Atheist converts after mock prayer to win $1M lottery is answered

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The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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Now thats wassup!

But something tells me that not everybody who challenges God like that can be a millionare. If it was possible I would say that prayer every 6 months lol

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Great story, God bless her.

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Congrats to the Bentivegna family! Mother and son are both winners!

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Oh I love this story!! It's called putting a fleece before the Lord!!

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Hmm... Well I thought the bible contained numerous verses that pertained to testing God, and that it pissed Him off... Hopefully this reborn christian will beg for forgiveness once he learns.

Or perhaps ever since this world has gone to crap, God decided that He needs to let His presence be known so this plane of debauchery that we call earth can finally adopt some sanity... it is getting awfully close to that 2012 phenomenon...

And I don't mean to force any religious views or beliefs onto any of y'all, for I am a self-proclaimed agnostic, or as my father would say: "half-assed christian." In a "glass is half empty" sort of way...

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ok ill give this a go :P

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If she'd won without buying tickets, then it'd be impressive.

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In response to sully16

I Agree!

Ask and it shall be answered...... sometimes yes and sometimes no !

Congrats, let's keep on asking >>>>>

EddessaKnight Sun Smiley

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My kind of it...They both got blessed!!!!

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Skeptical  hmmmph !! ....... I wonder what he'd of said if she hadn't of won all that money Skeptical 


"Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, ‘Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.’"


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Its hard to say anything good about this story. I don't like when atheist temp God to bend to
their will by preforming stupid little parlor tricks. just to prove his existence. "if there is a God he'll knock
this glass of water right off the table" or the college professor who claimed that there was no God
and that if there was; he would come knock him off his podium. how much more arrogant can the human race become? He is the Supreme Being and has nothing to prove to you or me. now I can't answer why
this woman won the lottery; but I can say that a million bucks is nothing compared to spending eternity
knowing that your son is in eternal <snip>ation. maybe, he has become a believer I hope so. but he
better quit throwing his little temper tantrums like a 5 year old and start taking our heavenly Father
serious and start showing him a little respect!

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I love stories like this........

Isaiah 61:7 "Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; and so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting joy will be theirs." The mother got 2 blessings her son becoming a believer  and $1 million dollars.........

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!

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A little more about the nephilim..... tin hat, or?

This author, Patrick Heron,  has been on coast to Coast AM radio and went into this in depth. Enjoy!:

The Truth Behind Myth

In The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, author Patrick Heron examines ancient texts from Genesis to the Book of Enoch to Revelation to once and for all establish the true identity of this mysterious, lost race of giant beings. Are they angels? Genetic monsters? Are they characters of fable and myth? Are they still among us? Within these pages the answers are finally revealed.

Solving The Riddle Of The Pyramids

The identity of the Nephilim firmly in hand, Patrick Heron takes his research deeper, using science and an examination of age-old prophecies to discover the true meaning of the pyramids. His astonishing findings address the importance of the pyramid shape and its diabolical aim to supplant the City of God. And last but not least, once the riddle of the pyramids is solved, its significance in helping to navigate the coming Apocalypse is fully illuminated.

Patrick Heron was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1952, and has a B.S. and M.A. in Business Studies from Trinity College, Dublin. At the age of 24, he began his Christian walk following an epiphany he experienced while reading the Bible. In 1997, having recently become interested in Bible prophecy concerning the "end times," Patrick published his best-selling book Apocalypse Soon.He currently resides in Dublin with his family and is not associated with any particular church or denomination. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

In response to truecritic

Henry Clay once said "I knew Andy Jackson and rdgrnr is no Andy Jackson"; meaning that Andy was the first Democrat President and from Tennessee.

Just a guess, but rdgrnr is probably far right of the Tea Party so I doubt we'll see many Rdgrnr/Palin bumper stickers in 2012.

Hiding Behind Computer

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In response to Stack47

whoops,  looks like stacks self estimated inflated ego hasn't had enough of it handed to him in the past,  so the bravado cowboy wishes for some more rodeo.  good by me.

"VD never knows what the subject is so he just interjects whatever nonsense he can think of"

 poor stack,  doesn't realize this particular methodology always comes back to bite a person.

so i...."never know what the subject is"?    i just make things up that have no parrallel attribute?    that's an obvious LIE.

once again,  stack doesn't like the person or the subject matter,  but instead of countering straight up,  the "giant of integrity" moves right to a lie about what HAS gone on in here.

you live in the gutter of life when you purposefully lie about people, period

"but if the story was about someone like VD winning the lottery, there is plenty of evidence why their offspring would believe totally opposite"

 nice move,  stack. 

 you were only wallowing in the gutter of life,  but since you went straight to a nasty purposeful lie about my family,   you moved from the gutter to the sewer.

your just mad that a guy like me that regularly assasinates the english language,  so easily easily hands you your intellectual lunch.

what other "gems" of humanity do you have to offer the board in order to convinve them your the "go to guy" for all things "truthful"?

i have a pretty good imagination,  but even i can't fathom a person going lower that an attacking a persons family,  just because their losing the debate before they finish typing the first sentence

like ridge says,  people like you are cowards behind a lap top.   

people that lie about other people don't have a position to add bravado to. 

 in real life,    you wouldn't have the guts to lie about my family to my face,  and since you wouldn't,  that's really all that needs to be told about you being "the man"

the day you stop letting your ego think it can mess with what goes on in here,   is the day i will stop putting your intentional dirty laundry thru the wash 

it's an embarrassing display just watching your attempts at talking trash

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In response to Stack47

"We know that "Lucy" existed but without any missing link, we can't say modern man evolved from that species when we know it's possible modern man could have adapted to whatever caused "Lucy's" species to become extinct. Cro-Magnum and Neanderthals are species that probably shared an ancestor with modern man but none with "Lucy".

 listen,  i know you wish Jesus Christ realy wasn't God,  but lets just get right to it,  and your "history lesson".

stay on track,  because i am RESPONDING to your historical lie,   and the board doesn't want to witness you lying again with you saying i wasn't on the "subject matter".

let's not hold back,  that's scienterrific garbage,  but since you insist it has to be theoretically true,  how about a little "test" to flesh out your leap from monkey to human,  as evilultion keeps lying it is.

lipstick is available at most local stores.  so is cologne.   so are animal attractants.  you can rent a monkey suit at a costume shop,  if you think that will endear you to "lucy" a little quicker.   personally,  however you go about it, we don't care.

since you live in KY,  there is a zoo in louisville,  and i know local laws and human decency laws prohibit it,  but jump the fence in your monkey get up,  and experience your "hypothesis" for yourself.

see if you can manufacture a little hairy hybrid "stack"

ok,  so that was a bit dramatic,  when all i ever had to say is humans and apes were never able to procreate,  and unless you can "link" that missing link,   the "science" of us evolving from apes is a lie

it actually embarasses science.        it's probably one of the dumbest lies in history

don't forget your DNA test kit,  stack

want me to do a mix tape for you featuring cro magnon sounds,  so you can get "lucy" in the mood ?

visiondude's avatar - eye3logo

ummm,  stack has climbed the evolutionary ladder from a zoologist romance expert,  to a budding biblical "scholar" all in one thread.

that evolution is moving extra fast these days.


so stack,  we are all to go to you on all things biblical,  given you a god-hater? 

now that makes sense,  no bias from you,  and more than a total knowledge of the subject.    Puke


you might garner a "maybe" in the truth department,  if you haven't sprayed the board numerous times already with your anti-christian parade of superlatives.

stevie wonder prior to braille would agree that you get your 'biblical knowledge" from anti-christian sites that cherry pick with red stains on thier fingers.

unfortunately for you,  i know the importance of collective reasoning, and how that applies to true biblical interpretation.

"you guys" lie to the hills about contexuality,  to make it appear "not true"

guys like us connect the dots,  so that one cherry picked "scripture" doesn't get top billing on the anti's contradiction hit list.

case in point,  and straight to the point so i don't post a rediculous amount of information about geneaology, etc like i said before.

there are two points that make that an impossiblity,  as far as the nephilim being half human,  half science fiction novel

Jesus Christ was God,  and He stated He created the angels,  and He infers that they are asexual in design and function.

they cannot have sex,  so obviously they cannot procreate either,  making it impossible for them to have sexual relations with women (or if you prefer "monkeys").

copy and paste from hypothetical anti-sites all you want,  but no matter what missing link you want to imagine is there,  it's bibically impossible.

  that's why i run to manufactured "inconsistentcies" and alleged "contradictions",  because i get to fill in the blanks on what the bible really does say,  when you don't leave collective reasoning out

you picked the wrong guy to test drive your new "biblical scholar" gig

visiondude's avatar - eye3logo

ever evolving in my evolutionary thinking when it comes to the stacks of life,  i have a fast track idea that will enable us to get right to the crux of the disco offering stack the "biblical scholar' had to offer us.

hey stack,   where is biblical proofthat angels have sex organs,  and therefore "procreative capabilities"?

you tried to attempt to build your case for the nephalim being half and half using biblical passeages,  so now you must use the bible to demonstrate that angels had the capacity for monkey love of the special kind.

i know,  you won't be able to,  and you will launch into some tirade blaming my ancestors next,  just because you are unable to finish off what you start.

you guys throw garbage out,  and could care less if it's true,  which is why you can never cross the finish line in the truth sweepstakes game

watch what ensues,  as stack loses his "biblical scholar" job description in one day

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In response to truecritic

"I have no idea who truecricket is?"


LOL, truecricket is you, silly!

See, a critic is someone who judges, evaluates or criticizes and they're helpful and useful.

A cricket just makes noise.

That'swhy you're truecricket!

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In response to visiondude

IF anyone is an atheist, it just means you haven't proven that your God exists.  By calling everyone a liar and alienating* them, you never will prove it.  The burden of proof is on you.

Evolution was never about having sex with apes and producing humans.


*alienating Cause (someone) to become unsympathetic or hostile

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In response to truecritic

the "proof" is not mine to make,  that's above my pay grade.

all my job decription only goes to defending the facts,  whatever that may be.

 that has nothing to do with intellect,  but a change of heart


i don't call everyone a liar,  and you know that,  so don't exaggerate the facts of what goes on in here.

but,  when someone does lie,  i will give them a free pass the first time,  and chalk it up to anger.

doing it over and over without a conscience,  and the definition fits.

so,  now that all this came up on your radar,  are you going to deny or confirm that stack purposefully lied in that post where i called him a "liar"?

since when is calling someone out for willful lying a "sin"?

remember,  Jesus wasn't too worried about his rep when He dealt with the 'stacks' of life.

called some of them liars in the gospels.


i don't mind you calling me out, i need to be "checked" just like everyone else.

just make sure it's the truth,  and not some side door agaenda job :)


so,  what say you about stack?


Wow, really? This thread's still going? All y'all are doing is Argue and Bang Head and Chair. What a bunch of Dupe Alert 

Not even worth the Lurking

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In response to truecritic

     ???   What?   ???  I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that that was funny. But I don't get it.

Seriously. Maybe you could explain. I'm kinda slow. I appreciate humor and a good joke though.

I must be missing something.  I feel so stupid...      ???   What?   ???

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In response to truecritic

"Evolution was never about having sex with apes and producing humans".

 your missing the point

i connected the DNA missing link when i baited the board on the inability for humans to father monkey babies.

somewhere along the line if we "evolved" from apes to humans,  there was that time in history where the sexual component was in place.

the fact that it never was,  negates any possumnobility there ever was ....."a link"

if humans evolved from apes,  that's only possible via sexual relations at some juncture

no one can connect those dots

DNA test anyone ?

can't wait for stack's 'findings"

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In response to Stack47

??? What? ???

No doubt about it, I must be losing my sense of humor.

In response to truecritic



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In response to truecritic

My guess is some athiests (and theists, too) will have an "ick" Dead moment, once they find out what happens to the water in whatever they flush. LOL

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