to get my cash and use one of those "other" still costs me 4-5.00 to make a withdrawal. (total).  why should I pay that when I could be playing online with no extra cost.

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Everyone is different. Some people like to play small, some people like to play big, playing online is convenient for most people..  Time change, people change, technology change, get use to it!  Faber, if you're fine with going to the store spending $2 - $5 a week winning $40 to $80 then that's your business.  The majority rules, and I believe most people would prefer to play online.   LETS DO IT!!!

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I'm ready -I'm ready ;  let's get ohio:  ohio-michigan, ohio-indiana, ohio-kentucky, ohio-ny, OHIO - TRI STATE, I'm Ready.


Faber- that is a pretty dumb post my friend, and it is people like you that try and keep this thing from getting off the ground. Just because some people may not have control it should not ruin it for everyone, there are bad drivers out there..should we ban driving? And also it is not about being lazy, if you would pay attention there is some money to be made on this site except most peoples numbers work with all states and not just your own.

In response to ftdsn244

I Agree!

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i dont like this because when people buy tickets at the store they also will buy other things an it helps out the small business owner.  i dont own a business but i think its good for the economy and my community.  sure i can buy lottery tickets online an save money on gas but u have to think of the bigger picture.

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Why won't our government admit we're living in a police state and get it over with already?   We're the most controled "free" country ever, can't even spend our hard earned cash freely. 

The states have a vested interest in keeping all gambling within their borders. 

We the lottery players have a vested interest in playing the best games where ever they may be, whether they are lowest odds,  two tickets for a dollar games or highest jackpot.

The positives with online play is saving gas and more days to play without a trip to the store.



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In response to BobP

Good morning everyone....I hope ya'll had a great

 holiday weekendYEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

In total agreement with you on this note BobP.....I would like to purchase tickets in any state for any game if I so choose.

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As it should be,I rather play any state than here,so would other Tennesseans..I want to play Kentucky Or Georgia,,,,why do I have to play here if I dont want to.????????????

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Well I guess I will keep driving to those states,but that is allowed.

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it figures, when they need money, then it becomes legal. what a load of crappola !  government idiots being themselves i guess.

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I can't believe someone would post some BS about someone from the Ukraine winning Mega Millions or Powerball?  Do you realize the odds of winning either of those games?  If that's the case why do people play online poker in tournaments with players from Europe and everywhere else?  I could care less if they allowed aliens from another planet to play.

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The Chinese would play? If their government would let them, I see a situation where 9 of every 10 jackpots would end up somewhere in China.

The Chinese population is about 4 times the US population and given the rise of incomes over there I can see jackpot after jackpot being won by some Chinese guy.

You don't think so? NewYorkers win jackpots more often than other states because they play more. Now imagine if only 10% of Chinese citizens decided to spend $1 on tonights mega millions. Thats 130,000,000 tickets on China alone. Oh year, they would win so many jackpots, most of us would play pick 4 and pick 3 games.

Selling lottery online might be good but letting citizens of other countries not in US play is not so good.

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In response to maringoman

The Chinese cannot play in US lotteries even if they wish. Because they have very limited internet.

In response to faber98

1. People outside the US are already buying Mega Millions and Powerball tickets. There are lots of online ticket sellers more than happy to charge people triple the normal ticket price!

2. If you sell a ticket to someone else, aren't you liable for tax on that income anyway..? And unless you're planning on getting paid in used dollar bills it's pretty visible the moment it hits your bank account.

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In response to faber98

You seem to be arguing against competition.

Competition doesn't destroy, it makes things better.

If Tennessee players had the option of playing online in other states, Tennessee would have two options - make their lottery better or lose the revenue. Which do you think they would choose?

If Tennessee players all started playing in states with real ball drawings, Tennessee would drop the computers real quick.

It's the only way Tennessee Lottery officials would ever pay any attention to what the players want.

As it stands now they just tell us to STFU because they know most players aren't going to drive to another state to play.

Let states compete for lottery dollars and you'll see the best lotteries ever.

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In response to YURAN

I'm not a soccer fan but thank you anyway, Yuran.

In response to rdgrnr

"Competition doesn't destroy, it makes things better."

I Agree! and think about all the unique games in other states that we would like to play without traveling 100s of miles.

"As it stands now they just tell us to STFU because they know most players aren't going to drive to another state to play."

On the down side there are currently laws in some states prohibiting their residence from gambling online. As greedy as the TN lottery and the people running the educational fund where the profits go seem to be, I just can't see giving up a possible huge portion of their current player base by allowing them to purchase other state lottery tickets online.

Will the laws be repealed to benefit the players or changed to just allow online gambling run by the state lottery within the state borders?


it should restricted to your own state. apparently tenn has a bad lottery that no one likes for whatever reason. if they allow interstate online play tenn will have to upgrade theirs or it would probably become extinct. other state have more appealing types of games so who can blame tennesseeites for wanting online interstate options. there's only so much money you can spend playing the games anyway so maybe it would make sense to restrict online play to your state only or maybe any bordering state but not beyond. just remember you and only you will be liable for tax tickets if you play online. that alone is enough reason not to do it.

In response to faber98

"if they allow interstate online play tenn will have to upgrade theirs or it would probably become extinct."

Yep and I believe that's the point rdgnr was trying to make. The pick-3 players living near the Tennessee/Kentucky border probably now buy their pick-3 tickets in Kentucky because of the $600 to $1 payoff. The KY players near the KY/WVA border might be playing WVA's Cash 25 and the WVA players might be playing KY's 3 Line Lotto. When I lived in Ohio I bought Quinto tickets in Pennsylvania.

Savvy Lottery directors will develop new games or revamp old games with lower percentage house racks to take advantage of the huge volume potential from online interstate play. When was the last time you heard anyone on LP say "I wish I could play the Tennessee Lottery games?

"just remember you and only you will be liable for tax tickets if you play online. that alone is enough reason not to do it."

Off track horse racing betting is legal and been around for well over 20 years. Some online sites have legally taken bets on tracks all over the world for almost 10 years. If online players win any bet that exceeds the IRS limit, they are given a W-2G just like the players at the live racing tracks. And online players can get a record of their year's betting if they choose to go long form and deduct their gambling losses. Off track betting is exactly the same whether it's done in an off track betting parlor, at a race track, or in privacy of your home. The same can easily be done with Lottery games.

You're apparently against competition, free enterprise, and allowing adults to spend their gambling money any way the choose.

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untrue, you can go to an otb and hit a tax ticket and get someone else to cash it for you. online though you are stuck with it. same for the lottery, better off with real convenience store ticket if you feel the need to avoid the taxes on lower tier hits.  and the question of whether tenn would revamp their lottery or allow it to die if residents went out of state is justified. it would make sense for them to revamp it, but would they just try to get the players who don't play online or live in the center of the state and had no choice. can't answer for the tenn lottery officials decision on that one.

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You're making a mountain out of a mole hill because the majority of sales in every state lottery including Tennessee are scratch-offs. If some players are worried about paying taxes or have a way of collecting their winnings without the IRS knowing, they'll continue to buy the online game tickets at their local stores.

I doubt interstate online ticket sales will drastically boost sales unless a lottery comes up with a "must play" game. The one area where I do see a potential is raffle tickets. The last time I looked Ohio hasn't sold all their New Years raffle tickets and if they had online play, all the tickets would probably be sold. That opens the door to selling more raffle tickets by increasing the number of $1 million winner without changing the 1 in 125,000 chances.

Internet poker is probably the best bet for increasing lottery revenues.

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