$218 MILLION: Powerball lottery jackpot increased

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Great just i have to keep my fingers crossed until thursday morning  just to see if i hit . I would stay up late wednesday night ,but i'm gettin too old for that....BEST OF LUCK TO EVERONE

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For everyone that plays for the cash option, the cash option for wed ($109 million )would be equivalent if the mega was advertised with a $172 million jackpot. I always play a few extra when the jackpot gets over $200 million but sometimes forget that Powerballs cash option hovers around 50% of advertised jackpot whereas Mega hovers around 63%. Not that I would complain with winning either though. Good luck to everyone!

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It's been awhile since Oklahoma has had a Jackpot winner. So I am claiming this jackpot!!!!!

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Good luck everyone.

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You have to know there's going to be more participants in office pools for this one!

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I hope another group hits this one too.

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I'm taking this one.


Office pool ready to go for this one...10 of us, so $109 million would do just fine!

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you got that right mightwin, always compare the cash, as powerball just puts their in govt bonds longer to appear bigger


thro 109m cash jackpot m sure would be nice to bring to lawyers office , thro its nonething compared to  Mega millions Cash jackpots of 240m and 203m we just had this year


by the way, powerball biggest ever cash jackpot  amount was 177.2m  cash , february 18, 2006,   yet marketed as $365 million,       rather sad when MM beats Powerball Cash Record Twice in 1 year within 3 months of each other at that LOL  , powerball even has a stupid Annuity Jackpot cap, once it hits 390m, or 25m over old recold, a Jackpot cap goes into effect, all that money that could of made it fly up to 400m range, or more, goes instand into the 5-0 winner pool, but that bonus prize only gets paid out on whatever draw their is jackpot winner.

sure it be nice to win 5-0 and get even more money, but am playing for the jackpot, not 2nd's 

if they ever do hit the jackpot cap 390m is when it actives, , And it rolls again somehow by pure insane luck , they are idiots, as they would of passed up marketing a 500m buck jackpot  only to market a 415m jackpot !

, they are in truth only hurting their sells by a jackpot cap, and with their cash record of 177.2m vs 240m mega millions, They have no chance in hell of ever catching up to mega millions cash record.   

they have higher odds too, so powerball a sick joke to have its cash record broken twice this year alone by mega millions with less odds

MMs is the heavy weight, powerball the more clever one, its great at covering  up its weakness by looking bigger then it really is.

plus i think some group of 8 won that one 177m to,  but their no way in hell am playing in a group LOL, if someone tryed to sue me, i would not fight them in court and i would kill them. as that's how i treat thefts who rob me"wrong person"


Frankly, I could care less about the differences between Mega Millions or Powerball.  Although, because Mega Millions was here in Maryland before Powerball, and I would have to drive across the D.C. line to play Powerball.  I JUST WANT TO WIN A HUGE JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I know my day is coming.  When its all said and done, when I walk in the door with my attorney and provide the ticket, the account number where my Cash Option can be wired, shake the hands of the Lottery Officials whether they are Powerball or Mega Millions officials will not matter in the least.

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Best of luck to everyone also, but it is time for Pennsylvania to have a big Jackpot Winner!


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In response to dpoly1

I so Second that idea!! Dpoly! Lets win one for PA!!!!

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Well, the east coast and the west coast had winners. Now, it is New Mexico's turn to win. However, good luck to the person or persons who win, and I am sure -- with this economy -- he or she could use the money.

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Good luck everyone....Indiana is claiming this prize.....Indy specificallyPartyNewbie on the block!

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the winner worked in the same department as my friend at Humana in Louisville.   My friend emailed me and said I can't believe this girl in my department won the Powerball and I'm like you all shouldve went in all together.   It was sold at a Circle K in Clarksville.

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In response to unseen

Apparently The Monkees knew something when they told her to Take The Last Train To Clarksville.


Take the last train to Clarksville
And I'll meet you at the station
You can be be here by four thirty
'Cause I've made your reservation
Don't be slow
Oh, no, no, no
Oh, no, no, no
Take the last train to Clarksville
Take the last train to Clarksville
Take the last train to Clarksville
Take the last train to Clarksville

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In response to rdgrnr

I know that Georgia has grown a lot, but it is quite a revelation to me that it is now number 9 in population.  Just another hint that it is getting time to go.

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In response to Colt45ML

NC is growing fast too. They knocked New Jersey out of the top 10 last year.

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In response to unseen

How come she hasn't come forward yet?  Still working out some stuff?

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Sorry for the double post.  It seems the winner has come forward as of yesterday...or winnerS as you will.  Two coworkers will be splitting the jackpot.  I would post a newslink but stupid Firefox won't let me copy/cut/paste.

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In response to unseen

I lived in that area for a time several years back... I wonder if Clarksville still has two malls...

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