Son of UK lottery winner says his mother kicked him out years ago


I don't think people deserve or don't deserve to win the lottery, since it is and always will be a game of chance. However, this woman sure makes me question the universe and god in its fairness.  Was the antichrist prophesized to have bad teeth and an 80's haircut?  Also, I can't imagine what a person with the word "Hate" tattooed on his knuckles will do with that kind of money.

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Roll Eyesmy reckoning no good will come of her winnings and current BS  .....

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In the other thread I said they "seemed" like a nice couple.

Going by what the ex and the son say now, I may have been a little too generous in my estimation.

I have to give them more credibility than her for the simple fact that they say they don't want any of her money outside of the child-support she owes.

It's a cold heart that beats in a mother who abandons her own child and then ignores him on the street.

And it would be a cruel thing if he wasn't one of the 20 or so they intended to make millionaires.


These stupid <snip> shouldn't win the lottery. They don't deserve to win it. You can clearly see that they are not going to do any good with it. The people that really need to win the lottery can't win it. I bet that one day we going to see a post of a sad lottery winner because they are going to squander it. Seriously you can see it in their eyes.

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Cussing FaceBoy! Oh! boy do this pair have an up hill battle.What kind of a mother would give up her 12yrs old to party or for a man she was allege to be having affair with,I still have heart flurrer when thinking of my mom.Hope my daughter feel that way about me.Too bad this mom won't have this feeling from her son. Money can't buy everything especially a son's love.But still that was a hell of a win.Evil Looking She gain great wealth  but lost her dignity among all who thought they knew her.Enjoy!!

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In response to louise black

I knew you had a heart in there somewhere Louise!  Wink

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In response to rdgrnr

I agree, cold-hearted and cruel, it will come back to her.


Wow I can't belive such people win the lottery. I wish it could have been someone better.

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the Mr. Dawes ought to be taking notes.


Anyone who would dump her child would probably dump her man,too.Watch her,Dave.She's poison!

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I gotta check the family tree to see if this cold hearted heffer is related to my mother.

This is the most wickedest {SNIP} that a mother can do to her child.

The son should not even accept the back child maintenance from her, let her rott with it all.

This just {SNIP} me off. What a cold hearted {SNIP}. KARMA will definately pay her a visit.

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That woman has an icebox where her heart is supposed to be haha

This goes to show that jackpots are soul-less and pick who to go to randomly without rhyme or reason...didn't a sex offender hit it big in MA some time



This story is a testament to the unescapable fact that the lottery is truly random and anyone has a chance to win no matter your station life. There is no point is saying that this couple didn't deserve to win. Who "deserves" to win? If there was such a thing then the game would not be random. We can only pray that the couple finds the necessary wisdom to spend the money and that the lady is able to regain a relationship with her son. Let's not judge or we be similarly judged. Now to my question. If anyone has ever played the Euro-millions please do share some insights. I want to know whether the website is legit and whether it's legal to buy lottery tickets, foreign or otherwise, through the Internet. Since I am not conversant with current law on Internet gaming, I would appreciate feedback from somebody with knowledge in this area.

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Oh well, families are sure complicated ............. and winning the lottery complicates it further !


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My  Daddy always said, "If you can't say something good about some one, Keep it to yourself, and don't say nothing at all. 

I think it strange here in US that prisoners can buy Lottery tickets and a lot can't afford to buy them.  Some thing weired huh??White Bounce

In response to Texas Joey

What state allows prisoners to purchase lottery tickets?

In response to seanp

Look, the lady is not a nice lady, but everyone who plays is taking a chance. The type of person you are does not play a part in who wins and who doesn't win. There's no such thing as who deserves to win and who doesn't deserve to win. Everyone who plays has a chance to win. I'm a good person and bought two tickets for the PB tonight, but a bad person who also bought tickets has the same chance as me.  I believe she's going to blow it, too, but that still doesn't mean she didn't deserve it. Her ticket won. She played like everyone else.

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In response to CLETU$

I'm curious to hear this too...How in the hellz can a prisoner buy lotto? Never heard of a jail selling lottery

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In response to louise black

I want to know the same thing. What mother would abandon her 12-year-old son? 

I just hope that they are able to reform their relationship. After what the mother has done to her son, I would not be at all surprised if he doesn't go along. 

What good is it to have a hundred million pounds but not the love of your son?

In response to Simba774

I think you are absolutely right.

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In response to dpoly1

LOL, so well said! Big Smile It sure is that way..

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In response to Texas Joey

yes, whatever ya do  , do NOT forewarn others by sharing accurate data about them, why that would be just be down right silly! Thank heavens we have folks that speak up about criminals and the likes there of...Instead of burying their head in the sand and playing posseum.

I do not subscribe to libelous comments yet this one made here thru the news is accurate and tells it like it is. The lady is clearly non motherly and non wifely, matter of fact she is not much of a lady except thru genetic .

Prisoners on a "work-release" Program may well be able to buy them...never really thought about those serving for a minor offense ... I think most here were thinking Harden Lifers in jails....

British court will collect the back monies due for the son.

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In response to lotoholic

Welcome to the Lottery Post lotoholic and Best of Luck to you!LepYes NodThumbs Up

Do you have a lottery in Lithuania?

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Wow that woman is 43,she looks like 73 to be honest.I don't know why people like her have kids if they don't want to be bother,she's a mental case.

In response to B$Rizzle

I Agree! Todd can you explain how someone in prison can still play the lottery, I must say this does catch my curiosity.Maybe some state do and some don't. I am sure I am not the only one that want this checkout! so can you do us the honor.Thanks!Approve

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I agree with those who say winning the lottery has nothing to do with who deserves it and who doesn't. I don't know that I deserve it, but I can sure tell you that those who'll tell you whether or not I do will depend largely on who I help when I win, won't it?

Regardless of whether they 'deserve' it, while this couple is being tried in the court of public opinion, I'd like to point out that there's at least two sides to a story, and the truth usually resides somewhere in between the two. The lady may be a villian, or not. I'd like to ask though, if the ex and her son are really not interested in a share of the lottery winnings, why are they giving interviews? Seems to me it's a tactic to shame/bribe them into sharing some money, or maybe 'cash in' on their story. Maybe they just want to hurt them or remind them of their existence, but if the ex was really only interested in back child support, it seems to me he'd be talking to a lawyer/judge instead of a reporter.

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In response to louise black

Maybe over the internet? Some states offer purchasing subscriptions and you can pay over the internet.

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sad Bashjust sad............

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In response to louise black

Louise- It was explained earlier that Prisoners  Or those serving time for Minor offenses can get on a work release program whilst serving time. DUring the Work release program they can go buy tickets, or do you think "all" prisoners are kept in a two by four cell never to see the light of day? Someone serving something like 30 days for speeding, is still "technically" a prisoner, yet they can go to work during the day...and check back into prison whendone. So yes It can be possible for the "prisoner" to buy tickets. THe real question is...can they claim them if its an amount that requires filing....

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