Ct. Lottery still looking for $254.2M Powerball winner

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I volunteer to be the winner !  Jester Laugh


Everytime I buy a ticket, I always keep it in my pocket and I l always watch the jackpot. So that will not happen to me. I guess the person who bought the ticket was careless. I mean if you buy a ticket, you expect to win, so you gotta treat the the ticket as a fortune.


Look no further. I am the winner. I will claim my prize when I am ready.

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I feel so sorry for the guy losing his ticket.  What if it were you? Wouldn't that just stink? I mean, having the chance to make all of your dreams come true... and some dreams for your family memers too... and then poof!!! Gone! That's horrible.  I feel sorry for ya' man. I really do.  I hope you find it.

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I'll take it Cheers The $254.2M Disney

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It would be very sad if this guy truly had and lost the ticket but I got a feeling (Trust me, I'm an Oracle for Pete's Sake!) that he never had the ticket and that the guy who really has it is in consultation with his attorney right now and laughing about this whole affair.


We will see in a few weeks or before of the 180 days deadline if he truly was the real winner.

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The guy who said he lost his ticket,why he doesn't speaks on TV?The store has camera and if it's true he lost it,we will be able to see him in the store at the time he said he lost his lottery ticket.

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I feel the same way. If this guy really bought it then it shouldn't be too difficult to review the time and day on the security video to validate that it was indeed him. I feel it's just another absurd  attempt at claiming something that truly belongs to someone else.

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The winner is still looking for the ticket he lost.Crazy


I suspect the winner is getting personal business in order before cashing in one of the largest jackpots to ever be won in CT.

Could be talking with lawyers, financial consultants, bankers, and spouse.

Remember, this persons life is about to take a drastic change once they step forward and claim the prize.

Looking forward to my lottery payday.

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The next PB winner could come forward and claim his prize before this winner is known.

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In response to rdgrnr

I'm with you  "" rdgrnr"" on this one...This guy is so full of donkey dust ...The real winner is is out there with his consultants..Funny thing is ,,me and the old lady would drive into CT. for Powerball tickets ..ITs only the last year or so that you can buy tickets here in the state of NEW YORK..And thats the area we would buy the tickets in..Its a 25 minute ride and we would make the day of it shopping and things.................I wish we still played in CT  i would still be in shock..I Agree!

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In response to seanp

I Agree!

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