Three largest online poker sites shut down by FBI

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Is it just a coincidence the Justice Department moved against the foreign online poker companies days after Washington D.C announced they were entering the online poker business?

As we speak, nobody residing in the U.S.A can play online poker for even 2 cents. What exactly is the difference between playing online from our homes and playing in a casino?

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The difference is whether or not Unscrupulous Scam has figured out a way to get 40% of the take for doing 0% of the work.

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if i didn't know any better,I'd swear old sammy is trying like hell to turn america into a third world country...has anyone in congress  done  any estimates on how much potentially gets poured back into the economy from peoples won moneys? .... seeing as though they have an estimate for how many folks gamble onlineConfused.

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New Black Panthers intimidate voters in Philadelphia in the 2008 Election & Eric Holder determines that there was no crime, but somebody actually stimulates the economy and they are arrested !?


........................... that is why many Patriotic Americans fly the "Don't Tread On Me" Flag!


US Flag


I have a friend that is a math genius ........ he earns allot of money from on-line poker ! Paying his way thru college without debt ............. but who would want that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like the oil companies. I filled my car in December for $33 and for that today, I can get a little over half a tank of gas.

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OUCH.  I have a friend that plays at Full Tilt and he averages a good $1500-$4000 a month in extra income from poker.  He's going to cry when he hears this news.

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The article estimates 15 million American online players. Who knows the amount of revenues being lost.

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The sites are up and running just fine for me. 

Federal laws cease to amaze me. Greedy ba$tards !!

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this is what most people are getting.  You can log in but can't sit at a table to play



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The sites I saw are up and running fine too WITH NO U.S. PLAYERS.

When I tired to enter a tourney a pop-up said "Sorry, do to government regulations playing for real money is not allowed in your area".

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illegal gambling profits

my beep,this is my issue with govt, its not illegal to spend our money however we want......, its just govt being a biggest jerk on the block , aka a evil dictatorship of the rights of their own people.

how is it anyone else's business as americans  in united states What i do with my own money????

None, you all have no business in my business onless am harming you somehow......

onless am hiring a freaking hitman or something etc         , Ever other american has no business telling Me/you  how to spend my/your  money, let alone your united states representatives, aka congress who you put in power

so this is bullcarp law agiant  online gambling,but then  and they know it, you know it

congress needs to back off and learn to stfu and gtfo of everyone business

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there are more worse things happening in the world than trying to indict an online poker site. I NEED TO MOVE TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick and tired of these federal Bullies spending our tax dollars on this type of ####!! Try catching the man that is killing people in NewYork, you <snip>s!!!!!

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bam bo kla


back door way of getting taxes

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