Atheist converts after mock prayer to win $1M lottery is answered

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The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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Now thats wassup!

But something tells me that not everybody who challenges God like that can be a millionare. If it was possible I would say that prayer every 6 months lol

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Great story, God bless her.

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Congrats to the Bentivegna family! Mother and son are both winners!

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Oh I love this story!! It's called putting a fleece before the Lord!!

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Hmm... Well I thought the bible contained numerous verses that pertained to testing God, and that it pissed Him off... Hopefully this reborn christian will beg for forgiveness once he learns.

Or perhaps ever since this world has gone to crap, God decided that He needs to let His presence be known so this plane of debauchery that we call earth can finally adopt some sanity... it is getting awfully close to that 2012 phenomenon...

And I don't mean to force any religious views or beliefs onto any of y'all, for I am a self-proclaimed agnostic, or as my father would say: "half-assed christian." In a "glass is half empty" sort of way...

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ok ill give this a go :P

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If she'd won without buying tickets, then it'd be impressive.

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In response to sully16

I Agree!

Ask and it shall be answered...... sometimes yes and sometimes no !

Congrats, let's keep on asking >>>>>

EddessaKnight Sun Smiley

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My kind of it...They both got blessed!!!!

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Skeptical  hmmmph !! ....... I wonder what he'd of said if she hadn't of won all that money Skeptical 


"Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, ‘Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.’"


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Its hard to say anything good about this story. I don't like when atheist temp God to bend to
their will by preforming stupid little parlor tricks. just to prove his existence. "if there is a God he'll knock
this glass of water right off the table" or the college professor who claimed that there was no God
and that if there was; he would come knock him off his podium. how much more arrogant can the human race become? He is the Supreme Being and has nothing to prove to you or me. now I can't answer why
this woman won the lottery; but I can say that a million bucks is nothing compared to spending eternity
knowing that your son is in eternal <snip>ation. maybe, he has become a believer I hope so. but he
better quit throwing his little temper tantrums like a 5 year old and start taking our heavenly Father
serious and start showing him a little respect!

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I love stories like this........

Isaiah 61:7 "Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; and so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting joy will be theirs." The mother got 2 blessings her son becoming a believer  and $1 million dollars.........

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!

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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC

my post was for visiondude and not for you... how it ended up in a reply to you is a mystery to me sorry.


Bacteria to Apes....Richard Dawkins...

From Ape to Man is relatively a short time, like 5 million years as Dawkins states in the video below, and can be processed by the contemporary brain. However, from a bacteria to an ape, it's hard for the human mind to envision such a slow change, so the intermediate changes are not conceivable yet existed. One very well known species is the "Mudskipper Fish" It's a fish that uses it's pectoril fins to walk on land below in the video below the Richar Dawkins video. HELLO...




MUDSKIPPER VIDEO BELOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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I liked your Spacemonkey story better.

I wish you'd pick one story and stick with it though.



Just adding my 2 cents worth, thought it was a open forum. 


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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC

Life began in the sea?   And how is that, RL ?

You say you don't believe God scooped up some dirt to make  Adam,
But then you say he created him from the dust of the ground?


I'd like to also add , often humans tend to forget that their Ideals originate from where they grew up. A Buddhist is probably debating a Jew right now as we speak. Or a Muslim on some forum is debating with a Christian about how correct he is. Maybe it's a New Age person arguing with a Mormon. It's all dependant on where you were raised. The first 3 years of your life are the most important. This time span is where the molding process occurs, and the brain is making neurological connections at lightning speeds. This is the phase where the foundation of your overall outlook on anything is determined, and that is why it should be crucial at this stage to make sure the brain is presented with many viewpoints.

Of course in the real world this rarely happens. Most of the time, even though a lot of different stimuli are presented simultaneously, a common thread is unconsciously picked up by the child's brain and permanently imprinted to make up the slack, that is, If the person is not open-minded. If not, it defaults back to being brainwashed. 

Dependant on many variables, the aging child can either accept them as reality, or through time and self awareness, step back and take a double take.

In my case, it's been overwhelmingly obvious that there is nothing written in stone. Even the current knowledge is always changing, so it's a never ending process. To proclaim a religion to be the right one out of the thousands is not only ludicrous but delusional.

In response to visiondude

fifth day

20: And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.
21: And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
22: And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.
23: And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.

Sixth day

24: And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.
25: And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.


every living thing on earth is made from the dust or particles, nutrients, ect.....  all which could be called dust

The instructions "And God said"

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In response to joker17

Sweet, Richard dawkins is a person you can actually contact.

Since you are "unwilling" to hop the fence at the local zoo, and dawkins blows more smoke  than just about anybody, maybe HE will invite himself into the silverback gorilla exhibit, and after an amorous Exchange, he can get us all those DNA "results" we long for.

Email him,  and ask him why there is no DNA link between humans and ANY sub species of apes.

Even on the planet of the apes

That guy makes up stuff DAILY.

do like that little skipperfish feller.   Another one of "Gods curveballs"...

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In response to rdgrnr

I know,  I think we should all place bets as to what it will be next week.

It would be different if the guy noted he was "searching",  but every dizzying theory this guy sprays the board with he swears up and down its the "truth".

"Hard evidence"... lol

Notice how the "aliens" went missing tonight on his certainty hit parade?

Tonight its bacteria into "man",  and cute little mudskipperfish.

What's up tomorrow night as "proof" ?

Richard dawkins would return jokers membership fee's, if joker mentioned anything about aliens ONCE.

I told you, the guy sprays wildly

Searching for the truth = cool

Saying 50 different theories ARE "truth" =  angst driven delusion


Another point I'd like to make. Every rational thing we do to keep us away from harm is reliant on logic, intuition, luck, and many other similar traits or factors to help us survive a hectic world. Variations of logic which are mentioned in the previous sentence pave the way for the decisions we make.

Examples: LOGIC: Don't put your hands over a hot flame. ........Don't jump from a very high place without a parachute.........Don't dive into a deep ocean without an oxygen tank, and learn how to rise safely to avoid the bends, Don't put your arm in a hungry shark's mouth, cross the street after looking both ways, drive your car with focus, bend your fingers inwards when chopping onions, and so on.

But why does religion take a backseat to logic? It should be part of the same scrutiny we put everything else through in our lives.

Logic tells you that you have to set the alarm to the desired time in order to wake up accordingly. There are no guesses as to what has to be done. No conjecture, or haggling. It's a precise act to follow based on LOGIC.

 Surely there are things in life to which I can attest to that don't follow logic, but my response to that isn't a definite outcome. Just because something isn't explained away by science doesn't mean that by default it proves God was involved. Life don't work that way Charlie....Life is full of infinite possiblities. Quantum physics demonsatrates this in every aspect of our lives. Unexplained phenomenon is what makes life interesting. To proclaim life means this or that based on so and so is limiting mental growth.

There are too many gray areas. Nothing is written in stone.

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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC

actually, according to the genesis account,  in chronological order,   life began first on land in the form of vegetation.  (gen 1 :11, on the 3rd day)

then at the exact same time,  God created sea life AND the birds of the air.

  so not to split hairs except for the defense of always making accurate statements what the bible actually teaches,  "life" did not begin in the sea.  (on the 5th day)

on the 6th day,  he created a dizzying hybrid consisting of 1/3 cro magnon man,  1/3 neanderthal,  1/3 richard dawkins look-a-like,  1/3 silverback gorilla,  and because God has a sense of humor,  1/3rd alien

and,  because He knew that man is selfish and never satisified,   he saved the little mudskipperfish for a later date with His "detractors".


We are our own creators of reality. Qunatum Physics.

Every invention known today, was not know 100 years ago, but IT WAS HERE IN  POTENTIAL EXISTENCE ALL THE TIME, we simply weren't aware of it. Every idea exists in the present and future. Everything is here right now. It just needs to be learned, or made aware of.

In the realm we are living, ALL potential possibilities exist simultaneously as we speak. Everything you need to know is right in front of you. Every math equation, every solution to a puzzle, every outcome to a situation, has the potential of coming into existence, only if the situation presents itself to allow it. So basically, every action is met with a response of some kind. Therefore, If living things didn't exist, the universe itself wouldn't exist. It's a personal thing. As Einstein stated, it's relative to the OBSERVER. This is why the doppler effect of a train going by sounds different ot another person satnding in a different location. It's all relative to the observer.

Now imagine there were no observers. There would be no one to explain how the universe looks like because there isn't anything alive to describe it......Make sense?

The inanimate Universe unwittingly, or wittingly created living things in order to look back in on itself. It seems that given enough time, even an inanimate universe can create something so it can look itself in the mirror through our eyes, and see itself in wonderment.

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In response to joker17

" To proclaim a religion to be the right one out of the thousands is not only ludicrous but delusional".

 you should talk.

you changed turncoats just in this thread more times than any us care to go back thru the thread to count.

like i said,  if you had prefaced your offerings as theories or maybe's,   then you wouldn't have dug yourself into the black hole of philosophical pits.

speaking of which,  that reminds me,   you alluded to some "big bang" deal at some other time.

who can count anymore.

probably coming up on equaling that hit list you posted on world religions

maybe that's your goal

anyway,  i am with ridge.       

that alien probing the monkey scenario,  and turning into the geico man,  no way your besting that beauty.

i also observed how telling it is that after you posted that rediculous alien slamalamadingdong thing,  that no one else besides ridge and me took you to the philosophical boards on that one.

God can't be real,  that's just a "fantasy".

but aliens giving monkey's the monkey business,  and that's how we came to be........that's 'acceptable'

tells alot about the reading audience,  and what drives their decision making in these matters.

it's the usual.    people picking people and agenda,   over truth

i never do that,  so it's no mystery why i am not the most popular guy at LP

telling the truth no matter what,  isn't exactly the superhighway to mr popularity land.


all i want to know is how the first conversation went with the alien and the monkey,   you know,  that initial awkward moment where the alien tries to convince the geico man that it really isn't gonna hurt Green laugh

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In response to joker17

ummmmm,  while speed reading thru the whole thing,  there was no mention of evolution now,  and nothing about aliens.

we know by past dealings with you that this quantum rediculousness isn't something new,  this is just a reboot from your oldies hits.

what's on tap for tomorrow from you?

how about a sneak preview,  so i can wikipedia it to smithereens

me,  i am still looking for that 'hard evidence" you said you had back about 20 pages ago

and worse,  'quantum physics' negates God out of the equation entirely.

first you say you are searching for God,   followed by this stuff

what's next,  selling your soul to justin bieber ?


Two different events,  Look at the order in the first and compare.   I can't belive that the writer

could get this confused on the same page.   I think that the life on earth was kick started and 

left to evolve.   Modifications were made from time to time until the product reached a certain

point at which time Adam was formed from this "dust of the earth."   Scientist have managed

to duplicate the building blocks of life minus the instructions.   All life on earth seems to have come

from the same set of plans with a few variations of configuration which are common in design.

When I build something new or write another program I use parts from many old projects,  most

people who know my work would have no problem identifying me as the author.  Even old pecies

of funiture built hundreds of years ago can be linked to the builder because people develop a style

of doing things.  Because all life on earth seems to have a very common relationship then I would think

that the same designer had a hand in them all.             



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