Atheist converts after mock prayer to win $1M lottery is answered

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The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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Now thats wassup!

But something tells me that not everybody who challenges God like that can be a millionare. If it was possible I would say that prayer every 6 months lol

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Great story, God bless her.

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Congrats to the Bentivegna family! Mother and son are both winners!

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Oh I love this story!! It's called putting a fleece before the Lord!!

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Hmm... Well I thought the bible contained numerous verses that pertained to testing God, and that it pissed Him off... Hopefully this reborn christian will beg for forgiveness once he learns.

Or perhaps ever since this world has gone to crap, God decided that He needs to let His presence be known so this plane of debauchery that we call earth can finally adopt some sanity... it is getting awfully close to that 2012 phenomenon...

And I don't mean to force any religious views or beliefs onto any of y'all, for I am a self-proclaimed agnostic, or as my father would say: "half-assed christian." In a "glass is half empty" sort of way...

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ok ill give this a go :P

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If she'd won without buying tickets, then it'd be impressive.

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In response to sully16

I Agree!

Ask and it shall be answered...... sometimes yes and sometimes no !

Congrats, let's keep on asking >>>>>

EddessaKnight Sun Smiley

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My kind of it...They both got blessed!!!!

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Skeptical  hmmmph !! ....... I wonder what he'd of said if she hadn't of won all that money Skeptical 


"Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, ‘Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.’"


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Its hard to say anything good about this story. I don't like when atheist temp God to bend to
their will by preforming stupid little parlor tricks. just to prove his existence. "if there is a God he'll knock
this glass of water right off the table" or the college professor who claimed that there was no God
and that if there was; he would come knock him off his podium. how much more arrogant can the human race become? He is the Supreme Being and has nothing to prove to you or me. now I can't answer why
this woman won the lottery; but I can say that a million bucks is nothing compared to spending eternity
knowing that your son is in eternal <snip>ation. maybe, he has become a believer I hope so. but he
better quit throwing his little temper tantrums like a 5 year old and start taking our heavenly Father
serious and start showing him a little respect!

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I love stories like this........

Isaiah 61:7 "Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; and so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting joy will be theirs." The mother got 2 blessings her son becoming a believer  and $1 million dollars.........

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!

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In response to visiondude

not sure about the nipple thing.  we can let you specuhate on that one

my daughter says it's so man can get breast implants to feed their kids. ha ha ha

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In response to four4me

seems almost fair in that request.    i did change diapers all the time,  but that's as far as i wanted / needed to go.

remember,  men DO get breast implants,  and that's why we have jerry springer

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ok,  here is the deal.   i have been thinking about this back and forth mess for 2 days, praying about it, etc.

and although i have zero problem "debating" anyone on any subject matter for as long as it takes,  no matter how heavy it gets,  or how "many" people come after me,  i am totally 100% fine with those scenario's.

no one can detour me from what i know is the right thing to do at that moment,  and when i am in the midst of these  rodeo's,  for me,  the ultimate motivation is defending the right to talk about God,  Christianity,  et all.

not a crow bar presence,  but you can bet my motivation in here was always to maintain an equal ability to express and exchange ideas about God.

whenever someone attempted to shut that down,  i would bring out visiondude 2.0,  in order to maintain the line,  and nothing more.

that being said,  what has made me think is that not that there is any lack of wind in my sails,  i can "defend" until my dying breath,  but instead,  the selfishness of those that do believe,  and watch from a distance and say nothing.

God equips people for different scenario's in life, and so the having to be the "bad cop" is what i am particularly equipped for.

but it is every believers responsibility at some point to actually demonstrate gratitude to God for giving you the free gift of eternal life by speaking up,  and taking a stand to at minimum defend an equal voice.

despite 100,000 members,  there are a ton of believers that read these rodeo's,  and say nothing.

you don't have to come close to doing what i do,  because you are most likely not equipped for it,  but not adding your .03 just because you are afraid of what people will think of you after you do,  on an anonymous board = not cool

Jesus Christ gave you life,  and you cannot even take a small public stand for Him?

just a scosch.   just enough to not let these people run amok uncontested,  so that they define to society what "god" is.

like i said,  i don't mind doing it all,  and trust me,  i am not tired of doing it.

but,  what i got to thinking was how important it is to sometimes pull back,  and make an allowance to see what happens when good people do nothing. 

 God says "my Spirit will not always strive with man".....which basically means that God will only "remind" people for so long,  and then after awhile,  if His creation still refuses,  He will pull back,  and allow themselves to be overtaken with whatever they were SUPPOSED to be contending against.  we see this "slide" happening in society today.

so i was considering / praying about a permanent resignation from LP,  and on the way to church this morning i was discussing with my wife,  and my motivation thereof.

then,  at church,  while the worship is going on,  this one guy stands up alone when everyone else is seated, and lifts his hands while he is singing.

this isn't some pentacostal church,  people hardly ever do that there.

what was significant in reference to what i was potentionally deciding to do,  was it was one guy among approx 400 people.

one guy had the guts to stand, while everyone else stayed seated      pretty mind blowing significant.

add to that,  todays message was about Christ being silent during His accusers little agenda driven tirade on the way to the cross.

God doesn't have to tell me twice what He wants, i always know

so,  effective today,    i am resigning my membership at LP for good. 

 you have my word, i won't come back in some other screename persona.

i will sit on the sidelines and observe .

the only time you will ever see me post again is a one time only stint,  to demonstrate what i have been contending all along,  that God is real.

if i am right (and i have never been wrong in this arena in my life yet) ,  and when i do win the lottery,  i will post a pic of the winning ticket. 

other than that,  the season of my influence at lottery post is over.

believers,  you don't have to do what i do,  but you NOT standing up for Christ will cost you over time.

you cannot expect to keep a gift like that to yourself,  and the parable of the talents let's us now what they "payment" will be


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In response to joker17

"Silly brainwashed Christians. Warped minds....."


Yeah, those dam Christians, beating women all the time, killing their daughters for dressing too "western", mutilating the genitalia of their two year old daughters so they "behave" when they get older.

You're right, those Christians have some warped minds.

Those Christians are crazy.

I'm so glad you're here to warn us about those crazy Christians.

Thanks ever so much. 

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In response to visiondude


 "...pretty mind blowing significant."

I will admit, complete surprise at your decision.  I understand you thought about it, discussed it with family and made the decision.  In my mind, you are not going out in defeat, you are walking out standing tall with your beliefs intact. 

There are going to be times you are bored and perhaps want to comment, should you have a weak moment and decide to post, I'd fully understand.  Rather than you leaving, I would be happy to see the end of these 50+ page "long discussions" containing a wide variety of attacks.  But that's just me.   I'm sure Todd will keep your membership polished and ready if you ever decide to poke your head in again.

I'll be looking forward to seeing a pic of your winning ticket - perhaps in a photo with you at the French Riviera.


In response to jimmy4164


You sound as if you think God is a person.  God is a spirit but since you don't have an idea of what a spirit is try

thinking like this.  If I say the "spirit of America"; would you think of a airplane, a ghost, or the drive behind the

men and women of this country?   God is life from lifelessness,  where God is life will abound.  We all know good

from evil but most of us practice both.  People drink, smoke, take drugs, drive unsafe and countless other things

that are anti-life so if I say that the spirit of life says don't do these things then I am labeled a silly christian. 

Where does a  thought come from,  and don't say the brain.   When someone says God told him/her to do something

you may laugh but If I am driving down the street and see someone down on their luck so to speak and I hear a voice

or a thought comes that says I need to try and help that person, Is that the Spirit of life;  I say yes.   I can't vouch for

how others view God but I had a friend who took seven slugs in the chest while trying to stop a fight and was pronounced

dead.   He came too with the tag on his foot in the morgue.  He says that all he can remember was being in darkness. 

He was not a Christian and did not beleive in God at the time.   I wonder if God does not exist then who pushed the

START button.  Nothing just happends.



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In response to truecritic

"I would be happy to see the end of these 50+ page "long discussions"

Yes, we all know that.

More classic truecricket wanting to shut people up if they don't agree with him.

There was another guy like you back in history. He banned certain words like you would like to do. He even banned certain books and burned them to be sure nobody could get the other side of the story. He only wanted his side heard. Yeah, you and Hitler have a lot in common, don't you?

How about a different tack, princess?

How about if you're so offended, you simply don't read this thread?

Why couldn't you do that? Nobody is forcing you to read this.

Why do you want everybody prohibited from reading it just because you don't like it?

Can't wait to hear your liberal gibberish explaining that.



Have you ever wondered why, when Peter was on the roof and seen the vision that the sheet gathered

up the beast of the field so to speak.  Peter considered these unclean but God told him "What God hath

cleansed, that call not thou common."  The Hebrew's considered non Hebrews unclean and as beast.  I

think this has been overlooked but could tie many things togeather.  Just my opinion.


In response to rdgrnr

You are so busy attacking other members you did not even take the time to read visiondude's post to understand the context of truecritic's response. Pathetic.

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In response to Mario38

Hey, you called me pathetic.

Isn't that name calling?

Isn't that a personal attack?

Read the first rule in your signature.

Please follow the rules from now on.

And stop stalking me, I like women.

In response to rdgrnr

I was referring to your behavior as pathetic. You appear to have a comprehension problem. What was your highest level of education?

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In response to Mario38

Well I was referring to your behavior too when you and truecricket were painting each other's toe nails and talking baby talk to each other.

That's not healthy!


My highest level of education?

Second floor.


Visiondude: "and although i have zero problem "debating" anyone on any subject matter for as long as it takes,"

Come back and try again AFTER you mastered reading comprehension and then maybe the debates will be limited to the pros and cons of the topic. Had you read and understood my posts on the origin of modern man, you would know that I never said man evolved from apes. You should know that not all Christians read the Old Testament as being literal and many have no problem with a 13.5 billion year old Universe, a 4 billion year old Earth, or that it took millions of years for modern man to develop into what they became.

Genesis has many examples of how the development of man changed and one can only guess how different those stories would be if the writers had known about caves in France or known what was beyond the stars they saw at night..

Visiondude: "but you can bet my motivation in here was always to maintain an equal ability to express and exchange ideas about God."

With thousands of religious and Christian message boards and chat rooms on the web, a Lottery based forum is the last place most people would expect to see debates about God. Some of the most heated debates I saw on Christian boards were Christian vs Christian.

Visiondude: " and when i do win the lottery,  i will post a pic of the winning ticket."

Now that's more like it and will be one post from you that I'm looking forward to reading!

In response to rdgrnr

More of the same - lies and insults.

Please follow the Lottery Post rules.


Awww, so sad Vision. I was having so much fun making fun of a brainwashed robot. I just hope Ridge doesn't leave. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. I haven't had this much fun for a long time. I do have to say though, it was an unfair advantage that I had, but fun nevertheless.

Hey Vision, maybe if you decide to come back, bring some proof with you next time would ya?.....



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