Atheist converts after mock prayer to win $1M lottery is answered

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The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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Now thats wassup!

But something tells me that not everybody who challenges God like that can be a millionare. If it was possible I would say that prayer every 6 months lol

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Great story, God bless her.

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Congrats to the Bentivegna family! Mother and son are both winners!

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Oh I love this story!! It's called putting a fleece before the Lord!!

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Hmm... Well I thought the bible contained numerous verses that pertained to testing God, and that it pissed Him off... Hopefully this reborn christian will beg for forgiveness once he learns.

Or perhaps ever since this world has gone to crap, God decided that He needs to let His presence be known so this plane of debauchery that we call earth can finally adopt some sanity... it is getting awfully close to that 2012 phenomenon...

And I don't mean to force any religious views or beliefs onto any of y'all, for I am a self-proclaimed agnostic, or as my father would say: "half-assed christian." In a "glass is half empty" sort of way...

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ok ill give this a go :P

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If she'd won without buying tickets, then it'd be impressive.

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In response to sully16

I Agree!

Ask and it shall be answered...... sometimes yes and sometimes no !

Congrats, let's keep on asking >>>>>

EddessaKnight Sun Smiley

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My kind of it...They both got blessed!!!!

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Skeptical  hmmmph !! ....... I wonder what he'd of said if she hadn't of won all that money Skeptical 


"Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, ‘Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.’"


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Its hard to say anything good about this story. I don't like when atheist temp God to bend to
their will by preforming stupid little parlor tricks. just to prove his existence. "if there is a God he'll knock
this glass of water right off the table" or the college professor who claimed that there was no God
and that if there was; he would come knock him off his podium. how much more arrogant can the human race become? He is the Supreme Being and has nothing to prove to you or me. now I can't answer why
this woman won the lottery; but I can say that a million bucks is nothing compared to spending eternity
knowing that your son is in eternal <snip>ation. maybe, he has become a believer I hope so. but he
better quit throwing his little temper tantrums like a 5 year old and start taking our heavenly Father
serious and start showing him a little respect!

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I love stories like this........

Isaiah 61:7 "Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; and so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting joy will be theirs." The mother got 2 blessings her son becoming a believer  and $1 million dollars.........

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!

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In response to truecritic

I do have to give you credit for admitting you flat-out lied.

That's something joker would never man-up to.

It must be his Spacemonkey genes rejecting his Scum-jumper genes or something that prevents him from ever being honest about anything.

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In response to truecritic

let's just do this the efficient way, you have 9 years of archived posts by me .

just find 1 where I ever lied about anybody,  or anything .

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Well since we're still at it here and since this is Lottery Post I'm just wondering if we could get everyone in this thread to agree that their favorite book in the Bible is the...............

Book of Numbers!



Nobody can be this stupid!

Visiondude: "you were only wallowing in the gutter of life,  but since you went straight to a nasty purposeful lie about myfamily,   you moved from the gutter to the sewer."

He can't even understand what someone "like" means or what "plenty of evidence" means. It's impossible to explain to someone whose intelligent quotient is lower that his waste size that I wasn't referring to his family. However since VD did bring up his family maybe someone should ask them if they are proud of the way he butchers English grammar.

"in real life, you wouldn't have the guts to lie about my family to my face,"


Just because yourreading comprehension is just a notch above "Lucy's" doesn't mean I'm interested in settling this caveman style.

In response to Coin Toss

That's funny & As a casual observer, I agree Thumbs Up

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Yes, oh yes,  no question,  you'll see guaranteed 100%!!!

Music alone,  and what it does to one's soul is proof.  The following is A D C,  A C D, A D A D E  ALTER break A G A C D.

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In response to jarasan

Jarasan Rocks!   Thumbs Up


Visiondude: "stack straight up lied about me"

I'm cutting you some slack because I truly believe you're intellectually challenged but continuing to call me a liar is getting old.

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In response to Stack47

your cutting me some slack, eh?  Green laugh   

if i am "intellectually challenged",  and i can hand you your lunch with half of my brain tied behind my back,  what would that make you?

your getting "tired" because i call you what you are (poor stack),  and your above post proves that accusation.  (you liedagain)

that's how you "giants of integrity" act,  when you can't handle what someone throws your way,  lie about them

your just made because i tied a weight to your pinnochio "truth detector"

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In response to Stack47

 "It's impossible to explain to someone whose intelligent quotient is lower that his waste size that I wasn't referring to his family".

 liar.   unfortunately for you,  the post is still archived on page 51.

here is it's entirety.   

The story doesn't say much about the woman with the atheist son or anything about his reason for believing opposite of his mother, but if the story was about someone like VD winning the lottery, there is plenty of evidence why their offspring would believe totally opposite.

 go ahead and convince the crowd it wasn't an underhanded swipe at my family because of who i am.

it was another attempt by you at personally discrediting me,  because your a low life,  and that's the low you so freely go to,  instead of debating the topic.

"However since VD did bring up his family maybe someone should ask them if they are proud of the way he butchers English grammar"

 proud that i am a man of integrity,   and that i don't have to lie about people like you do, while defeding my position(s) in life.

what's better,  perfect grammer playing in the gutter of life,  or butchering english on a regular basis and still maintaining integrity?

as if "butchering english" is a measurement of a man.  Puke

what do you do stack when you meet someone who just moved to this country,  that assaults the english language worse than i do?    tell em they are morons?     

your just an insecure little man who can't handle his biznatch,  so you make up lame accusations about people in hopes of discrediting them.   gutter ball,  big whoop.

"caveman style".  wouldn't matter if you were 6' 6"  and i was 3' 6",  the premise was made,   that your some dude that acts all tough behind a computer,  but wouldn't have the guts to say this garbage to anybody

your a low life,   pure and simple

In response to sully16

I saw a chart showing modern man, Homo Erectus, and Neanderthals sharing a common ancestor with Australopithecines. Viewing it as a family tree, it would show modern man's ancestors as Homo Habilis and Cro-magnum. There is evidence the difference between Cro-magnum and modern man is so slight that now they are referring to Cro-magnum as modern man. Evidence from remains found in caves in France suggests Cro-magnum and Neanderthals existed side by side as little as 10,000 years ago.

A complete family tree would probably show 6000 different species of Primates compared to the 187 species that exist today. Over half the branches are missing so there is still not a direct link showing a common ancestor between modern man and the other Primates. The Natural History Museum in D.C. has an extensive collection of prehistoric humanoid species (if you're interested).

visiondude's avatar - eye3logo

Hey Stack,  still France every day up to this conversation. Thumbs Up



NOW look AT the FIRST sentence STRUCTURE,  and HOW beautiful IT is

you MUST be VERY approving OF the MESSAGE and CONTENT now,  BECAUSE we ALL know THE grammar HAS to BE perfect,  IN order TO be "ACCEPTABLE"


                      ainsi et si votre pinochio local de poste de loterie, ce n'est pas un accomplissement


Visiondude: "go ahead and convince the crowd it wasn't an underhanded swipe at my family because of who i am"

You seem to be the only one here with a reading comprehension problem and one person is not a crowd. Had you only listened to your teacher in eighth grade English, it would be clear (as it is to everybody but you) "their" refers to "someone like". Take some evening classes and maybe you can get a GED in four or five years.

Visiondude: "as if "butchering english" is a measurement of a man."

It's a measurement of lack of intelligence and/or being lazy.

Visiondude: "your a low life,   pure and simple "*

I've never heard anyone over the age of twelve say that; figures.

*It's You're with a capital "Y", only one space between the comma and "pure", and you forgot a "." (period), "!" (explanation mark), or "?" (question mark) after "simple". The first lesson is free.

In response to Stack47

You can try to teach grammer all you want Stack, but the important thing here is common sense, and you can't teach common sense to these clowns. Both Ridge and Vision lack it immensely.

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In response to Stack47

thanks to me,  everyone knows about your underhanded swipes now.

makes zero difference to me if you want to keep lying about it,  they all know exactly what you meant

it's this little slimey side door code you people use,  and your dumb enough to think it doesn't show up on anyones certainty radar

i don't bother to adjust my grammar / style,  because it lends itself to being unique,  and not some boring drip who takes lying pot shots at people,  just because he is insecure,  and can't handle his business otherwise.

me,  i don't have insecurity issues.   i don't ever get to that place where i have to lie about someoneAND

you can keep your grammar AND your pinnochio achievment award

the only word you need to understand is liar

Liar.    There,  now I capitalized it,   so now you lost your position from which to defend.

your such a pillar of truth,  if i went out and hired an english teacher to put my words and thoughts thru their professional washing machine,  you would just find something else to lie about

that's what gutter balls of life do.   they move on to the next "gutter ball"

keep thinking you have enough in the tank to best me in what really matters in life.

you don't

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