Irish NY lottery winner's estranged husband wants half

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All I can say, and I said it when a similar story about the lady won a huge Megamillions jackpot in Idaho, and that is that what's fair is fair.  If the jackpot winner was a man who had an estranged wife, I am sure she would go after her half and others would say she is entitled to half the cash.  So now that the shoe is on the other foot, I still think it fits.  Does it disgust some that just because he is a man who walked out on his family that that somehow makes him unworthy of sharing in her success?  Sure, but it doesn't change the legal fact that until two people are divorced, their lives are still legally entertwined.  So give that man his half.  He is not stupid.  She tried to pawn him off by pitching him $1M!  I would have done the same thing he did as I would want that additional $4M in my bank accounts.  Way to go Mr. Eisel...score one for gender equality!  Now time for the name calling jokes...what rhymes with eisel....?

But it must sure blow for her in that she won all those millions and still has to work at that joint just to pay bills...and everyone knows she is a multi-millionaire.  Guess that is a lesson for all those out there who are estranged from a partner...go and get that divorce filed and finalized.  Had she done that, she would not still be waiting to buy that house 9 months later or wondering how much she is going to end up with.  But you have to think that she knew this might happen as she said she planned to continue working.  Also, score another win for claiming prize anonymously.  Had she claimed as a part of a trust or LLC, the hubby might have never had a clue (this would have also required her to actually not tell her children she won the lottery...just that they need not worry about money.).  She should have just filed for divorce before even going in to claim the prize, encouraged a speedy divorce, then claimed the prize.  But sometimes people's emotions get the best of them and they act impulsively.


Scared    Puke

Money on freeze???

OK this is BS. Now, I know life is unfair. 

Folks, the law is the law. Pay the guy 50% and MOVE ON!

All these years of financial anguish is not worth it.

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Give him half & sue for back and future child support !

It is the American Way !

The Citizens Big Grin Angel get poorer and the Lawyers Red Devil get richer !


maybe my dream will come true tonite !!!!!!!!!!

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Pay him half, hit him for back child support, future child support and college funds and divorce fees.

In response to OldSchoolPa

I agree with you completely except that New York State is the WORST state to win any Lotto Prize.

Why because NY Lotto requires you to go public and do a press conference with Yolanda Vega.

It's on the 5pm news, it's on Youtube, it's Everywhere!!!

In response to dpoly1

I Agree!

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If you don't won't the Man or Woman before you Buy the Ticket better get a Divorce because law is when you are married to that person it is equally theirs too.

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I saw the movie "Cheaper to Keep Her" !!!!!!!!!!!



& I do believe this would indubitably be a lovely time of year to cruise about in a new Bentley !



Thanks for posting this article, Todd Thumbs Up

Ms. Daly sounds like a very decent woman with a strong work ethic who just wants to take care of her three young children. 

IMO this is a case of delayed gratification - I predict the following:

her attorney will continue to milk the case for billable hours;

her husband will end up with half the money (and be broke in a year or two) ; but

in the end Ms. Daly will move back to Ireland with her children and live a very comfortable, financially secure life.Lep


GOD, if You're listening......

I'm partial to him choaking to the here after on a chicken bone.........

I most definately will not mind.

It's not about her (the wife).

It's all about the kids and how they are still being deprived of quality time with their custodial parent because of...........


Heck..... I'll even settle for his hit and fly-away exit by a bird up side the head. (Make it a big-fat-frozen penguin.) lol

I'm not picky....

Nor do I ask for too much.....

Just the unreasonable.......... lol

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Well, it sounds like she (and possibly her three young sons) was almost going to Ireland; so apparently she makes great tips, as her family of four wasn't struggling if any of them are able to travel overseas!

I bet their family is glad that no travel tickets were purchased AND that mom didn't quit her great income in tips job!!!

Being married and separated/abandoned OR being divorced has been a problem for past lottery winners who have been forced by a judge to pay half or so (she needs to be sure that the percentage that the lottery headquarters has to pay her estranged husband is paid DIRECTLY via the lottery headquarters though -- making sure the lottery headquarters deducts taxes from BEFORE the distribution to each her and her husband).  Marriage and divorce (even when not recent) are still sticky situations, sad!!!

I hope that this multi-million dollar winner's husband will spend some of these lottery win monies on his three children (if they are his biological or adopted children).  Perhaps if the kids would enjoy it, their entire nuclear family could go to Disneyland together.


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In response to PERDUE


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Ms. Daly should not have to pay her estranged jerk anything.  He had already left the family a year before so unless he chipped in for the ticket with the other people, what makes him entitled to anything.  And why didn't he file for divorce earlier, it seems that he is a money grubbing person to file after he found out that she won.  Did he support his family at all, it didn't sound like it from the story I read. 

So does this man owe child support or anything else?  She even offered him more than a million to end lawsuit so she could buy a nice place for her children to live.

Can she contest the divorce on grounds of desertion?  If so, could she file without having to pay him and unfreeze her assests?  If it was me I would hire the best lawyer possible & I would not have even offered him anything.  I would donate money to specific charities & since the IRS has already taken out taxes, I would also donate gifts to family & friends leave enough money in my acct then put the rest in investments and overseas bank.


Good luck Patricia Daly!!  I will be praying for you.  The Man Upstairs will be looking out for you.


Sixty yrs. young

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I seen Ms.daly on a tv show. Sad she have to go through that but thats the way it is. Most people who win large jackpots be to old to truly enjoy it or their affairs in life is horrible.Naughty

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In response to OldSchoolPa

Time*treat is right. There was a case where a winner (belive it was a man) tried to keep the win secret during a divorce proceeding and the judge awarded the entire prize to the spouse. While waiting to claim the prize might prevent charges of fraud or concealing assets, the asset still exists, is still part of the marital property, and is still part of the settlement. Waiting to claim the prize and then modifying the divorce settlement simply adds more legal fees to the cost of settling the divorce.


Always two sides to the story. What if he walked away from the marriage because he walked in on her with the neighbor? Or his best friend? Give the man half his money. Unless they were divorced, the money should be split.

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In response to GYM RICE

Walkin' out on an evil woman is one thing but turning your back on your kids is inexcusable.

And this is money that would have been theirs someday.

He shouldn't get a nickle in my book.

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He left her so he don't deserves a penny


I hope her attorney goes for back child support, alimony, school fees and everything else

He is clearly a dead beat father if she has a good attorney when they finish settling he want,

have $4Million. The atty fees alone can be 30-35%. I predict he will be broke in 1yr and he

will also more than likely get sued by someone that he knows for something petty, However

you reap just what you sow. I'm going to win the lottery soon and my ex-boyfriend called

me after having several dreams that i won. He asked me to give him money once i win, But

when you have money alot of people change.

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Lets not forget...if they are still married there is no childsupport payments. He SHOULD still be paying since he wasn't on the scene...but we don't know if he's been paying or not. If the shoe was on the other foot I would award who ever has the kids. Period. BOTH people are responsible for their kids.


Was there a story...or this one it...where he left her and has a girlfriend....and wife won the lottery and he wants his half. (I faguely remember that story) boils down to who has had the kids and has been taking care of them. Husband or wife...I don't care. If he walked out and didn't look should be hers. If he's been in it every step of the way but couldn't be with HER anymore than it should be 50/50.

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Certainly, some of the money will get doled out to the children, on a weekly basis (soon, hopefully, once monies released from lottery headquarters via judge), during the next 15 years, maybe longer. 

It would be a good idea for one OR both parents (presuming these three children are also from the husband) to also set up a will, trust, and investment account for each adult and child too, this year.

Group Hug

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Exactly...her initial offer of 1mil and forgoing child support was not logical.  Give him his legal due but recoup as much as you can from him within legal rights!

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In response to winwi5

I hope my ex's don't want money when I win.

I already bought em all houses.

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In response to rdgrnr

You are a very kind person ridge and deserve to win before tiggs and his one and only wife of 49 years..We celebrated it on Sept 10th..You must have forgot cause Mr and Mrs tiggs never got a card...It's ok ridge your a very kind person cause you buy wimims houses...

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In response to tiggs95


                           That is WONDERFUL and I hope you have many more!!!

                   Party                                                       Party

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In response to dr65

dr you are one of the sweetest people on here and the tiggs couple thank you with love..:)

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In response to tiggs95

Sorry I missed it old timer but that date is one of my ex's birthdays (seriously) so naturally a sense of dread comes over me at that time every year.

Party Happy Anniversary to you and Ms Brain! Party


Where Do I post my forecast numbers ?

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In response to cobby

You mean like temperatures? On the Weather Channel site.

You can only do lottery prediction numbers here.

Go up to Predictions on the Blue Bar up top.

Mash down on whatever you like.

Welcome to Lottery Post and  best of luck to ya cobby!LepYes NodThumbs Up

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