Should lottery winners share with colleagues?

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When I was running the office lottery pool, I took an event such as this into account. In the agreement which I drew up, I specified that if the player had joined into the money pool on the previous drawing, and did not make the deadline for the current drawing, they had until the date of the following drawing to pay for that drawing that was missed. This was done in case of illness, injury, or just plain forgetfulness. It was also done for situations such as the one facing the New York Seven. I didn't want to faced with the moral dilema and drama that they are facing. What would happen if they decided to give money to one or two of the people who did not join in, and not the rest. I could see lawsuits popping up like mushrooms.  Rules are rules and the people who did not play made the decision not to. They took a chance and blew it. If the members of the winning group feel sorry for them and want to give a share to them, it would have to be a unanimous decision.

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Wow I really hope they are not actually thinking this. I play the lotto on a regular basis and if one day I didn't play for whatever reason, and my numbers hit, does that mean I should have a share of the jackpot? Nope that would be my own darn fault!

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Would I share a jackpot that no one else chipped in for ? no , I would however give money and gifts to people I care about. If I did win a million dollar jackpot it would be kept very quiet.

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If any thing I would give the max that you can give tax free.... I believe it's $12,000 or $13,000.

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$19M is a lot of money and I am not a greedy man. I would give money to the guys who didnt participate in that drawing if their resons were genuine.

Stinking attitudes like "I don't feel lucky" or "lottery is a waste of money" would disqualify somebody from my generosity. However if somebody was low on cash or away from the office then sure, I'm giving them $25,000

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all and you will never make enemies.

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Now if someone who plays all the time and not just once in a while and they were sick or on vacation maybe they would be considered apart of the winning group!

But anything other than that the saying goes as follows "No Pay, No Play, No Payday" that's the way the cookie crumbles!

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Hell no......they dediced not to play because they didn't feel like they would win so .... ,.NO> what part don't you understand..the N or the O?

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This dilemma is why lottery pools stink.

If this office lottery pool has been going for years what about previous pool members that are no longer in that office? They have previously put money in that office pool.

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No one deserves nothing who doesn't shake loose with some dough for the drawing !  period.

The winners will be giving up enough amongst close family and friends.I finally just got the person who runs our pool to keep a meticulous list of who paid..not who had good intentions.

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I live in Washington State. At the time I ran a Pool, it was for POWERBALL only because we had Megamillions at that time. I would drive down to Oregon and buy tickets for Powerball. I would buy some just for myself, along with the pool tickets. For each drawing, each person that played for that specific drawing would sign a contract I made up. If you did not sign, that meant you did not pay and would not get anything if we did win. The contract also stated that I bought tickets of my own and if they won, the group would not share in those. I ensured that by making copies of the tickets we played with in the pool and gave them out to those playing. Along with a copy of the contract. Now that Washington State has both drawings, I have not done any pools at all.


This is why I don't do pools. Winning a jackpot is enough stress in itself, but to add the stress of being concerned and possibly feeling guilty because so-and-so two cubicles down made the personal decision to sit out the pool that drawing...  I'm just not willing to do that.

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You gotta play to win, that's just how it goes.


Are you crazy???!!!  I take a chance with my hard earned money and another person decides to hold on to their money!!!  I don't think so!  I'm not particularly feeling lucky when I give up my money but I know I can't win if I don't play no matter how I feel!!!  Now, unless the pool play-in money is high and the person didn't have the money, I may consider giving the legal tax amount which I think is $10,000 but everyone in the pool would have to agree and give the same amount; otherwise, you lose just like the millions across the USA that did put money on a ticket and didn't win!!!

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