$37M lotto winner dies heartbroken recluse

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I would choose to enjoy the money if I would win a large amount.

Living a more comfortable life and helping other would be most enjoyable !

Big Grin


What a bummer, such a sad story.

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In response to ameriken

Very sad indeed.

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

It can if the Money Winner doesn't Limit their own Potential to be Happy with the Choices They Make!

R. I. P. Graham!

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Unfortunately when you become millionaire overnight you have to hide from people specially your family.

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In response to Raven62

Skeptical dunno about that ..... but I reckon the answer died with him

personally am curious as to his last days,beliefs/figgurings/lessons learned and how many true friends he had if any

 bad enough he died alone  Twitch

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Money can buy a lot of things and solve many of life's problems.

But it just goes to show: if you don't have your health, not a lot of good those millions will do.

Stay healthy.

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so so sad .. but the idea i'm getting is that 1) he was already sickly and 2) he previously had issues with family .. so, who knows where the money is or who he left in charge but i respect recluses and their privacy and assume this was all part of his plan .. he certainly could have enjoyed the millions if he wanted to and who is to say he didn't .. well, his estate knows everythingDisapprove

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Seems he lived life and faced death under his own terms.  RIP.  Blue Angel


what a face indeed, they will do anything for that face and to that face....Is called: CLASS...And in canada and with that French name or so it looks...guys dont mind also written on his face but i think this time it was environment...


talking about a future: BILLIONAIRE...

He died a hermit, i could had told you that: 50 years ago...he must had had a good heart...


Here is a quote from the movie: Gladiator...

Death smiles at us ALL [whao!], all a man can do is, smile back...

you never know live life to the fullest...

In response to pumpi76

you know one of the many reasons why i say that??? Just to THINK how many THOUSANDS of times this planet in the past would had been eliminated, just to think that we came from a bacteria and from a monkey just to think that we are a ball hovering in space in MID AIR with no chords, just to look at the Sun in close shots, just to look at what occurs in other parts of the universe or other planets, just to think that there is life here but NO WHERE ELSE, just to see how man happily celebrate every day as if he was in heaven, ect, ect, ect, ect AND ECT is like standing at the very edge of a never ending PRECIPICE.....Makes me conclude that: DEATH SMILES AT US ALL...

So i dont know whats the: CELEBRATION....


my favorite poem in the ENTIRE WORLD is Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryan....

you dont have no possession in this world, all you got is: EACH OTHER...


they should drop the name: HUmankind and replaced it by: BY-A-WHISKER...

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